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*Hermes groans*
One of the subjects the students must attend at one stage. There is advanced math for the smarter students and developing math for the not so smart ones.

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Melissa Wren Inochi slithered into her classroom, feeling a massive headache coming on. If she didn't owe Odin big for helping her when she was little there was no way she would be putting up with these annoying godlings. She settled in her chair and wrapped her tail around the base. She got to work grading homework, not surprised in the least when she didn't find Hermes' assignment.

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Nott poked her head in and smiled as she saw Wren who was, in her opinion, the best teacher at this miserable school. "Hello, miss Inochi." Nott did a slight bow. "I was just wondering when I had you, as I have a new time table and can see no sign of math." She waited by the door to be welcomed in or told to go away.

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Melissa "Oh Nott hello." Wren said, looking up from her desk. She smiled closed lipped and nodded for her to come in. "I believe you're here for the last hour of classes."

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Nott walked over, her steps not at all like a normal girls. She could easily fool anyone about her gender. "Could you please put it on my schedule and sign it?" She asked, setting the bit of paper on the desk.

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Melissa Wren nodded and took the paper, scanning it briefly before getting a pen and signing it with a flourish.

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"Thank you!" Nott said happily, taking it up and zooming out of the room in seconds.

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Melissa She smiled and went back to work, grading homework. Most of which unfortunately was incomplete or completely incorrect.

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