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Nameli sat in her seat and opened her note book as she started doodling pictures of flowers.

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Angela Steve sat at his desk fiddling with an elastic he pulled back and it flew across the room, it skimmed the girl sitting in front of him.

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She jumped a little and turned, her hand covering where the band had hit her skin

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Angela Steve looked at the girl he shot "sorry" he said as he stood up and grabbed the elastic back "are you ok?"

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"Fine, just startled." she says with an elven accent.

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Angela He looked at her "elven?" He asked recognizing her ascent

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She blushes a little and nods. "ya."

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Angela He sat in the seat in seat in front of her startle style so he was facing her "that's pretty cool" he said looking straight at her

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She smiled at him a little. "I guess."

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Angela He looked at her eyes and fell speech less

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She looked back, unable to look away.

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Angela He smiled at her " so do you want to do something after school?" He asked still looking straight at her

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She blinked a few times, as though coming out of a trance. "I, uh... wait, what?"

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Angela "Sorry" he said shocked at his own words "I just.." He stumbled over his words "I just got kind of lost" he mumbled (like a wimp lol

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She blushes and smiles at him. "In your own mind?"

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Angela "Yeah" he said embaressed

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Angela Sorry g2g

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She giggled a little and blushed, looking down so her hair covered her face.

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Cale Fontaine entered his classroom. "Good morning class," he said.

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Nali glat the teacher, then took out her notes.

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Angela Steve ignored the teacher and keeps talking "I'm Steve by the way..."

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"Oh, uh.. Nali." she says and blushes a little.

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Angela He opens his mouth to complement her and realizes that the teacher is staring right at him

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She does to and ducks her head, cursing in Elven and hoping they don't get into trouble.

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Angela The winks at her and spins around in his seat

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SHe blushes more before turning to pay attention

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Angela He pulls out his notes and and ripe a page and starts writing on it

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She takes down notes as the teacher writes them.

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Angela Be does the same and writes a note to Nali
"Your ascents adorable " and passes the note back to her

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She reads it and blushes, glancing up at him.

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Angela He smiles at her and looks back at the teacher

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She catches up on notes, but doesn't throw the paper away for some reason.

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Angela He scribbles down the notes the teachers writing and starts another note to Nali not sure what to write

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She sighs a little,having no real interest in this class

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Angela Steve can't focus in class his mind keeps getting drawn back to Nali

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Eventually she lays her cheek against her crossed arms, resting on the desk as she tries not to fall asleep.

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Angela Steve leans back in his chair so thier head are inchs apart "getting board?" he asks sarcastically

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Angela (Casey?)

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"Uh, ya. Sorry." she says and blushes a little

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Angela He chuckles and sits back up in ha seat

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Nali's eye wonder to the clock every five seconds, and it seems to be moving slower and slower with each glance

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Angela Steve falls asleep half on and half off his desk snoring lightly

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nail giggles a little and kicks his hair softly

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Angela He jumps up and makes a loud snot like sound

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She covers her mouth so as not to laugh.

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She covers her mouth so as not to laugh.

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She covers her mouth so as not to laugh.

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Angela He looks at the teacher that is now staring at him and quickly caches up with notes "thanks" he wispers to Nali greatful that she woke him up before he really got in trouble

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