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message 1: by cαяяιє (new)

cαяяιє Okay, here we are! I'll repost my idea;

I was thinking we could do something where a girl, lets call her Cali, lives on a small island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean with her divorced dad. Her father is obsessed with his work as a construction manager and doesn't pay his only daughter much attention, leaving her alone most hours of the day. Despite this, Cali wants nothing more than her father to be proud of her and she spends most of her time working on schoolwork, studying, and striving towards perfection. Then, one day she meets a boy, lets call him Luke, at the beach while reading a novel for class. Luke is a surfer. He is charming, funny, and carefree. At first Cali and Luke don't get along, due to their major differences, but they gradually start liking each other.

Suggestions, questions, ideas?

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Hmmm I am guessing Luke is the more surf now, do homework later kind of guy?

message 3: by cαяяιє (new)

cαяяιє Yeah, that was what I was thinking. He isn't very concerned with school, preferring to surf and have fun, over homework.

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Okay so what if Cali's father at some point forbids her from seeing him, maybe she starts slacking on her homework or something along those lines. So then she has to sneak out and all that fun stuff to see him?

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Luke could also be a couple years older.

message 6: by cαяяιє (new)

cαяяιє Sounds good to me! How old should Cali and Luke be? Should they be in high school or college?

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Um what if Cali was still in High school but underage and Luke maybe 24? He could be going to college or maybe he simply slacks off at work?

message 8: by cαяяιє (new)

cαяяιє Okay, I think I'll make Cali 17? It would seem more probable that Luke doesn't go to college, so maybe he should just slack at his work.

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Okay so ya I was going to make him 24ish and maybe he works at a local auto body shop? Or does he not seem like a mechanic to you.

message 10: by cαяяιє (new)

cαяяιє Mechanic sounds fine to me!

message 11: by Inigo Montoya (new)

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Awesome! So now that we have pretty much ironed out the details I'll get started on my guy!(:

message 12: by cαяяιє (new)

cαяяιє Perfect! I'll work on my girl :)

message 13: by cαяяιє (new)

cαяяιє Name: Cali Franklin
Age: 17
Grade: Junior in high school
Appearance: description
Personality: Cali is smart, always getting straight A's in her AP classes. She can be a major perfectionist, never settling for okay. She can be very hard on herself because she hates messing up or losing. She tries to please others, mostly her father. Deep down she craves attention, but won't admit that out loud.
History: Cali's mom left her and her dad without warning, when Cali was only 2 years of age. Her dad is what some would call a 'workaholic', not paying his daughter much attention. He hates slackers.

((She isn't very detailed, but... I can make her better if you want me to))

message 14: by Inigo Montoya (new)

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments No she is great, I wouldn't change a thing about her!(:

My guy is about 3/4 of the way done but won't be up before manana. I have homework I should probably do!

message 15: by cαяяιє (new)

cαяяιє Thanks :3

Okie dokie!

message 16: by cαяяιє (new)

cαяяιє How's it going? :)

message 17: by Inigo Montoya (new)

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Gah I have been sick the last two days, or I have been hibernating in between throwing up the last 48 hours.

Bleh anyways I am so sorry! I just have to finish him up so it won't take too long!

message 18: by cαяяιє (new)

cαяяιє Oooooh D: That doesn't sound to fun. Hope you get better!

Awesome, no rush!

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