Shiva Trilogy (Shiva Trilogy #1-3) Shiva Trilogy question

which one is the best among the shiva trilogy ?
Prathwi Raj Prathwi Aug 27, 2013 09:30AM
from 1 and 2 , it is definitely 19immortals of meluha) .. loooking forward to 3rd one 9the oath of vayuputras

I liked the oath of vayuputras the most, it was gripping, keeping me at the edge of the seat. I was living the emotions :) and it lingered for a few days after reading the book ...

They say., first impression is the best impression. Likewise, for me the first book impressed a lot. Especially the final war, where Mother Sati jumps infront of Lord Shiva to save him from the arrow.

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