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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments A small police department located just inside the town closest to the academy. With only five holding cells, the department is used as a temporary holding for delinquents and minor criminals only. Nothing in the way of major crimes are dealt with here.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments After being arrested at the Freedom Restaurant and taken into custody at gunpoint, Nate didn't think the evening could get any worse. However, his mind changed the moment the driver got out of the police car and Nate's eyes fell upon the station. Worse, this was definitely worse. He was still trying to remain calm for Phoebe, who had gotten reigned in along with him, but the want to freak out kept overriding that. Play it cool. He thought to himself, willing himself to resort back to being the carefree guy he'd been at the beginning of the day. There're no guns, no officers, nothing. He closed his eyes for a second, trying to convince himself of this. His breaths were deep and only a tad shaky. He could do this; he knew he could. Still though, he wished he had something to say to Phoebe before getting yanked out of the car. No words were coming again though so he just looked into her eyes a gave a small smile, trying to convince both her and himself that he was alright.

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Olivia Seeing Nate smile warmed her heart as she was grabbed as well. What had she done so wrong? She was so frustrated. She never particularly liked law enforcement before but now she absolutely abhored them. She still made a point of hiding her feelings. She had done it all her life. What was so different about today? One answer would do for that question. There were so many things different about today. So many that she didn't even want to think about it. At least the tears were gone. She couldn't let anyone other than Nate see that. Nate was the only person she had cried in front of in her life. The thought shocked her. It was true. She never even let her parents see her cry.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Phoebe hadn't done anything wrong. That was the exact thought that was running through Nate's head as he stood outside the car, watching as she was dragged out. He didn't have any words for what he was feeling, only thoughts. And even then, they were hardly sufficient. It hurt to see this happen - it really did. He was so wrapped up in the moment that he didn't even notice that her tears had stopped. In truth, Nate had only a single he'd ever truly shed tears in front of: his old girlfriend on her death bed. That was the only time. For some reason, it didn't seem true to him. It seemed like he'd been pushed to that limit so many times that there should have been more of the occurrences, but there hadn't. It somewhat surprised him that he hadn't done so in this point and time.
With hands still behind his back, Nate drew his eyes away from the scene as he began to be lead toward the station. It seemed like it was taking forever for him to even get inside the holding cells. On one hand, he appreciated the slow pace - it gave him more time to accept this was happening. But on the other hand, he also dreaded the slowness. Part of him just wanted to sit alone in his cell with no one to talk to so he could deal with the situation. Whichever it was, he knew he got closer to truly being locked up with every second that passed.

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Olivia Ultimately, it didn't matter that Phoebe hadn't done anything wrong. She was still in the same boat as Nate. She didn't even know what she do in a cell by herself. She wouldn't have anyone to talk to. She wouldn't have a reason to stay strong. She wouldn't have Nate. She was already imagining her breakdown in the cell. She wouldn't be able to just sit still. How could anyone stay still in a small empty room? She tried to make eye contact with Nate. She was losing herself all over again.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Nate was trying hard not to lose himself again. He let himself be led, trying not to pause or falter. At this point, he felt that would only do more harm than good. However, as he glanced over to make eye contact with Phoebe, he felt as though his feet could have stopped moving at any time. She looked concerned, like she was losing it. Now, as he was in the position she'd been in with him just minutes before, Nate understood how it felt to stand back and watch someone realize they weren't okay. It felt absolutely horrible. That was why he felt like he needed to get himself back as soon as possible. To do this, Nate just gave her a smile, trying to calm her down. They'd make it through this; he knew they would. All it would take was a while in the holding cells and he'd find some way to get them out. He didn't care anymore if he'd have to call up his parents and embarrass himself again; he just wanted her out of this mess. That was all that mattered to him.

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Olivia Nate smile was enough for then but she still felt so empty. She felt nothing anything more. It took all of her strength to smile back. She wasn't doing a very good job at being a support system. Then she thought about how they were going to get out. She had no family she could call and why would Nate's family care about her? She was just some awkward, strange girl. This would more than likely dissapoint them. Then if they found out that Nate had dragged a girl along with him things would get even worse. Nothing seemed like a good outcome. It was the only way to go if they wanted to get out though. She had never done so much overthinking in her life.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Though Phoebe may have been worried about his family not bailing her out as well, Nate wasn't. He wouldn't allow that to happen. As far as he was concerned, he and Phoebe were somewhat of a pair: if one was bailed out, the other had to be too. As much as he hated this and as much as he wanted to run away from this entire situation, Nate wasn't about to let Phoebe sit in a cell while he went free. Together - they were in this together and Nate intended to stick to that.
Seeing that Phoebe was appearing okay and seemed to be going along fine enough, Nate turned his head back to the department. Now at the door, Nate watched as an officer held it open for him to go in with or without assistance. For a second, Nate just stood still, his eyes locked on the interior of the place. This was really happening, wasn't it? He could hardly believe it, but it was. However, Nate didn't have a whole lot of time to deal with this as he was pushed forward slightly, his feet unwillingly leading him into the station.

