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For the gods, this is learning about their own history and more modern history. To the creatures this is about everything.

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Aphrodite walked into class and frowned, visibly perplexed. She thought that she was running late, yet, she was the only one here. Did she get the time wrong? Glancing down at her schedule then up at the clock on the wall she determined that she was indeed supposed to be here at this time. So where was everyone?

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Mr.Fletcher walked into his class and, without noticing Aphrodite, went and sat at his desk in front of the class. He started going through his schedule and sighed. Some godling would be messing with him , he was sure.

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Melissa "I'm not late am I?" Fray asked breathlessly. She took a seat, not seeming to noticed that Aphrodite was the only other student.

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Aphrodite turned around quickly at the sound of someone entering the classroom, she was glad that she wasn't alone in here anymore. She saw the masculine organism walk into the front of the classroom, and sit at the desk, "Um...excuse me?" She walked over in front of him, "I guess I'm not the only one that decided to show up today, after all." She smiled at him, her voice was light as she attempt to ease the tension she felt coming from him.

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Melissa Fray looked at Aphrodite and giggled. She knew that the man she was talking to was the teacher but she wasn't sure Aphrodite knew that.

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Mr.Fletcher looked up, bleary eyes quickly becoming sharp and focused. "Ah good, two students. Glad you two chose to show up. Who might you be?" He asked, eyes flicking from Aphrodite to Fray.

((Can I just rp and add in any extras? eg. A boy put his hand up and answered the question stupidly'?))

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((Sure, if you would like to.))

Aphrodite smiled over at the teacher as she made her way to an empty desk, "I'm Aphrodite." She was rather excited for his class-- history that was. It was her favorite subject, she was actually quite the academic; though she never actually let people know that.

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Jeremy just kind of sighed. He, of course, new about Aphrodite. "Of course you are." He said quietly. After he said this people finally began filing into the class. Jeremy let them sit down quietly. After they were all seated and shushed he walked over to the still open door and closed it. Turning, he saw a student trying to zap another, using powers presumably. "First rule" He said, slapping the boy across the head, despite the fact he was a teacher he did not hesitate to hit people. "No powers. Don't act like I din't know." he said calmly. "Second rule, No idiots. If you are stupid I will kick you out." He smiled slightly, showing that it was no bluff.

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Melissa Fray coughed a little to hide her laugh, with that rule there wouldn't be many students left by the time the bell rang.

(Sorry my posts aren't long, they'd be longer but I'm not quite sure what to say without dialogue.)

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((Not a problem I will start 'group discussions' soon.))

Jeremy's eyes flicked over to the hidden laugh and gave her a slight smile to show he didn't mind. "Well. My name is Mr. Fletcher." He said, ever so slightly awkwardly. "Okay then, our most favourite topic: First world war! Now everybody get out your books. If you don't have any I recommend you get them before I throw you out." He leaned against his desk, hands gripping the edge lightly.

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Melissa Fray didn't have a book so she fluttered her lashes ay the guy next to her until he scooted over to share his. She smiled greatfully at him.

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Aphrodite pulled out her book a slight frown on her face, from his earlier comment. She didn't know what he had meant by 'Of course you are' but she didn't think that it was a compliment. After hearing the rules and what they were going over she was more perplexed. She had a question but wasn't sure if she wanted to risk his apparent wrath. That thought caused her to straighten her spine, she wasn't a coward. Raising her hand she smiled at him respectfully, "Wouldn't it...benefit us more to go over the Civil War first? Learning the cause of internal conflict that caused one of the bloodiest battles amongst those thought to be allies?"

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"Very smart, Aphrodite, which is a shock." Mr.Fletcher said in an almost lifeless voice. "But is the same basic summary the same for the first of world wars?" He asked, a rhetorical question. "The assassination of The Archduke held the same supposed betrayal. Some believe it was not betrayal but enemies colliding. But others often refer to it for their own devices of country vs. secret country etc.
however Aphrodite brings up a good point. Can anybody tell me the similarities and the dissimilarities of both the first world war and the Civil war?"

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Melissa "Both times the conflict started small then grew as more and more countries or in the civil war's case states were pulled in." Fray volunteered, hoping she wasn't getting mixed up.

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Aphrodite felt her eyes narrow dangerously as he muttered his comment. She ground her teeth, wanting to...hurt him or something. She didn't appreciate his belittling comment in the least bit. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath, trying to regain control over her emotions. "No it isn't the same basic summary. As the term World War suggests it was more external than it was internal; regardless of the way it started. The Civil War was completely internal; regardless of the pleas from the South to the English."

