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Loony What in the world is that woman? I love her weirdness. I was actually waiting for the part where Cassandra tells us that Bridget's also a Shadowhunter. I wonder what happened to her?

Kyren I love Bridget. She is so awesome. I mean seriously, she can take out one of those clockwork creatures in like five seconds. Plus she's Irish.

Alexia -- i feel like she could tell the future or somethin cause she always had a song for somethin that already happened or that was goin to

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AJ I think she was there just to add a bit of comic relief along with the foreshadowing. We loved the way the other characters were annoyed by her singing but she also gave us someinsight into what would happen next. =)

Asiyah LMBO...just thinking about her makes me crack up. She's the best

Loony Yes! I was also kind of depending the future scenes with her singing, which was crazy. When Sophie and Gideon were engaged, she sang something like about wedding and death. And I was, like, "are Sophie and Gideon gonna die?" She drove me nuts.

Ellie Bellwood Yes, I'm a bit curious of what power that Bridget has.

Loony Did you catch her last name?

Ellie Bellwood I think it's Daly. Bridget Daly.

Loony Daly doesn't sound like a Shadowhunter name. Dang.

Ellie Bellwood Bridget's mundane, I think. She possesses True Sight.

Alexander Man she's awesome I think is funny how she have those songs for eny situation and everything is about death but it is a really interesting method to keep the reader excited about what is going to happen next, specially at the very first moment when you realise that she sings about the things hat are going to happen, I thing she have the clervoyance hability and is possible since she is a Shadowhunter

Loony And how old is she?

Ellie Bellwood Okay, I finally did some a little research and turns out she's a mundane servant with the power of True Sight. I found it at Clare's site. I don't know her age is....

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Nellie ☾ Throughout the books, I was afraid that she was actually an automaton o_o dunno where that came from, haha! But it's really funny whenever she sings about 'sweet William'.

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bridget was freaky lol but I love her character

Shaery Though I love her, I was waiting for someone to a boiling point and bash her, but it never happened. I wish we got to know more about her.

Veronica she and her morbid poetry. but she is one kickass cook cum shadowhunter.

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