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Olivia Phoebe decided to forget about it. She went numb but in the back of her mind there was a decent amount of optimism. She did believe that things would get better and that they wouldn't have to stay here long. She walked swiftly to avoid being pushed so much. They had no regard for human life and that was something that made Phoebe want to explode. She was cooperating with them. She hadn't tried to escape. Why were they still so brutal? Most people were too afraid to cross them anyway. She looked inside the establishment. Of course it wasn't very cheery but she wasn't expected it to look and feel so dead.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Nate's eyes darted around the inside of the department, his gaze catching on every little detail. Though he was trying immensely hard to keep his cool, every little thing made him uneasy. He didn't like being in this situation in the slightest. A small, ragged sigh escaped him as he kept being led through the interior, passing counters, various policemen, and even a few other delinquents. There were only one or two, but they were obvious to Nate. Compared to the officers - and maybe even him and Phoebe - they were easy to pick out of the crowd. However, Nate soon drew his eyes away from them as his gaze fell upon the holding cells. They weren't more than a good fifteen or twenty feet away, but Nate still felt their presence now more than ever. He guessed that was where they were headed. He could just tell what the objective in this was. It was painfully obvious that Nate had a problem with being in this situation and he was banking that the officers had caught onto this. They were most likely planning on holding them for a little while then asking questions, hoping to break the two and make them talk. Nate, probably, more than Phoebe. He was the main culprit in this and Phoebe was an accomplice.

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Olivia Being led right behind Nate, Phoebe saw what Nate saw a few seconds after. There were people being held here. They looked so threatening. She couldn't really find any other word to describe them. They really looked like they were capable of doing wrong. Nate didn't look anything like these people and Phoebe certainly didn't with her blue jean shorts, white shirt, and sandles. She wondered if those police men used the same procedure to arrest those delinquents as they had with them. Even though they looked more dangerous Phoebe had a feeling that it hadn't been difficult to catch them. They knew the wrong the were doing and probably didn't think they needed to try and escape. Phoebe and Nate only tried to escape because they knew they were innocent for the most part. None of that matter now. They were nearing the cells. She sighed and lowered her head. She'd take things as they came.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Letting out a shaky sigh, Nate kept his eyes targeted straight ahead as the cells came closer every second. No, as he came closer every second. It was daunting, he thought, to be the one that was actually carrying himself there. He was going willingly now, seeing no real reason to protest. Even though he was still unnerved by the entire situation at hand, Nate didn't see the point in struggling. That had already proven useless. Escaping, however, still sounded like a damn good plan to him. If only he knew how to do it...
The holding cells came upon him in a few minutes. His eyes stared into the inside, hands beginning to anxiously shake. The officer that was leading him took a moment to open the cell for him, but Nate was still gazing upon it in mixed disbelief. This wasn't happening, right? It was all a dream, he was sure. Maybe if he pinched himself, he may wake up. The probability of that, however, was unlikely. As he wasn't moving any longer, Nate was simply forced into the cell. Luckily, it was small and empty - a thing he much appreciated. Being put in holding with another wouldn't have suited his fancy. However, he was disappointed when the handcuffs were removed and he was locked in without Phoebe. There had been hope in the back of his mind that maybe they'd be put in a cell together. However, that hope, he know realized, had been a stupid one.

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Olivia As Phoebe approached the cell she didn't even look up. She only stared at the horribly depressing and uncleaned floor. The place had a terrible grip on her. She felt as dead as the interior of the place. She refused to look up. Looking up would be seeing the whole cell. If she saw the whole cell she knew she eventually come to accept being here. What hope would she have of getting out then? She didn't think she'd be able to share a cell with Nate but she at least hoped she would be in one across from him so she could still see him. They put her in the cell beside him. How would she be able to stay strong then? She wondered what Nate thought of the whole situation. Was he thinking of something to help them escape? Would he be able to contact his parents? Phoebe felt like she was hanging from a small, slowly breaking rope over a pit of quick sand. There was no way to stay positive here.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments ((I edited my last comment so that the handcuffs were removed from Nate's wrists. I think they remove them but I'm not positive. Just going with it though. This is one time when it stinks not to have any experience with law enforcement XD ))

With his hands running over his sore wrists, Nate turned around to gaze out of the cell he'd found himself in. Bars - he didn't think he'd ever get used to them. He didn't want to get used to them. Dream. Nate reminded himself, trying to talk himself out of this. It's not real. It's a dream. But though he thought this, it was painfully obvious to him that it wasn't. This was real, it always had been. Still though, Nate couldn't help but pinch himself. And... nothing. Not a jolt, not some indication that this was a dream. It was real. He hadn't really been expecting less, but at least he'd hoped. Now that dream was diminished - quite literally.
Nate too wished in that moment that he could see Phoebe. Having her in front of him would have made this entire thing more bearable than it was now. Even though they'd only been separated for minutes, he just wished there was someone there that he could talk too - someone there that knew what it was he was going through. They were in this together.
Turning around again, Nate took in the appearance of his cell. It was definitely small, something he was sure wouldn't make his stay easier. In truth, Nate had always been somewhat claustrophobic. It wasn't a severe problem - not one that warranted careful observation - but it would most likely come into play in this situation. Hoping to take his mind off these thoughts, Nate focused his gaze on the rest of the interior. There was a small thing that he guessed was supposed to be a bed. It was the most pathetic bed he'd ever seen if it was though. However, though he thought this, Nate approached it and sat down, his hands running through his dark hair. He was exhausted but he found he couldn't bring himself to relax at all. He was too on edge for something like that.

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Olivia (( Hmm it makes sense to me so I'm going with it c:))

Phoebe's habdcuffs were removed before she was given the final push to enter the cell. The handcuffs had made her wrists red. As numb as Phoebe wanted to be, she somehow couldn't ignore this. She stared down at her burning red wrists in amazement. She hadn't even heared the policeman slam the cell door. She just stood there and stared at her wrists. They probably thought she was mental. That didn't register to Phoebe. She tentively touched her left wrist and looked slightly beyond it to the cell wall. That was enough to partially bring her back. She glanced over at the side wall and saw a bed though she couldn't bring herself to call it that. It was more of a cot. She refused to lay on it and sink further into the hopelessness she already felt. She walked the short distance to the back wall and lowered herself to the floor. Why couldn't she have at least been in front of Nate? Did they think they'd try to escape? She only knew that things would have been different. She knew that she wouldn't have been thinking this way.

