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Robin (ukamerican) | 23 comments Discuss our group read for September 2013 here!

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Midge Frazel (midgefrazel) Thinking that this will ease the transition from summer to fall, I have decided to read this book and post some of my thoughts to one of my blogs.
My introductory post:


Ellen (ellenrt) | 10 comments I just finished it. I enjoyed it. It was a good story. I found myself not liking the main character very much, most because of some of his actions. As I usually do with genealogy mysteries, I always think they are a little far fetched. On the other hand, as a genealogist, who would ever want to read what we do every day with our research. I found it a little light weight, but suspect that his future books will be better, and I do hope he writes more.

Robin (ukamerican) | 23 comments I'm a few chapters in, seems pretty good so far, though I did find the portrayal of what a Polish foreigner would think of America a little unrealistic. I know it's set 20 years ago in 1993 but when Elzbieta describes America as rich and "the envy of the world", I wouldn't have thought Poland was so destitute by the 1990's that America would amaze someone so much. Poland is a beauty country and by 1993, communism had fallen. It just felt like she was describing the attitude from the golden era of immigration to the US, which had long since passed by the 90s.

Robin (ukamerican) | 23 comments I should note that the above was just a passing observance and not something I will count against it overall.

Ellen (ellenrt) | 10 comments My son was in the Peace Corps in Ukraine in the late 90's and things were pretty grim. Poland was not as bad, but certainly not up to our standards.

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Midge Frazel (midgefrazel) It has taken me a long time to read 4 chapters. I think it is the New Orleans setting that makes me lazy. As everyone will think, having to go somewhere to look at the 1880 census suddenly seems ancient news.

Robin (ukamerican) | 23 comments I stopped reading it. The dialogue was so hokey, I couldn't get passed it. Sorry for suggesting it!

Maryd | 30 comments I finished it. I gave it a 3, but i agree with Ellen who said she didn't like the main character. i didn't like his methods of research. But OK book, and it ended better than i thought it would. i think i liked the Steve Robinson books i've read better.

Ellen (ellenrt) | 10 comments I agree with Maryd. Steve Robinson will get better and better, I suspect. I'll give this one a chance too.

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Midge Frazel (midgefrazel) I realized today that September is nearly over and I didn't get as far with this book as I expected.

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Mary | 6 comments I thought it was a pretty good mystery. However, I found it hard to believe that a "professional" genealogist would 1) be willing to remove and/or damage genealogic materials for any amount of money, and 2) understand the Soundex system yet NOT know that surname spellings have been changed through history because of language problems and lack of education. I have found my Jernigan ancessters listed with several different spellings. I am sure others have also had that exerience.

Maryd | 30 comments Anyone interested in #3 Steve Robinson about Queen something, for an October read? I enjoyed #1 & 2. I haven't purchased it yet but plan to.

Ellen (ellenrt) | 10 comments I read that. It was good! I have just started "Where's Merrill" by Gearoid O'Neary. It's a a genealogical mystery based on fact. (Unless I have been fooled). Has excellent ratings and seems like it might be pretty good. :-)

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Ella Rebecca | 2 comments Is there anyone still in this group? I just started reading Deadly Pedigree: A Nick Herald Genealogical Mystery

Maryd | 30 comments Yes, but I haven’t posted or read any posts for awhile. I read this book and have it a 3, it was ok.
It was a while back. What do you think so far

Rachelle (phoenixjoy) | 1 comments Ella wrote: "Is there anyone still in this group? I just started reading Deadly Pedigree: A Nick Herald Genealogical Mystery"

Yes, still in the group, but it is not very active as you can see! I read Deadly Pedigree quite a few years ago - it was okay. I think the Steve Robinson "Jefferson Tate" Series is much better. I also ready The Irish Inheritance by M.J. Lee recently and it was pretty good.

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Ella Rebecca | 2 comments So far it is very interesting. I will keep you posted!

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