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Melissa Fray's lips twitched in irritation. "I wasn't saying that. I said they started small and pulled in others. I said nothing of internal or external." She said irritably.

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"Both correct, in ways. Both incorrect, in ways" Mr. Fletcher said, not bothering to correct or explain further. "But this conversation is putting some people to sleep, I see." He said and threw, with dead accuracy, a pencil at a young punk girl who had closed her eyes and rested her head on her shoulder. It hit her right in between the eyes and she woke up with a yelp, short purple hair spiking up a bit. "Sorry, miss, are we keeping you awake?" He frowned in false sympathy. The girl blushed and pretended to read the book. "Ok then, class, because we have spent so much time debating our topic why don't we go onto something else. It is clear one of us has an aversion to World War One so let's focus on something a little less tragic. How about the disappearing of civilizations? The Maya, The Khmer Empire, The Minoans, The Anasazi etc.? Does anybody have any recommendations or preferences?" He asked, bright eyes searching around the class.

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Aphrodite crossed her arms sitting back in her desk slightly, this is why she refused to speak out in class. She should have just stayed quiet, so when he asked for comments on another topic she didn't speak. Not sure if her thoughts would matter anyways. She jumped as he threw a pencil at a random girl in the back, her eyes widened when it actually hit the girl. A few inches over and it could have killed her. Aphrodite had to give Mr. Fletcher credit, he had guts...

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Melissa "What about the Babylonians?" Fray asked. She didn't know much about them but they were one of the first civilizations weren't they? That seemed pretty important.

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"Babylonians, very good, girl." Jeremy said happily. "Also known as...?" He waited for somebody to put their hand up or call it out. When they didn't he sighed. "Sumerians. Also known, in context, as Sumerians. Now, their disappearance was not so much of a disappearance as a changing..." And so the lesson went on. When finally the end came Mr.Fletcher smiled at his class. "Brilliant, people. That's all for today, any complaints or questions come see me now or next class because outside of these times I can't be bothered with you."

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Aphrodite glanced back at him, she was tempted to answer, but she ended up just smiling innocently at him acting like she had no clue he wanted her to answer him. Aphrodite listened as he lectured them, she was impressed with his knowledge. Sure, he was a teacher so he should know, but most of the teachers they had here were clueless. Aphrodite was glad he wasn't one of them. At end of class everyone quickly jumped up and left, she on the other hand took her time gathering her things. She wasn't in a hurry.

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Mr.Fletcher walked over to her slowly. "Aphrodite, you have immense knowledge of these things. Have thought about what you will be doing after this?" He asked her, watching her with interest. He knew already what would be happening if she graduated, but he wouldn't let on. Also he never quite got over the gods he was meeting, no matter how many he met, let alone the fact he was actually teaching them .

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Aphrodite paused as she felt someone coming up behind her, her eyes turned to see that it was Mr. Fletcher. She blinked for a moment as she took his question under consideration, honestly she had no idea. "Maybe continue on to a secondary school, I'm not sure what I want to do to be honest..." She trailed off before she finished her sentence, her cheeks heating up, "I just want to make a difference." She knew how foolish that sounded, but it was the truth.

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Jeremy nodded. He could understand that. "I get where your coming from, but deciding vaguely what you want to do would help you choose what courses you will take. If you ever need a hand or need help I'll be here. Or something." He gave her a small smile ad then stood up and walked back to his desk, packing up before walking out and not looking back.

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Aphrodite listened to him, liking that he didn't mock her for her ideas. She returned his smile and watched as he gathered his things to leave, his words replaying in her head. "...need help I'll be here. Or something." Biting her lip roughly, she quickly gathered her things and rushed to catch up with him, "Would you be free if I needed help...or something now?"

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Mr.Fletcher looked back at her and smiled slightly. "Yeah, sure. Like what? Because if it's anything to do with science I'm afraid I can't help you" he joked, but there was a serious undertone to it. "Ok, Aphrodite, go ahead and tell me what you need my assistance, or something, with."

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Aphrodite had to admit that she liked his smile, even when he wasn't fully doing it, it made him much more attractive than before. She grinned when he said that he was willing to help her, of course, that was also problematic because she didn't actually require help; she had merely wanted to speak with him more. Aphrodite laughed at his remark about science, she wasn't much good in that subject either, "I'm sure that's not true, with a body like yours you must be very skilled in Anatomy." Her comment had come out more crude than she had intended, meaning to say that he must work out for something; instead of how it sounded like a remark on his...personal life.