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As he leaned back so that his head touched the wall behind him, Nate closed his eyes and let out a sigh. He was truly calmer now that there were no officers and no guns or handcuffs, but he still felt jittery with nerves. The fact that there wouldn't be a bullet going through his skull any time soon did wonders for his sanity. However, sitting here with his head against the wall, Nate couldn't help but think of what he may be doing if it wasn't for this chain of unfortunate events. He wondered what would be happening now if they had actually gone to the dining hall in the first place. It would have been much calmer, he bet. Or what if Nate hadn't even met Phoebe in the first place? It was awful to think of and Nate knew he didn't want that for his past, but he wondered what it would have been like. He also wondered then what his life would have been like if he'd never even gone to the academy. He'd still be that forgotten boy he'd always been, but maybe things could have worked out better. He wouldn't have met his past girlfriend to suffer the heartbreak he'd gone through because of her death and his best friend most likely wouldn't have been killed either. Things would have been most better off had Nate not even come here.
Thinking of this, Nate leaned forward again and put his face in his hands. He thought about knocking on the wall. Would that be heard? Or maybe if he called out to Phoebe from near the entrance to his cell. There wasn't a doubt in his mind that he'd get scolded for this, but at least he might get the chance to talk to her, no matter how small the conversation was. Discouraged, Nate let these thoughts pass from his mind. Thinking them were getting his hopes too high up.

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Olivia Phoebe sat against the wall staring at the floor. She watched a couple of ants crawl across the floor beside her. She didn't move to protect herself or kill them. Any other time she would have moved far away from an area with ants but right now she didn't care. She stared ahead at the empty cell in front of her. Why couldn't Nate be there? She thought desperately. She hated that the cops were still monitoring them even if it was from a distance. She couldn't even attempt to talk to him. She wanted some kind of communication even if it was a weird knocking language. Her opinion that this was an overexaggerated punishment wasn't going away. She just wanted to get out of here. If she hadn't befriended Nate, he probably wouldn't be here. That's why she blamed herself.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments After a while of sitting with his face in his hands, Nate soon stood from where he'd been sitting. He was growing restless from being so idle right now. After all the things that had happened in the past hour - the running, the arrest, the struggling and being taken in - he didn't like the feeling of sitting down any longer. This may have been strange as someone would have thought him tired - and he was - but it felt better to get up and do something. For once, he was far too awake to sleep. His feet carried him to the entrance of the cell before he made his way back to the far wall. He was pacing, but it didn't feel that way to him. It felt like he was just thinking and moving at the same time. Nate was sure someone would be here any minute now to talk to him - a precinct of some sorts - but he couldn't force himself to sit down until then. He didn't want to relax. His mind was swirling with thoughts of maybe escaping. He knew it was impossible, but it was still there in the back of his head. It wouldn't be happening though, he was sure. That would just make things worse.

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Olivia Phoebe was becoming anxious. What was she supposed to do while she waited? She'd rather be sitting in a overly bright room being questioned than to be sitting here right now. How would everything go? She hated thr thought of having her words used against her. She understood the concept. She had
experienced that before. She wouldn't wish that on anyone.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments After about ten minutes of mentally counted minutes, Nate began to grow all the more anxious. His fingers started combing through his hair, causing it to look worse than it already did, and his hand rubbed the back of his neck, a thing he often did when he was extremely nervous. He kept pondering how long it would take for them to get out of here. One phone call - that was all he needed. Just one and they could be free. He'd just throughout this when he heard the clicking of shoes against the concrete flooring outside the cells. Nate immediately made his way to the entrance, his hands clasping down on the bars. From here he could see an officer down the hall coming closer to Phoebe and his cells. The approaching made Nate relieved and nervous at the same time. He'd have to keep his complete cool when under interrogation and Nate didn't know if he was capable of that yet. However, he then realized that it didn't matter if he was ready or not. He'd just have to be. That is, of course, if they were even coming for him first or at all. They could be going for Phoebe and them coming back for him. Or maybe this wasn't even the interrogation at all. Maybe this was just some officer walking down the hall. At this, Nate only groaned in frustration. Why was it he was so confused lately? Could nothing be simple any longer?

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Olivia ((Who do you think should go first?))

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments ((*Shrugs* I was kind of leaving it up to you honestly XD))

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Olivia Even though Nate's cell was closer, the feet walked onward. Phoebe was looking dowb at the floor in front of her when she say a pair of black boots stop at her cell. She slowly looked up. Her eyes stopped at the man's chest. She couldn't look at his face. She was too afraid of the souless look that was probably on it. They had come for her. Why her? Did they want her to rat Nate out before they questioned him? She was not going to let that happen. She would stay silent. The man unlocked her door and stepped into her cell. Firmly he grabbed her by her arm and placed her in the handcuffs again. The pain she felt in her wrists were back. He pushed her forward out of the cell. As she was walking down she saw Nate but only breifly. She wanted to turn her head to see him better but that probably wasn't the best thing right now. She was pushed a bit more firmly to get past the cell. When she looked forward again she saw another policeman coming down the hall. He walked past them and stopped right in front of Nate's cell. They were going to question them both at the same time but seperately. She hoped that there stories weren't so different if they even decided to talk at all.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments ((Oh ho ho, I'm so going all out with this interrogation XD ))

