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Full of shipments of shady activity and under the table deals. The Lincoln Street Piers are especially rusty and frightening. Off them is a sidewalk with a multitude of hotels and local cuisine and to the left, a beach that spans where the rust and grime is not. Vendors and performers pepper the street, hoping to lure tourists with all their gusts of scent and sound. Home of Gotham's best corn dogs and Italian ice cream.

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In this area is a shop. The shop has a medevial look to it. It is balack, dark and reeks of mystery and danger. Above the door hangs a sign in shone silver as a car's headlightss illuminated it. It read "The Shadows of Hell". As you wak in you are show the facade of the shop. On the shelves were magick related iteams, pendants that promised fortune adn wealth, gemstones that promised stability, romance, etc. there were tarot card packs in one corner, the cards painted black and white, one was black and red. The shop had the rear colour here and there taken up mostlly by the gemstones. the shop was mostly blacck. fortune telling globes and wand-pens, bone-pens, skull pen holders adn stuff like that were lined up in front of of register counter where a guy slouched, picking his nails with a completely black dagger with a black gemstone. Lineing the walls were countless daggers, swords of varing type, bows , arrows of different make, the rare shield, spears, one or two lances, and other nameless weapons. (and axes XD) One wall was lined with different types of posions and poisons behind a locked glass cabinet, different deadlyy herbs and their antidotes, petrifided snake fangs with poison on them and other such deadly items. Next to them was a book shelf filled with books about different herbs and weapons, a magick book here adn there, books about how to kill with what item, things that noramly would not be seen in a fortunetelling shop. A bell hang from the door but the ony custemors who ever enter are those who either want to sell the owner deadly weaopns and items or come with an assassination request. The owner's promise is that he;d complete everythingle request no matter the dead-line or conditions.
The owner wen by the name of Shadow or The Shadow or Shade if you are a regular custemor.

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Remy Lebeau loved his job. Were it making a child smile with various tricks of the hand or gazing into a beautiful woman's eyes, there was always an audience to run into. Real life people didn't like being looked in the eye, or touched, or appreciated by a stranger then they. But when that stranger had an illusion for their pleasure, they felt relieved to look into their joker's eyes because they were the one person in a crowd of many to know this man for a moment. Meeting eyes was so underestimated to those who's didn't resemble the charming devil's himself.

Across the street, through the blackened windows, Remy was unknowingly setting up his table.
His fingers slid the legs to fold out and support. What he had in mind for this day's performance had to be something special. He'd just returned to town after riding the rails to the next city. A week had passed in the swift but still, one couldn't help feeling heavy with faces of supers. Especially one dame.

Rising his eyes slowly, the urchin dug his trench coat pockets for a set of cards. His bubble of hope popped so abruptly that his chest ached.

"They gotta be somewhere," he said, feeling his ribs for the pockets there. The jig was up, and none were found. "I must'a used em up."

Refusing to slip into profanity or continue looking like a lunatic, Remy searched for a place that would sell him the goods.

Restaurant, restaurant, hotel---There, in the window, tarot cards.

Sure they weren't as good as regular cards but if they sold those, maybe the owner would have a pack--of cards.

Sauntering across the street with no pedestrian sign, Remy gave the store one last once over. Weird little place. It almost looked like they were selling swords. He squinted into the shop window.

Remy shrugged and entered. The bell jingled with an irregular sound. Standing there to let his eyes adjust, he suddenly felt like he was in a face off with a cowboy. A grim feeling washed over. It wasn't usual that he felt out of place. Even in his trench coat, waltzing into the ritziest hotel, there was a certain pride to it, a finesse. But here, in the somber interior of a place smelling of assassin, the hairs rose at the back of Remy's neck. He hadn't felt that chill in ages.

"Pardon me sir," there was an eyebrow raising Southern drawl, "D'you sell cards here?"

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((Heck no, I'm just excited to see Jace. Might as well pile it thick and build, right?))

