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Too Mature for 19 years old???

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Maria I really wanted to enjoy this book; I am a huge Hemingway fan and thoroughly enjoyed the Paris Wife.

Didn't anyone find this 19 year old girl, Mariella Bennet, more mature than she should have been?

Especially her dialog, the ability, in conversation, to stand up to Ernest Hemingway, I found it very unbelievable.

I would have like to see more of the Depression-era Key West described throughout the book, not just the end with the Hurricane.

Also this Narrator, Ms. Gilbert has voice that grated on my nerves. Perhaps the combination of the voice and the maturity of this character made the book less appreciable then it really is.


Dianna Rostad I read the actual book (not digital)and had a different experience. I felt that Mariella's inner narrative and the struggle she had within herself over being pulled into Hemingway's world or with the other young man was very realistic. A man like Hemingway could have attracted young women that age even though he was older. Consider too that women got married earlier in that time and that her mother had shut down after her father died. Mariella had to take care of her sister and be the breadwinner. What did you think of the depiction of Hemingway?

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