Nate's eyes had trained the officer, watching as he passed. In the back of his mind, Nate had hoped that he'd be the one going into interrogation first. Though it scared the living hell out of him to be in that position, he thought that it may have been worse for Phoebe. Nate had years of practice with standing up to authority figures and learning just what the best replies were, but he figured Phoebe probably didn't have that. Judging by the way she acted, she hadn't had to really talk herself out of these kind of situations before. He didn't know how she was going to take this.
However, the thoughts that Nate had all but disappeared the moment he caught a glimpse of Phoebe. It hit him in that minute how much he missed having someone there next to him going through what he was. Or at least, that's what Nate thought at first. A moment later, he realized that wasn't it at all. He didn't really miss having someone there next to him - he could probably handled at least this interrogation on his own - he really just missed Phoebe.
Thinking this, Nate watched as she disappeared out of his vision once again, his shoulders slumping. This entire situation was beginning to seem hopeless to him. However, upon hearing the familiar click of shoes down the hallway, he straightened himself up. Double interrogation, was it? Okay, he could handle this. There was no reason for him to act like what he was feeling inside. He wasn't hurt; he wasn't still getting over the wounds that harmed him; he wasn't going to let the loneliness he was feeling shine through; nothing was going to come out but the story he'd slowly arrange.
As the officer slid open his cell door and forced his wrists into the familiar bindings of handcuffs, Nate let out a sigh and put on the best smirk he could. It hurt to do it, but he'd live. All he needed to do was be confident; Nate could do that. Just like old times. Being led out of his cell and in the opposite direction of Phoebe, Nate really did look over his shoulder. Of course, he was only met with sharp words to keep walking, but he didn't care. He'd gotten a glimpse and that was all that mattered.

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Olivia ((XD YESSSS))

Time seemed to slow down as Phoebe tried to process everything. What would they ask her? How would she respond? Whenever she decided to stay silent when her parents were scolding her she ended up losing her reslove and arguing anyway. She had to take this seriously. She couldn't look weak. She had to be clever. They could use anything against her. No matter how unfair it sounded it was true.
She was led into a small room that contained a desk and a lone light bulb hanging from the ceiling that acted as a light. The man who had led her in slammed the door, removed her handcuffs, and sat her down in the cold, uncomfortable chair. All this time she had been looking down but she had gained a smidge of confidence on the way there. She looked up with a completely controlled look on her face.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments ((This is going to be so much fun! SQUEE!!!! XD ))

Being led along, Nate was shown a room similar to the one Phoebe was now being forced into. He wondered what was going through her head right now and how she'd deal with this. In truth, he was a little worried. It may have been because he was worried that she'd crack and give in under the pressure, but Nate didn't think that was it at all. He trusted her unconditionally. Whatever happened, he'd still trust her. Though, Nate just hoped she didn't end up giving him a reason not to.
The officer who had led him in sat Nate in a chair in front of a table, removing one of his cuffs from his wrist only to reattach it to the leg of the table. This resulted in a smile from Nate; taking all precautions, were they? With this same smirk on his lips, Nate watched as the officer disappeared out the door, the metal closing behind him. For a moment, Nate just sat in the room by himself, looking around. A mirror... Right because a mirror was always just a mirror. He let out a sigh, trying to find something to entertain himself. His fingers began to drum absentmindedly on the surface of the table for a while before he heard the door open. Glancing up, Nate's eyes fell upon a tall, blonde woman in a nice police uniform. Obviously, by the way she walked in and took the seat in front of him, she thought she was all that.
"Nate?" She asked, her tone sweet and kind. At this, Nate's grin just grew wider. Good cop? Yeah, he must have gotten the good cop this time around. But, oh crap. What could that have meant for Phoebe? He wondered then if that meant she was rewarded with the bad cop. Nate really hoped that was not the case.
"That's me." He leaned forward, smirking, ready for the next question. He could do this - he could definitely do this.

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Olivia The cop walked out and slammed the door again but more forcefully this time. Sge sat at the table and stared at theobe light bulb until she saw a blue outline of it in front of her eyes. She sat back a bit and sighed wondering who would be questioning her. Her yes wondered to the floor. There were ants in this room too. She watched them as they gathered a miniscule crumb from the floor. At that very moment the door opened and slammed again. Phoebe whipped her head up in question. Her eyes took in a tall and muscular man with a gruff expression on his face. "Phoebe?" He snarled. She didn't lose her resolve. This ape of a man was not going to break her. Her thoughts suddenly wandered to Nate. Who was questioning him? Was he going to have as hard of a time as she predicted she would?

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments ((Question: would you want to turn this into a supernatural fight sort of thing? I have a plan for it, but I don't know whether you'd want to do it or not. It would probably involve the two cops being hunters or something of the like :3 ))

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Olivia ((*strokes invisible mustache* Hmmm sounds very interesting. Yes, I like it c:))

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments ((Woot! I'll have to write the next part when I get on the computer then. No way I can write awesome interrogations on my iPod >.< ))

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Olivia ((Righto! I cannot wait for this! :3))

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments (( :D Woot! So excited! ))

Though he may not have always acted like it, Nate wasn't stupid. He knew exactly what was happening the moment the woman opened her mouth, "Hello, Nate." She started, smiling sweetly. This only resulted in a raised eyebrow from Nate, his eyes raking over her. Tall, blonde, professional looking with a name tag that read 'Elizabeth'. His eyes went up to hers as he gave a small smile, one of obvious amusement.
"Nice to meetcha, Beth." Nate said, a cocky smile on his face. "Can I call you Beth? I like Beth better. Not as formal, you know?" He nodded, agreeing with himself.
Elizabeth simply smiled, trying not to let show any annoyance she may or may not have had. "Beth is fine." She began to pull out a piece of paper from the binder she had dragged in along with her. "Now Nate-"
"Actually, it's Nathan." He interrupted, leaning back as far as his handcuffs would allow. In truth, Nate was just purposefully interjecting, wanting to be as annoying as possible just to see the act she put on break. This was the sort of thing he took pride in: unnerving others to their breaking point.
"Alright, Nathan, before I begin the important questions, I'm just going to ask: are you comfortable? Anything I could get you at all?"
"You mean besides a key to these handcuffs and a free ride out of here?" His shoulders went up in a shrug, "Nah, I'm good." His smirk grew at this. Oh, he was going to have so much fun with this. There was no doubt in his mind that even though he wanted the hell out of her as soon as possible, he wouldn't be leaving here without feeling extremely proud of himself. Or at least, that's what he was hoping for.

