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How many minutes do you read each week?

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message 1: by Ashley (new)

Ashley C (AshleyCSFS) | 2 comments How many minutes do you read each week?

message 2: by Mr , Mr. G (new)

Mr  Gibault | 11 comments Mod
If I add it all up, I think I probably read about 2 hours every day. This includes the time I spend reading blogs, online articles, fiction, or non-fiction. When I was younger, I used to be able to sit and read non-stop for an hour straight without too much trouble. Now that I'm older, I find it more difficult to sit and read for long periods of time. I think the internet has made me more frazzled and damaged my attention span.

I've never been one of those people who could sit and read a book for 4 hours straight though, even if it was an amazing book. What about you? can you sit and read for 8 hours?

message 3: by Nathan (new)

Nathan Shin (NateSSFS) | 5 comments Armed with a stack of books, I could read hours a day, But I can't do that since its not summer so I guess a 3-5 hours a week, but that's not a lot

message 4: by Matthew (new)

Matthew K (MatthewKSFS) | 1 comments I read probably around an hour to an hour and a half every week. Although the amount of free time that I have isn't as large as before due to homework, I try to read a little during the night before I sleep. However, this time also includes reading posts and other writing on things like Facebook.

message 5: by Amyk (new)

Amyk | 1 comments I read about 4 hours a week.

message 6: by Joyce (new)

Joyce (JoyceWSFS) | 2 comments I read 30 minutes a day, but not on the weekends, only on the weekdays.

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