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Favorite scenes

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Kristen Geist (kgeist1129) | 6 comments Mod
Ok, so other than the steamy shower scene, what are some other favorite scenes from Searching for Moore?

CRlovebooks ❤️ | 4 comments Mod
When the first got together and the second time when first talk online.

Samantha Campos I have so many! I have to say the first time I ever spit my drink all over my tablet was when Mia is on the phone with Schooner after the friend accept and Seth comes in and wants to know if she is talking to a boat LOL!

Another, the phone call she has with CJ and Mia puts her in her place, absofuckinglutely PRICELESS!!

Michelle (michmaz) Puff, puff, the Freshman Retreat.

Mary | 4 comments Other than the hot scenes, I just loved it when he joined facebook to get her, asked for phone number and when he called her, his immediate question was:


"Why did you leave me?"

Tell me after all those years, that didn't get to you?

Samantha Campos Mary you are so right! It got to me, gave me chills actually :)

Kristen Geist (kgeist1129) | 6 comments Mod
Love that Mary!!

Michelle (michmaz) OMG, Mary. I died when Schooner DEMANDED she give him her phone number, then called her. I could FEEL it. Powerful scene.

Karen Peacock I loved it when Schooner finally admitted that he loved Mia and gave into those feelings.

Patricia Gadsden (pgadsden) | 3 comments My favorite scenes they are so many it is not even funny. I like when Schooner finds out that Mia is on Facebook. I like when it goes back to when they first met. I like when the friend request is sent and confirmed. There is nothing I did not like about this book.

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