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Olivia Phoebe cleared her throat quietly at the harsh question. "Yes?" She said in the most sarcastically innocent voice she could manage. It didn't sound that bad to her but in the face of a man that fearsome it was probably the weakest thing he had ever heard. She stayed in her seemingly relaxed position.
He glared at her and added menacingly, "We're supposed to asj if you're comfortably but frankly I don't care."
How rude! Phoebe thought to herself. She didn't understand people who were horrible for no reason. She simply gave him the benefit if the doubt and figured he'd had a rough childhood. Phoebe was always doing that. She always tried to give people more credit than they deserved, but instead of letting her pity for him come through on her face she simoly rolled her eyes as if she couldn't care less. Wow. I'm really horrible at this. She thought miserably. Nate was probably doing so much better.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Though she was obviously annoyed, Elizabeth simply smiled at his arrogance. "That's nice." Her smile though, was one of apparent falsity. There was no way that she really found him amusing. She was doing well at hiding her emotions, however, Nate soon found that he caught a glimpse of distaste in her green eyes. It wasn't one he had expected in the slightest. This woman of such poise was meant to be a professional, skilled in the art of hiding feelings and secrets. There weren't supposed to be any slip ups. "So, Nathan, how have things been going for you lately?"
Nate only rolled his eyes at this question. Oh, God. Would she just skip the bullshit already? "I've been good. A little unnerved by the constant surveillance, but good."
"You don't like the surveillance?"
"It's not my favorite thing."
"Could it be because you have something to hide?"
There was the question Nate had been waiting on. A smirk played on his lips as he leaned forward in his chair, drawing closer to her just to be annoying. "Could it?" He was hoping to get her riled up and, seeing the spark of irritation in her blue irises, he knew he'd done the deed.
"That's not an answer, Nathan." Elizabeth stated, her eyes locked on his.
Nate smiled wider, "Isn't it?"
It seemed as though, at this, Elizabeth realized she wasn't getting anywhere. After a long beat, she continued on with another question. "So, Nate-"
"Yes, Nathan. Of course." Her eyes gave off another spark of annoyance before she regained her composure. "Where were you at approximately ten twenty five on the morning of Friday the twenty fourth?"
Nate simply brought his shoulders up in a shrug, ignoring the question completely. Yeah, he most definitely thought he was good at this. He just hoped Phoebe thought the same of herself.

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Olivia I really need to get myself together. Phoebe thought to herself. She had to get past this interrogation. She figured everything would be fine after that.
The man walked forward and leanes over the table until he and Phoebe were face to face. His eyes looked black as night. There was definitely something about this guy that seemed dangerous and she didn't like it.
"So what about you and your little friend?" he sneered. "Are you two keeping any secrets? Two stupid kids din't usually try to avoid arrest unless they're partners in crime."
Phoebe eyes had a bit of a spark in them. A sarcastic smule played on her lips. Maybe this would be as hard as she thought.
"Partners in crime?" She said slowly, testing the words to see how they sounded. She scoffed audible. What was this guy trying to pull. She'd never been in this kind of situation before but she wondered if theyall went this way. If so, why were people always so afraid of this even if they did nothing wrong?

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments "So you have no idea what your whereabouts were on that day?" Elizabeth rose an eyebrow, her eyes glinting with anything but amusement.
"Nah. I had places to be, people to meet, things to see. I can't be expected to remember everything that I do." Nate shrugged once again, leaning back and crossing his arms. "What about you? What were you doing on that day?"
Elizabeth completely ignored his second question, "We have video of you, Nathan. Video that shows you clearly performing vandalism in the restaurant you were picked up at today."
While he should have been worried about this or maybe even considered that this could actually be a true statement, Nate didn't. He was completely ready to call her bluff. "Bullshit!" He exclaimed, smirking smugly. They didn't have any video on him. No way. And even if they did, wouldn't they have noticed the big, barreling wolf that lunged at several people? Wouldn't that look a tad suspicious.
"Not to mention the numerous witness accounts that have been recorded." Elizabeth leaned forward, her eyes staring straight into his. "We know you were there, Nathan. We know what you did at the restaurant."
"What restaurant?" Nate asked, playing the idiot. There was no way in hell they knew he'd turned into a werewolf and threatened to bite a girl's neck out. No, that just couldn't be true.
"The Freedom Restaurant."
"What day?"
"Friday the twenty fourth."
"And you have video?"
"We have video."

