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Nicole Field (nicolefield) Hi there! It's me and Carrie again, going on about some book.

Starting September 1, Paper Towns is what we're here to discuss, that and John Green's undoubtedly talented prose writing.

If you liked The Fault in Our Stars and want to read something else by this author, or if you're just one book down on your reading list, feel free to join us! We're friendly, and we don't bite too hard. :)

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Lori (tnbbc) | 10062 comments Mod
Carrie, who is "we"? Are you starting your own book discussion here next month?

Nicole Field (nicolefield) Hi Lori,

Caririe and I wanted to discuss Paper Towns when we read it together next month, yeah :)

Rida Sajid I'll join u :)

Nicole Field (nicolefield) We'll be happy to have you! I picked up my copy today. So excited :D:D

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Lori (tnbbc) | 10062 comments Mod
Oh, that's right. I remember seeing that.

I changed the title of the thread just so we don't confuse other members, since it's not exactly an alternate group discussion, rather something a few of you decided to read along together...

Have fun!!

Nicole Field (nicolefield) Thanks Lori! :)

Nicole Field (nicolefield) It's September 1st in Australia already. Can I start reading it??!! *bounce* :D

Rida Sajid I've stared reading it this morning. I am almost at the mid. Really enjoying it

Nicole Field (nicolefield) Oh my god, what an amazing opening! Just had to stop in here and say Wow. First page just grabs you, doesn't it?

Nicole Field (nicolefield) I am talking about the miracles paragraph that begins the story. And it made me feel ooey and gooey in exactly the same way!

Unfortunately, though, that was the last time it made me feel like I was going back to cuddling up with an old friend. The writing of this book is very different. I kind of feel a little like I'm stuck in a car with a mad woman (Margo).

My fav line so far has definitely been: "Last night someone deleted the entire entry on a former French prime minister and replaced it with the sentence 'Jacques Chirac is a gay' which as it happens is incorrect factually and grammatically."

Nicole Field (nicolefield) He definitely has as way with words.

I've had this feeling since, like, the end of the prologue, that Margo is going to commit suicide. Something about the line of her becoming a mystery. Now, I'm at page 111, and I'm thinking it again.

Part of me is hoping I'm wrong, cause I don't want John Green to be that predictable... ;)

message 13: by Rida (new) - rated it 5 stars

Rida Sajid finished it last night, love it :)

message 14: by Nicole (last edited Sep 03, 2013 05:46PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Nicole Field (nicolefield) Fantastic, Rida! That you enjoyed it so much bodes well for me and Carrie who are so far behind ;)

Gotta say, though, I do enjoy taking my time with his books.

Margo does definitely seem to have a sense of just being 'convenient'. I think John Green tried to show that there was a history of this when Q was telling the early Margo Rath Spiegleman stories, that she manages to make these connections effortlessly, but you're right. It seems like there could have been more interesting conflict had that not been the case.

I liked the part where Margo said she hadn't wanted to pay the Sea World guy cause he was a perv, though. Made it slightly different to the SunTrust guy.

Nicole Field (nicolefield) Oh Carrie, I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I got to about 154 last night before putting the book down in disgust.

I think the strange thing about the Q/Margo friendship is that they have known each other for a far longer time than the relationship in The Fault In Our Stars, yet it's a shallower friendship. I put that down to Margo, mostly.

This book has serious pacing problems for me. The one thing I will say about it is, for all that, every time I do get bored to the point of putting it down, within a couple more pages, it tends to pick up again.

But I really hate those slumps.

Nicole Field (nicolefield) It's reassuring, isn't it? Seems we still have a similar enough taste in books.

I think the main difference between this and John's other book is exactly what you just pointed out: here, these kids haven't really experienced anything more serious than friendship and school politics. So they haven't really grown up.

One of the things I loved about his last book was that the teen characters had gone through so much, they were almost adult but they had the sweetness of childhood. John Green wrote that duality really well. I'm not so sure he's hit the mark with this one.

But then, I'm only up to page 165...

Nicole Field (nicolefield) Okay, I've gotten up to the pseudovisions part now, but I'll confess to being not a lot more than confused about the whole thing. I hadn't heard of the term before Carrie wrote it up there, though.

Some of the lines in this are just John Green magic. Unfortunately... they are lines, not the whole story.

I think she's alive too. It's way too obvious if she's dead, it would be an anti-climax that would just make the whole book not worth reading. I'm only curious as to why she's been gone so much longer than the previous times she's left at this point.

Nicole Field (nicolefield) Wow. I finished that book and it kept me up till after midnight through sheer bloody mindedness.

At the beginning. I was really determined I was going to finish it right then. And then something happened: Part 3 came. And for some reason the hour by hour play of the book brought the pacing back to what I felt it had been in that first wonderful 50 pages we were all so impressed by.

Because of that, it managed to lift its rating up from a two to a three star rating for me.

But I'm glad I'm done. In some ways, this book made me think it was more like a high school text than a young adult novel. I mean, obviously books can be both, but...

The philosophy was great. Q coming to terms with it all, changing, that being Margo's design all along... I can imagine myself writing high school essays on this for pages and pages.

But it wasn't a great pleasure read.

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