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Luke paused his nail cleaning and looked up at his customer. His eyes were a black hole, sucking in everything, letting nothing out. He looked at the man's apearance, took in the reed eyes and overall apearance. It was rare, haveing a normal custemor come in. Luke seathed his dagger and tucked into his belt.

Luke wore black clothes and a black jumper with a hood o top. His face were in shadows due to the hood on his head. You could see the tops of dagger peaking above his belt. He wore all black apart from the silver belt.

He nodded, his face a blank slate (still covered in shadows XD). He stood up and went into the back. The back was as blakc and foreboding as the front. There was a door leading to the storage area and stairs leading up to a hallway with rooms. Near the stairs was a door leading to a room where he had set aside for assassination bussiness only. he opened the storage room with a key hanging off of his belt along with a few other keys (cop style XD) and opened the wooden door. He walked in, not bothering to turn the light on due to his perfect night vision.
The storage was set aside for only tthe facade part of the shop only.
((skip a few w/e.))

Luke came back with a black and red deack of cards. Where there usally would have been white, it was black, where it should've been black it was white and the king's and queens adn jack's faces had evil grins on them, the joker held a death scythe.

He showed the man the deck of cards.
"$15" Luke said simply. His voice flat, devoid of emotion.

(ooh maybe another guy comes in and he is regular custemore nad he kinda spills about luke being an assassin???

btw, you likey?? see my one liners have gone POOF or w/e well.... i blame luke for stealing my heart <3!!)

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(pfft yeah.....but i DO warn you... jace has REALY changed)

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Gambit leaned against the counter leisurely and gloated, "Sounds like a rip off t'me!" He chuckled, smiling at the corner of his lip, "Back in my day, cards sold for fifty cents." Back in his day, they were free. His brothers and him would pocket them, but that wasn't needed to be said. Even jewelers didn't like when you entered a store and bought expensive diamond earrings adding with a smile, 'I'll pay for these this time' as a joke. If Gambit wasn't so darn charming, they'd press for security.

The shop door clanged open again, the chiming of a dead ringer's bell.

A man peaked his head in, his Cajun accent distinct. His long brown hair was banded back in a tail, "Hey Shade, I an de boys said to have spotted a t'ief 'round here. You be careful, yah. De Guild's are bein' notified. Dis one's wanted real good," to any other person, it still would have meant catching a thief for lynching. But to Remy, it meant his flesh being lynched. He wiped any emotion off his face that didn't handle charisma.

Remy you fool, he thought.

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Luke looked at the man with cold eyes. "And?" Looked asked. He felt like killing the man for discussing that sort of bussines inside his 'normal' shop, but he didn't kill unless soemone payed him.
"What do you want me to do about it?"

He glanced breifly at the red-eyed man and almost grimaced. He hope nothing too important got spilt.

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((I'll change it. And mine was rushed too but I'd like a fight scene so...))

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Discussing thieves with a shop owner wasn't so odd. The man didn't understand what he was so miffed about, "Dunno, just watch out fo' sticky hands. You know how trouble seems to find you," flashing a gold tooth, he shut the door behind him and left the shop to be the presence of two (unless someone counted the pulsing shadows as a third member of this order. Appropriate considering the League of Shadows detested this city among all others).

There was an awkward silence. A pause and Remy tilted his head and opened his mouth to brake it, "'parently this town sells the best corn dogs. Is that true?"

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"That's nice to know" luke said dissdanefully.
He handed Remy the cards.
"Money please." the pelase wasn't actually ment to be polite, more like a demand.

(imma sorry why is it short??? *sigh* ill try better i swear!! XD)

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No time, no time.

"The queer thing is I don't see your throat tattoo," Gambit said, flipping out a five dollar bill. Palming it to the counter, he backed two steps up and took off like a missile for the back door just beyond the storage area. It was a stupid move in hindesight, but in Gambit's mind, it was better to run now then face the guys outside. Luke hadn't realized who was the Thief and it was only a matter of time before he figured it out. Gambit only had five dollars.