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Olivia ((OMG I love him! c:))

She was still smirking as the guys eyes narrowed. She felt so good about everything. There was no way this guy was going to trip her up.
"Were you apart of the incident that occurred at the Freedom Restaurant just a week ago?"
Was this guy joking? She didn't even have to lie about this.
"No." She said with a shrug. Crossing her arms would have been a good touch but she was handcuffed.
"What do you know about it?" He snarled.
"What do I know about what, exactly?" She countered.
She wondered how Nate was doing. Just the thought of him made her anxious. She wanted this to be over so badly. It had been an eternity since she'd seen him. Or at least that's how it felt.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments (( XD Really? WOOT! I like Phoebe a lot too :) ))

"Watch your mouth." That was the first thing from Elizabeth's lips at Nate's cussing. Obviously, she had a problem with him swearing at her. Nate couldn't blame her - not really. He supposed that if he were doing an interrogation, Nate wouldn't be all too happy to have the suspect swearing either. However, that didn't mean he'd stop doing it.
"Bull-" He stretched out the word, enunciating every syllable he could. "shit." This only induced obvious anger in Elizabeth's eyes. But, really, that was just what Nate was aiming for. Slumping back in his chair, he let out a little yawn. "We done with this? I'm getting tired of coming up with witty comments." His lips were set in a smug smirk, giving off nothing but easy arrogance. Soon enough, he stood up. His handcuffs, however, were still attached to his right hand, restricting his movements. At the moment, he was partially bending over, his hands going to the surface of the table as to make it appear normal. Elizabeth, however, wasn't accepting this. With electric blue eyes, she stood as well, her gaze threatening to burn a hole in his. "Sit. Down." At this, Nate did just the opposite. Leaning forward, he dared her to do something about it. Though it most definitely wasn't the smartest idea, Nate didn't care. In hindsight, it would have been a great idea to just sit. It would have helped prevent what happened next.
In a flash of movement, Elizabeth darted her hand forward, her hand moving faster than a speeding bullet. Feeling a sting, Nate glanced down to see a knife lodged between his fingers. He could see the red pigmentation of blood seeping onto the table. Cut him - she'd cut him. Luckily, the cut was small, a laceration that only drew blood from his knuckle to his finger tip, but it was still enough to cause a flinch in Nate. Eyes drawing upwards, he stared at the woman. She looked fierce, her eyes burning with anger. However, it was definitely not caused by his cussing. No, that had only been the final straw. There was something deeper there. Judging by the grin on her face, she was used to this. And, as Nate's eyes trailed down to her belt, he could clearly see the array of weapons lining the leather strip. Oh, she was one of them. Well, dammit.

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Olivia Phoebe wanted to breathe a sigh of relief. Maybe this was over now. She wasn't really lying. She had nothing to do with the incident. There was no way to pin her down. She had just been with Nate in the setting of the incident. Sure, Nate had told her about it but she wasn't going to say that. Looking back up at the man she noticed his face redden. The veins in his neck were sticking out so far they looked like they were about to pop out. Something like fear stirred inside of Phoebe. The guy had only been harsh before. Now she knew. There was something about him that was definitely dangerous. She tried to back up and protect herself in some way. Her fear was obvious on her face. A wide grin spread across his face. He'd done his job. Walking forward a little, he pulled a small dagger out of a belt Phoebe hadn't noticed before. She tried to pull a bit on the handcuff. She knew it was useless but she was so scared. Nate was probably dealing with the same thing right now. She would have to deal with this by herself even though she had never had to fight a hunter before.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Nate's eyes flickered up to Elizabeth's, observing her movements. In a second, his hand reached for the hilt of the knife, his hand clenching over hers. Their hands wrestling, Nate could hear the growl that came from Elizabeth's pursed lips. However, Nate was hardly paying attention. His focus was solely pointed to the knife as he tried to dislodge it from both the table and her grasp. Elizabeth, though, wasn't allowing him to gain a weapon. Her hand soon reached to her belt, fingers clamping on the handle of a gun. At this, Nate's eyes went wide and a lump formed in his throat. He was so dead. His hand worked harder at removing the knife, however, he was having no such luck. Elizabeth's hand rose with the gun and aimed it at his forehead, her fingers ready to clench. Seeing this, Nate did the only think he could think of: he ducked. Luckily, it was just fast enough that the bullet didn't puncture his skull. Standing back up a moment later, Nate looked over his shoulder to see the bullet engraved in the floor of the room. This was enough to produce wide eyes and a strange bubble of laughter. He'd dodged the bullet - quite literally. Still laughing, Nate turned his head to look at Elizabeth again. However, upon seeing the gun being locked and loaded, he immediately stopped. "Oh." His hand went to the blade again, this time wrenching it out of the table. His eyes lit up at the sight of a weapon, but that diminished as he heard the sound of the gun going off just in front of him. Once again, he'd gotten lucky and the bullet had just strayed from his right arm. Actually, he'd been incredibly lucky. Nate doubted it would have been pleasant to reopen his old wounds that still scared that area. What would have really pleasant would be to get the damn handcuffs off. That right there was exactly what he was planning next.
Coming up with a small plan of action in his mind, Nate once again ducked down under the table, the gunshots ringing in his ears. In that moment, he just hoped to God that they didn't pierce the surface. It was a wood table, but Nate was hoping that it was thick enough to hold. C'mon. C'mon. He kept repeating this in his head until several gunshots pierced his thoughts. Fortunately, they didn't pierce his head. The table had been thick enough - or at least, thick enough to save his skin.

