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message 1: by Dion (new)

Dion (skolnick) | 10 comments Wow! The summer was packed with activities for me! I know that its already late in August, but I'm just getting around to start my reading of The Shattering. I enjoy all the various authors from the Warcraft novel series & I'm extremely jazzed to begin reading another Golden work.

This is my second go-around with this novel, yet I'm very curious how the story will be "different" for me all these months later. I have a altered perspective on many characters since the Cataclysm/Mist expansions... plus plenty more lore knowledge from our book club.

I hope everyone is getting their reading underway and look forward to hearing your thoughts as the weeks progress. :-)

message 2: by Willy (new)

Willy (hota) | 12 comments I am right there with you Dion. I have been playing catch up with the novels all summer!

Going back to this novel I'm interested to see if I can pick Garrosh's personality apart a bit more. Are there any signs that foreshadow his Warmongering ways?
Also I get to revisit the most beloved Tauren of all, Cairne Bloodhoof.

I hope to blow through this novel over the long weekend and have some insightful conversations with you all.

message 3: by Willy (new)

Willy (hota) | 12 comments Right off the bat we get a lot of insight to Garrosh that is very relevant to what is happening in game now. We ask how can anyone like or follow Garrosh? His rise began after his successful campaign against the Lich King. Cairine says "he brought back to the Horde a sense of fierce pride and fire for battle".

I can't help but think of the comparison to Julius Ceaser. in that a famed General rose to power then got killed. Obviously this is a vague comparrison but I found it amusing.

Also I totally forgot about Magni is ths book!

message 4: by Keith (new)

Keith | 1 comments For those of you wishing to pick apart garrosh here (no spoilers) I think you will be sadly disappointed. If anything you will come out more saddened by what he could have been had he stayed the path moreso taken here.

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