Having snatched the cards, he kicked open the back door, soaring out into the alley.

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((Sometimes short is okay. We can't always be writing intricate scenery. Action needs short, decisive movement.))

ᑕᗢᗝᒪḰᓮᖙᖇᗢჯ123 ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ Cool (coolkidrox123) | 169 comments (^^ pfft yeah, plus you dunno how the other would react)

Luke picked up the 5 dollar bill and scowled. took off after him. As he ran he put some shadws into the black gemstones on his daggers. Was this the theif they were talking about? Well he didn't care...he didn't get the right amount of money, now he was out for blood.

(btw if the dagger cuts you depending on how deep depends on how much shadows oours into you. these shadows follow the bood stream and go into your heart. They bring back bad memories, old wounds (the pain you got from it), any bad thought you ever had. the more shadow put in the worse the memorie or pain and if there is even more than that then it'd egsadurate it. ^^ how epic?? XD)

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Just like old times, he'd walked right into the lions den, slathering stupid nothings. The place sold a mutiny of weaponry, for heaven's sake. What did he expect would happen?

Gambit's feet slapped the alley but made no sound. He saw a bar above him and took it in his palm, hoisting himself on the roof of a small apartment complex with barely a huff. The back roads were shady but at least from the roof, you could see a skyline of potential killers. A door leading down scared him, he eyed it with contempt. It was the only shadowed part of the roof. He had to get moving.

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scoot not supposed to be at the dance and the guy who said he isn't allowed sees him and chases him around the gym then scott goes to a gay payer on the team (the teacher is the coach btw irrelevant) anyways so the coach sees em danceing and he's like "your not supposed to" hen the music stops and everyone stares adn he's like "no! i didn't mean they weren't supposed to...scott isn't ment to...." then he allowas scott to stay ^^ gettit???_)

Luke went out to the alley. He couldn't see the thief. He looked around and frowned. he called out to the shadows to help him (morning or night or w/e?). the showdows called out to him from the room. He saw a flash of red eyes and climbed up the side of the building useing the pipe lines like a cat and landed in front of gambit.

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((Bonne nuit!))

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((Don't be afraid to hurt Gambit, his ego won't die instantly and neither will mine. However, please let him get a few shots until he finds the Assassin's Guild Tattoo. Also, what kind of fighting does your character do?))

ᑕᗢᗝᒪḰᓮᖙᖇᗢჯ123 ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ Cool (coolkidrox123) | 169 comments (WELL MY GUY ISN'T ACTUALLY PART OF A GUILD ANYMORE. BUT HIS GUILD oops caps XD ...but his old guild tattoo is a black ying on his back (big) with sword/metalic wings ^^ that's also on his bussiness card also in silvery grey writing on his back above it is 'The Shadow' but his guild got caught, it's in his history. (i hope :O!!). and he is more like a sumerie... daggers are his favourites adn he has twin sumrie (black all black) up his sleeves and two down his back. the ones down his back are longer, the ones up his sleeves are shorter but sharper, made for closer combat i guess. and he uses his shadows a lot, shadow warriors adn putting shadows into his weapons (if you destroy the gemstones on it the shadows in it will disapear) ththe shadow warriors have the same affect as his weapons haveing shadows only worse depending on luke's strength. when it cuts it only gives you the mental pain of the cut but times 2 or 3 depending on the strength class of the shadow warrior. luke has some poison daggers but he only uses them during assassinations and the shadows are actually the antidote to the poison ^^ if gabit has any fears and the shadows go into his blood stream then he'd remmeber the fears, luke would know exaple: you fear wolves, he'd create a wolf out of shadows and the shadows in yur heart make it look real and would magnify your fear))

(see???? i love him so much <3 btw i've come up with all of the above from old rps and current ideas that just acme to me as i wrote ^^


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((Sure but how is this fight going to ride? Gambit is good at savate kickboxing and normal assassins would have difficulty. However, I sense that you want Luke to overpower but I don't know if he has a goal on what to do afterwords.