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Olivia Phoebe composed herself. Even though he had the advantage, she didn't want to look weak. He probably already thought she didn't have a chance. She quickly shot up out of her chair knocking it over in the process. She felt the retrain of the handcuff yet again. Well, she was a witch. She could do whatever she wanted to him. It had been so long since she'd really relied on them. If he tried anything she could easily escape that. Right now she just wanted to look as innocent as she could. Maybe he wouldn't expect anything. Then again he was a hunter. Maybe they knew everything about them. Still, it didn't stop her from thinking of a plan. She could get out of the handcuffs. That would be simple. After that she would have to fight him off somehow. After that she would find Nate. She wanted to help him and she didn't think it was fair that he had to save the day all the time.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Still finding himself under the interrogation table, Nate's hand fumbled with the knife in his grasp as the ringing of bullets ceased. There was no doubt in his mind that Elizabeth would soon lower her gun and shoot him right then and there, but Nate was still so concerned on getting out of this. For one, his fear of guns was still there. With ever bullet that ricocheted, a shudder threatened to wrack his entire body. Nate was good at hiding this, but he was getting to the point of no return once again. He hated to be shot at, even if he'd thought of doing it to himself once or twice. It was scary yet inviting at the same time. However, the one thing that truly kept him going was that he was worried about Phoebe. He didn't know if she was going through the same thing right now or if she had been going through the same thing a little while ago and didn't have the strength to hold out against whatever hunter had come after her. Nate couldn't only hope that it was the former, ever if that was still a bleak possibly. Or perhaps she'd escaped by some secret whim. She was smart; she could make it.
With this thought in mind and a strangely bright optimism, Nate started to hack away at the handcuffs with the knife he'd come to possess. Hearing the click of a gun to let him know he was almost out of time, Nate groaned and tried to think of another way out. His hand brought the tip of the knife into the key hole, jiggling it around in hopes of somehow unlocking it. Time soon began to run out as the barrel of the gun dipped down into Nate's vision. Please work. He begged internally, breathing heavy and quick. Please.
Click. There it was; the sound that marked the release of the lock, the release of his hand from the handcuff. "Got it!" Nate exclaimed, rubbing his wrist for a moment, forgetting for a second about the gun. However, this soon came back to bite him - quite literally. With a flash and the sound of a shot, the gun went off. The aim - though it could have been deadly - had been slightly off, the bullet just skimming Nate's ear. White hot pain shot through his being, his teeth soon clenching. He could feel the dribble of blood as it began to trickle down the side of his head. There was a loud ringing sound piercing his hearing, but the injury hadn't been too serious. It was more the sound of the shot on repeat in his ear like a broken record.

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Olivia Suddenly, Phoebe's thought process was interrupted by the sound of gunshots. An overwhelming urge to cry gripped her tightly but she resisted. Nate was going to be fine. She knew it in her heart but she still wanted to get out of her handcuffs and find him as soon as possible. He was afraid of guns. There was no certainty of his reaction. Still, her face was composed. She stared intensely into the face of the hunter as she used a simple telekinesis spell to unlock the handcuffs. To save them from dropping to the floor she levitated them there. The hunter was obviously growing impatient. He aimed his dagger and went for the kill. In a split second, Phoebe tightly shut her eyes and became invisible as she jumped out of the way. The hunter screamed in anguish and looked around wildly for his target. "YOU CHEATING PIECE OF FILTH!" He cried out as he stabbed his dagger into the wooden table. What a mistake. Phoebe thought to herself. This bought her enough time to pass through the door and find Nate. Thankfully, her breathing was even and quiet so the hunter wouldn't hear but it had been such a close call. She was petrified until she thought of Nate again. With effort, she changed the material of the door and passed through it like a ghost would. The hunter was still screaming and struggling to pull his dagger out of the table. Phoebe was still invisible and safe on the outside. Woozily she walked in the direction of the gunshots. Her heart was pounding with every step. She broke into a run and spied the door. She was ready for this to finally be over.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Just as much as Phoebe, Nate wanted this moment to pass as soon as possible - preferably without a bullet in his head. However, that was proving almost difficult for him. As he scrambled backward, halfway out from under the table, his eyes went up to see the the gun pointed directly at his forehead. The barrel was pointed just half a foot from him, filling him with fear. Nate hated this, absolutely hated it. With ragged breathing and a fast beating heart, Nate's eyes flickered the room for something - anything that could save him. At first, he didn't think there was anything. The knife he'd held had scattered away in his scrambling and, though it was close, it wasn't close enough: more than a good three feet away. Had there not been a gun so close to him, Nate may have been able to grab it. However, that was sadly not the case.
Seeing Elizabeth's finger start to lightly tighten on the trigger, Nate watched as her lips turned up in a gloating smile. "It was you, dirty little mutt." She spoke, her finger releasing from the trigger for a moment. She was toying with him, making him uneasy for her own pleasure. Her eyes glazed over his as her hand swayed the gun back and forth, Nate's gaze following it as though he were in a trance. "Scared of guns, are ya?" The smirk on her face didn't waver as she held it back to his forehead, her fingers resting on the trigger once more.
Nate could only watch with bated breath, waiting for the release he'd both anticipated and dreaded over the past week. "Just do it already." He hissed, trying not to let his fear show. He hated the gun and he hated that he hated it. It was a weakness, in his opinion; it was one that he wanted to get rid of as soon as possible. However, no matter how hard he tried, Nate couldn't stop that feeling in his gut that he was going to die. It just wouldn't go away.
"Where would the fun be in that?" Elizabeth retorted, her eyes flickering over to the side of his head. "Already gave you a cut there. What if I...?" She lowered the gun for a second, letting it point at his foot. Her fingers enclosed over the trigger, threatening to pull. Though the gun was out of immediate deadly proximity, Nate couldn't think. He was literally frozen with a never ceasing dismay. Nate could only just hope that Phoebe was truly still alive and that she was getting out of here. If he died, that was all he wanted. She deserved at least that.

