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Jeff Dawson | 50 comments For Mel Thornton, it was supposed to another routine hooker eviction. He couldn't have been more wrong as the "night walkers" reveal the truth behind a forty year unsolved murder at the hotel.

Reviewer Aaron Powell, " Strap in as author Jeff Dawson takes us for an eerie horror-show of a ride. If you're into to stories like Stephen King's The Shining, this is for you!"

Eight thousand words of horror, gore and suspense!

Jeff Dawson | 50 comments FREE on amazon till January 3rd.

Jeff Dawson | 50 comments February 2013. The day started out normal enough for Mel: emails, phone calls, and general business issues. His normal routine was about to be disrupted when the new General Manager, Cheryl, tells he and Jimmy to evict the two hookers whose rent was three days past due. Mel shivered at the thought.
The last eviction, six months ago, still haunted him. He couldn’t erase the memory of the blood and gore he and his partner RJ witnessed. What they saw reminded him of the story the ole’ timer told him about; the unsolved murders of two oil men in 1973.
Spend a day with Mel Thornton, as he embarks on a simple eviction that plunges him into the horrors and truths of the crimes from forty years ago.
Get a copy today. You will never look at staying in a hotel the same way— ever!
Terror at The Sterling by Jeff Dawson

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