The assassin tattoo is a letter 'A' with a sword through it.

I hate fight scenes on Goodreads because it's not easy to fight and not God Mod. It's almost better to just chose the winner.))

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Raising his eyebrows, as if suppressing a smile, the moment, the pause was gone. The Thief was onto his salesmen, dragging down the sale's shirt collar to inspect the ink at his throat. He'd kicked the goth to the ground, had Luke pinned with all manner of painful policing, and found what he'd been dreading all along. A millisecond later, the contents of Luke's sleeves made themselves known.

Gambit let go in a frenzy, stopping a yard from the edge of the roof. He backed up with enough circle space.

"I should have known those eyes of yours weren't just for looks," he said, from his eyes, there was a telltale power keg being suppressed for thought's sake, " As for these," he stroked the pack of cards tenderly, "I recon this Cajun has the right to plead self defense."

Fear hobbles a man. Gambit blamed his instability. If he'd sat around longer, paced through his routines and stayed away from the rails, he probably would have never visited this plunge. Tugging his glove under his cuff, a plan began to form. Just how he was going to get himself out of this.

((He's not younger than Gambit, which explains what seems to be Gambit's immaturity. What seems to be--ha!
*Facepalm* Let me rephrase that.
Gambit's immature because he's immature. It isn't a cover up for maturity. They're the same age and you know... guys.
The infamous ten bucks. The five dollars Gambit handed him was from Jonathan--someone in this RP--who'd noticed his homeless state. It's a bit of a bitter thing. He's come to hates charity.))

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where's this heading? lol.... it night or day? if it was night luke'd have more of an upperhand due to his dark reated abilities whil in the day his powers are weaker ....well....kinda??? idk -.-' XD it's hard not to god-mod or mary-sue)

Luke's face stayed as cold as ever. He didn't understand this situation, the counterpart seemed experianced...and he senced a sort of kinetic charge XD in the air. He just wanted his $10!!

"Who are you?" he demanded, glareing. It seemed he was aware of the assassins guild, also his own guild was abolished ages ago and he alone remained out of justice's reach. He still had the universal assassin's mark but also his own persional assassin's guild's mark on his back. His guild was infammous in the underworld for being the top in the assassin's world. And luke, more commanly known as The SHadow, was their top assassin. Who would have guessed that the kid your son brought home was actually trying to kill you?

Luke was good in ...assassins stuff, not head-on. He liked sliceing someone's throat while they slept or giveing someone poison so it ws silent, bloodless and ID less. Daggers where his favourite because you can hide them anywhere, throw them from far away and use them in quick, swift movements. But in head-ons or one-on-ones you KNOW who you are can track them down later, you have to use more force and it's loud and bloody...not that luke hated blood....but...he just didn't like those sorts of fights.


relucnantly Luke drew a black dagger from his belt.

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((Say it's night. Both of their element. Unless you want it to be the day, so that they have to stay out of tourist's eye. Not that Gotham would be hugely touristy, I would think... if it has anywhere as much crime as here.
Gotham is not right during the day. Night, let us make it nigh of day!))

Pulling at the deck and turning it into an accordion of crackling movement, he picked out one the moment he saw it fly by.

The Ace of Spades.

The bauble of all tacky baubles, it nearly shone in the moonlight. Luke's own industry laughing at him.

"'Course we folks could make a deal... if dat's your kinda t'ing," The Thief said with exaggerated, lackadaisical manner, "I gotta 'nough knives in my back, don't need no more. Lest I ever take the name Julius. But naw, m'name's Gambit.
"I'm certain you don't have much to offer so I'll let you name the terms," Gambit was constantly eying the knife, everytime he did, he faltered a bit in his pace, but for someone facing a meteor of darkness and dagger throwing butchery, the Thief was doing pretty well at masking his concerns.