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Olivia Phoebe knew she couldn't just leave without saving Nate. She'd be ridden with guilt for the rest of her life. She felt enought guilt for the death of her adoptive parents even though that wasn't her fault at all. She took a deep breath and passed through the door in front of her silently. Sge saw the scene and wanted to cry out in anger. Nate was on the floor looking even more vulnerable than before. She felt like it had been ages since she'd seen him. None of that mattered now. She was going to end this and they would leave together. She came up behind the hunter noiselessly. Taking the gun from her could only cause more problems. She still wasn't used to using her powers after such a long time but she used the same telekinesis to slowly slide the knife back to Nate while she also emptied the gun of its bullets. They fell noisely to the ground. It was a big risk she was taking. She just hoped that Nate knew it was her. She couldn't risk visibility. They had to act fast before the hunter even knew her gun was being unloaded.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Having been so concerned on her gloating, Elizabeth didn't even have a clue what was happening with her gun. She was completely oblivious as the bullets floated quietly to the ground, hitting it without so much as a soft thud. Out of the corner of his eye, Nate spotted the scene and nearly had a heart attack. At first he had no clue what was going on. Nate hadn't never seen the powers that Phoebe exerted and, truthfully, he could hardly remember. It seemed like a lifetime since that first day in the halls. However, upon seeing the knife quietly and unnoticeably slide over to him, Nate knew that this was something special. Diego her invisibility, Nate couldn't tell that it was Phoebe, but he understood that whatever it was it was helping him. That was all he needed.
"Or maybe I will just kill you." Elizabeth spoke, interrupting Nate's observations. His eyes flashed up as she rose the gun to press against his forehead. The cold barrel met his skin and a shudder went through him. Nate knew it was empty of bullets, but it still made him incredibly uneasy. Elizabeth saw this and took her chance to grow even more cocky. "You're pathetic." Though her words were harsh and degrading, her lips were pulled into a tight smirk as she looked to him in his defeated state. Or at least, she thought he was defeated.
Fingers clasping over the hilt of the knife, Nate kept his eyes on the hunter, determined not to let her see the knife in his hands. It seemed that he succeeded in this as she continued on with the arrogant actions. However, it seemed that she soon grew tired of this and gave a small shrug, "See you in hell, mutt." Her fingers pulled on the trigger. In the small window of time he had, Nate held his breath and prayed that it truly was empty. If there was even one bullet left, he'd be dead in an instant. His eyes shut. But then there was no bang. There was no shot, no pain, no blackout or flash of red that would have marked his death. Instead, there was just the sound of Elizabeth's voice, "Wha-" Nate didn't let her finish as he darted up off the ground, his body pressing hers against the wall. His hand went up, his forearm forcing itself against her throat. The knife was in his hand as he glared at her, blade angled down to her throat. In the moment, he thought about just shoving it into the space between her ear and collar bone, giving her a painful death. However, that wasn't what he did; he couldn't bring himself to. Instead, the knife came down on her clothes, pinning her to the wall. Nate stepped back with heavy breaths as she struggled against it, only to find it immovable. A smile slowly started to creep up his lips as he found himself proud that he'd actually managed to stop himself from killing her. This pride soon faded away as Phoebe entered his thoughts. He was still unaware of her presence in the room so he was still determined to find her. Where was she?

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Olivia Phoebe sighed inaudibly in relief. Her plan had woked.He understood. He reacted the way she'd wanted him to. She was feeling more optimistic than ever. Then she wondered if he knew it was her helping him. What if he thought she was still in danger. She wasn't but she had to make sure that he didn't go to that room she was in. That hunter was probably still looking for something to kill. She had to let him know it was her or they would be in huge trouble. How was she going to do that when she couldn't risk being visible? She had to wait right now. She just wanted to watch what he was going to do. If he decided on anything risky she would just have to intervene somehow. They were too close to freedom to just be locked up again. Plus, neither of them truly had the heart to kill. They would just have to run. It wasn't the most effective plan but it was the only one they had right now. Please don't go looking for me. I'm right here. She silently pleaded.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments There was a heavy weight in Nate's chest as he looked about the room, completely oblivious to the hunter behind him's taunts. She was calling him numerous explicit names, but he couldn't care less. His thoughts were elsewhere. Nate remembered the invisible force that had helped him out, but it didn't make sense to him that it would be Phoebe. However, as a witch, Nate supposed she could do that sort of thing, couldn't she? Hoping he was right and not dead wrong, Nate shook his head and walked over to the door, jiggling the handle slightly. It was locked; of course it was. Sighing, Nate turned to the woman. He had two options here: one, either go for the keys he was sure she had on her belt loop, or, two, hope that he wasn't completely losing it and that Phoebe could help him out of here. Either way, he didn't think they were very good options.

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Olivia Phoebe thought for a moment as she watched Nate try the door. Of course it was locked. What could she do? He couldn't just walk through the door like she could and she couldn't help him do that. The keys were on the hunters belt. Nate couldn't possibly take them from her safely. She would have to use the same telekinesis trick she used before. It was so hard now. Her limbs felt so heavy and her head was in a fog but she was able to loose the keys from the hunters belt before she even knew it was happening. Holding the keya in her invisible hands she swung them in front of Nate's face. Finally, this would end. At least she hoped it would.

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jenny (sungkew) | 6959 comments Nate had been continuing to look around the room when his eyes suddenly caught sight of the keys floating in the middle of the room. Phoebe - he was sure it was her. Seeing the keys jingle in front of him, Nate hand reached out and took them slowly. He wasn't sure if he was seeing things or if he really was insane, but Nate just went with it. Fingers clasping over the keys, he turned and shoved the keys into the lock, twisting them to the side until he heard the click of release. Unlocked - he definitely liked it when doors were unlocked. Elizabeth, surprisingly, wasn't shouting curses at him any longer. Perhaps it was because the floating keys had freaked her out just as much as it had him - maybe more. However, Nate didn't focus much on this as he quickly shoved the door shut behind him, finding himself in the hallway. What he was going to do next was unknown to him. Nate knew though that he had to find Phoebe. He didn't know where she was still or if he'd even just encountered her. He just knew that he wanted to find her and get the hell out of here.

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