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Of course, knowing who and what she was, Jeremy just laughed. A short and fairly deep thing that his eyes spark. "Why thank you, Aphrodite, for that beautiful remark. But still I assure you science is a weak point for me." His mind flashed back to the earlier scene in class. " you have a extensive knowledge of history, which I enjoy in a student. Do you find it interesting or did you just pick up a few things?" He asked, eyes alight at his favourite topic.

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Aphrodite grinned widely, glad that he hadn't taken offense to her comment, like most of the teachers here would have. "You're quite welcome..." She paused to listen to the rest of his comment, liking the fact that he mentioned he enjoyed students like her, "I actually find the subject quite fascinating, honestly I think I can remember wanting to be a history teacher at one point..." She frowned at that though, as she couldn't remember much of before but as far as she knew her the comment was true.

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Jeremy quickly changed the subject. His directions from a certain storm god was to not let them dwell to much on their past. "We'll, let me save you the trouble and tell you it's not worth it. Hanging around with hormonal teenagers all day? Not fantastic." He chuckled to show he was joking. "So what's this I hear about a party later? Although actually I do believe it was cancelled he mused, forgetting all about the 'help' Aphrodite had required.

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Aphrodite laughed at his description of his job, not catching that he had managed to change the subject at all, "Well I would hope that some of us hormonal teenagers would be worth hanging around with." She shot her jesting comment right back at him, it was strange how he was so much different outside of class. Though not a bad thing, in fact she quite liked it, he was rather...intimidating in class. She thought of Hermes' party that was supposed to happen in the hall, "Why are you interested in going?" She doubted it, "Hermes is supposed to be hosting it in the hall...a rather boring place to hold a party I think." She hadn't heard that it had been cancelled, or rumored to be as of yet.

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"Of course I wouldn't go. That would be strange and highly unethical." Jeremy said, the thought of going dismissed as soon as it had entered his mind. His problem with alchohol was still a standing issue, aside from other things. "Plus, I may just end up being on of the teachers that has to stop it." He snorted at the idea of him facing a variet of gods.

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"Too bad." She replied without remarking out loud what she had meant, that him being there might actually make it more appealing to go to. She chuckled when he said that he might have to stop it, a picture of Hermes flashed into her mind; he wouldn't be pleased with someone trying to spoil his party. Aphrodite remembered that Nott was supposed to be going, which cause her to smiled, she rather liked the feminine organism. "So what are your plans for this evening, if you don't mind me asking." She had often wondered what teachers did in their spare time.

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Melissa Fray listened to their conversation with growing amusement. It seemed Aphrodite had developed a crush on the history teacher. Poor man. Girls like her didn't often like being told no and if Mr. Fletcher wanted to keep his job or his head then he had no choice but to say no. Everyone knew Ms. Inochi had a thing for him, she would go ballistic if he had relations with one of the female students.

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"Me? Oh, you know, grading papers, planning lessons, researching etc." Mr. Fletcher staged sighed. "Boring teacher stuff. But I am being being paid extremely well." He chuckled, scratching the back of his head.

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((They're not in the classroom anymore Melissa, so unless Fray was just chilling out in the hallway watching spying on them, she wouldn't be overhearing their conversation. ^^))

"Sounds very...interesting." Aphrodite paused as she tried to find a word that wouldn't insult his plans for the evening. "Well being paid well is a plus for doing tedious tasks." She brushed a piece of hair from her face as she listened to him chuckle. It was official Mr. Fletcher outside of class was much more interesting than Mr. Fletcher inside of class.

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"Well, I'm not one for money, but what I'm being payed in-" he made a little coughing sound, cutting of mid-sentence. When he finally as able to speak again he smiled. "Well, suppose I'd better get back to... Work" He muttered, voice hoarse. He had been forbidden of speaking about what he was doing at the school, apart from the obvious, and talking about who had hired him. This was obviously ensured by 'magic'.

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Aphrodite listened as he began to tell her what he was truly being paid in, but he suddenly started choking and her eyes sparkled with concern. She stepped forward to rub his back, or help in some way when he seemed to recover and then mentioned getting back to work. She felt herself frown at that, she was rather enjoying her time outside of the class with Mr. Fletcher. Aphrodite chewed on her lower lip and nodded, "If you must..." Though oddly she found herself hoping that he didn't.

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Mr.Fletcher smiled lightly, but seemed ever so slightly distracted. "Yes... Well, I would rather not, don't you worry. But with a difficult lot like you... well, I am bound to have my hands full." Jeremy shrugged, looking Aphrodite in the eyes. "Anytime, Any problem come ask me." He said with an intense seriousness, which flickered away almost immediately. With one last smirk he turned and walked slowly off.

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