Tucking the ace in his lapel, he continued to shuffle blindly. One could almost hear the theme song to jeopardy in the clockwork clatter.

"'Night's not getting younger."

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Luke glared. What other reason was there of him chasing this guy? he'd much rather sleep than do this, also he enjoyed the night he enjoyed sleeping even more XD.

Luke himself was trying to hide his uncertantyy in faceing someone head on. Daggers were ment for long distant throwing and close stabs when the other person wasn't looking. This guy seemed to have power comeing from him, could he stop this guy? His powers had weaknesses here adn there, what would he do against someone stronger in power than he was?

Maybe he should take out his twin swords? would that be better? but that was always his last resort and never a faovured weapon above daggers. He not only left his gun at the shop but if he shot the gun it'd alert others.

"what i want," he growled, the shadows around gambit seemed to almost increase in density, "Is the money that you owe me!" He said this, twirling the dagger in his hand. It wasn't a way to threaten or look scary. It was a way for him to vent his nervousness and anxiety. He did it almost subconshiously.

(btw it'd be cool if gambit and luke shared a dorm room cause they'd be hateing or loveing each other every second.. hate cause...yeah...ove cause.....they have like stuff in common)

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((Done, once things lead them to the school of their destiny, there won't be a doubt. I can imagine how it could end badly...))

Luke was serious, he was brilliantly serious. Nothing else interested him.

Gambit choked back a snicker, almost nervously among the clatter. His eyes shone with appreciation.

Slowly, he looked to the moon, neck stretching to check over his shoulder.

"Bien. Since y'didn't throw any of yo' daggers when I looked away, I'm guessin' Monsieur Shadow's a man of his word," Too bad he's got a stinky profession. There was a long line between stealing something and killing someone. One got you capital punishment in Belarus, the other at it's pettiest was food taken from a best friend's fridge. At least neither parties were classified by the worst kind of prisoner. A rapist. If there had been a guild for it, it would have been ransacked by the Thieves and slaughtered in the dead of night by the Assassins.

Gambit had been to prison before and the very idea gave him weeks of nightmares.

It brought to wonder if once there had ever been such a Guild. They certainly would have never kept files on it. If there was any point to the Guilds, it was to cleanse and eradicate illegal behaviour or rich men's flaunting money by calling the hire.

Instead of reaching in his pocket and pulling out a diamond necklace as pay (bring it to the pawn shop down the road type of pay), he mulled over his options. The necklace was worth much more than the price tag; it was a Kwiat 'sunburst' diamond, to be precise (very shallow, mazarin cut with silver outlines and worth $1365.25). He didn't like giving more than something was worth, and he knew the worth of diamonds---having touched more than any woman. Funny, trading a diamond for diamonds.

Exasperated, it was his mistake. He'd done what all consumers couldn't afford, and that was grow attached to something and have a need when faced by the disarming smile of a salesperson. One of-a-kind items were every bargainer's bane.

It was just, looking down his nose at the shuffling flurry of black paper, he felt attached to his pilfer. Red on black seemed like his signature. He certainly couldn't afford giving himself to an Assassin because of sentimental value. If anything, he should have been cursing his daemon eyes and card fetish.

Raising his hands, palms out, Gambit put the cards on the ground and stepped back.

"You caught me. You get your cards back. Those beautiful, beautiful devils..."

ᑕᗢᗝᒪḰᓮᖙᖇᗢჯ123 ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ Cool (coolkidrox123) | 169 comments Luke frowned. Was this some sort of trick? He learnt never to trust anyone and he'd always been right about who to trust and who not to trust...meaning.. no one. Why was this guy giveing up so easily?

