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What is your favorite genre? What makes it a good genre to read about?

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message 1: by David (new)

David | 3 comments What is your favorite genre? What makes it a good genre to read about?

message 2: by Noel (new)

Noel (noellsfs) | 5 comments Fantasy or fiction; These are my favorite genres because I like to imagine the fictional events in a book happening in real life around me

message 3: by Andrew (last edited Sep 12, 2013 04:48PM) (new)

Andrew C (AndrewCSFS) | 4 comments I enjoy reading historical fiction. You can learn about history, and have fun reading them at the same time. The relevance to history can also make it easier to understand through a familiar concept.

message 4: by Karina (new)

Karina P (KarinaPSFS) | 2 comments I really like to read realistic fiction, because you can relate to it which makes the book more interesting, since you've might've been experiencing the same thing that the protagonist is. I also like mystery because you don't know what's going to happen so all mystery books are definitely page-turners! Mystery is a genre that you don't know what to expect and a genre that crazy things will happen.

message 5: by Kenneth (new)

Kenneth | 3 comments I enjoy reading non-fiction books. It helps me to think of what the setting is like and think of interesting actions that you don't normally see in your everyday life.

message 6: by TerrynJ (new)

TerrynJ (TerrynJSFS) | 1 comments Realistic fiction and historical fiction because these genre always interest me. When I'm reading, these two genres enable me to make connections.

message 7: by LaurenY (new)

LaurenY (LaurenYSFS) | 2 comments Science Fiction because these genres are the best for my personal reading time. They give me a fun and exciting thrill without having to go anywhere.

message 8: by Andy (new)

Andy W (AndyWSFS) | 1 comments I like to read fiction books, something like creative action fighting or mystery books. It can makes me exiting and fun, because it's fiction book so I can't think about what will happen, this is why I love creative fiction books.

message 9: by Lauren (new)

Lauren  (LaurenLL) | 3 comments Fiction, because anything can happen, and there are no limitations to imagination.

message 10: by Eunice (new)

Eunice C (EuniceCSFS) | 1 comments I enjoy reading fantasy because it takes you to another world. You can get out of the boring real world, and jump into a creative, imaginative world. Also, usually fantasy books are very creative and weird.

message 11: by Becca (new)

Becca f (BeccaFSFS) | 2 comments I like Fiction because I can go to a place where anything is possible and you get to put yourself in somebody else's shoes that has never actually lived on this earth.

message 12: by JustinJ (new)

JustinJ | 2 comments I like Fantasy because you never can expect what will happen and anything is possible in fantasy like magic,gods, superpowers, etc.
I also like Horror because I happen to like scary things and like to be scared.

message 13: by Sunhoo (new)

Sunhoo P (SunhooPSFS) | 3 comments I like to read fiction, since it has no limits to what is wrong or right, and the imagination can take you anywhere. I also likes fiction because it can be very unrealistic at time and have elements that no other genre might posess.

message 14: by Erina S (new)

Erina S (erinas) | 4 comments I like Fantasy or Fiction, because I find it interesting to read about stories that make you imagine about non realistic things. The stories are written in a way that makes a person want to read more, pulling them inside the story. I get to step out of my everyday life and experience a perspective that is different from everyone else's.

message 15: by Elliot (new)

Elliot K | 1 comments I like scientific fiction because of creative the story lines can be. Weird things can happen in this genre and it makes reading books fun. I also enjoy reading fiction because of how unrealistic things can be. I especially like the randomness of these stories.

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