Luke didn't like takeing above or bellow what he was promised so he stook out the $5 from his pockets and extended his hand. His brows furrowed. If there was one thing he hated giveing up, it was money. ALthough he rarley spent the money on more than what was neccisary, he still did things to get money. He currently is a billioner yet he doesn't want to give up his precious money. Maybe it was because he got the money because he killed someone and he was human enough to feel a little bit of guilt, or maybe he just grew too attached....the only thing other than money he got attached to was his weapons. He had walls upon walls of weapon, some he didn't even know how to use... He could see this same yearning in the man's eyes...yet luke was not the type to give up on money so easily....he KILLED for money, why should he give up on money for a stranger who likes cardds???
Luke sighed and picked up the cards and looked at it, then back up at gambit adn his red eyes. He came to a decision. He pocketed the money and threw Gambit the cards.
"You owe me twice th e amount this was originally cost...i have memorized your face so don't think you can get out of this....if you don't pay i will hunt down every last member of your family and take all their money until they are bankrupt adn it?" His eyes were deadly serious at the last part.

He couldn't belive he was giveing up on money...since when did he have a human emotion in him? He thought he had long squashed any emotions...if he let his emotions take over his thoughts then the shadows would attack HIM... that was how his shadows fed on his mental and emotionaly being?? He remainded himself to put some shoadows into hhis heart to immunise himself..that is what he did once a day anyways but it was hard on him mentally so he tended to perpiously forget....this time he'd put extra....

(sorry for thatn useless bit at the end...bye bye imma go get ready gotta a job ^^)

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) Hammerhead waited at the docks. Smoking a cigar as usual with men swarming the piers all following his orders of course. Then finally a cowardly looking man show up. " You got the money Cheston?" Hammerhead spoke in a deep dark new york accent. " Cause we all now what happens to people that don't pay back the big man."

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Batwing watches from a building almost a mile away with binoculars

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He Watches them from a roof" I need to stop this soon" he mutters his African accent coming out

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) Cheston shook his head no. "I couldn't get the money in time, please don't kill them ... They're all i have." Hammerhead just gave a shrug. " Say his to the fishes for me." Hammerhead said pulling out his gun as he shot him point blank in the head before having his men throw the body in the ocean.

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Batwing uses his Disruptor to jam most of the guns including hammerhead's. he then flies down and takes out 2 guys with Unjammed guns by slamming their heads together . There were 4 left and they shot at him but he threw a freeze gernade at one and the. 2 batarangs at the other 2 sending them to the ground . He then takes out the last one by hitting him over and over then finishing him then he kicks the frozen guy knocking him out . He throws a smoke bomb down then charges at the others taking them out and then all was left was hammerhead

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) " Hammerhead was in disarray at first but quickly recorved from it. " Well well, if it isnt Batwing, don't you got some child's birthday to go to?"

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" yiur not in the place to insult " he says and kicks him to the ground

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) Hammerhead was used to fighting due to the bug Spiderman and grabbed his heel fast and bashed him hard into he before headbutting him into the wall cracking some of his back due to his adumantuim skull.

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Batwings back was not cracked at all but his metal suit was dented badly and he turns quickly spraying hammerhead with explosion gel and backs away and press's a button and it explodes

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) Hammerhead was damaged but not hurt. " Gotta due a lot more then to hurt me kid." He said tossing a box of active grenades toward him.

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Batwing flew up then threw multiple freeze gernades at him

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) Hammerhead dove behind a building before any of the stuff hit him." I got this entire pier rigged to blow so you save the innocent mooks or die with them."

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Batwing calls a friend and smirks" oh I will save them while you get your ass beat

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) ( This is Hammerhead your not gonna beat him, he's tooken down Human Torch and Spiderman)

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( wait can he beat superman

message 48: by GatbsyLover20 (new)

GatbsyLover20 (dclover) ( Hmmm well... I dont think so... unless he had prep time he could do some damage but come on... this is why I was reclutent to join because id rather have a story line without op characters more h2h fighting like batman vs two face and stuff liek that.

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( well he just called Superboy

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) ( Well thats cheap... I dont need this this was suppose to be Batwing vs Hammerhead not Superboy vs Hammerhead -_-)

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