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Soundtrack for Awoken (Att: Mrs. Serra Elinsen)

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Lady Entropy This thread is two fold - first, it's meant to be a list for your (readers') suggestions of musics that you'd like to listen while reading this book, or that this book makes you think of.

The second is that I'm so curious to what musics Serra listened to while writing her book and maybe, hopefully, she'll share it with us. PLEASE, Mrs. Elinsen! Listen to your hopeful fans!

Shoshanna B One song I thought of while reading the book is Home by Gabrille Aplin. It would be perfect for the soundtrack! It has water imagry and is about a deep love between two people.

Violet Little I always think of Henry Purcell's beautiful waltzes when I read the scene where Riley drags Andi and the chair he tied her too in his secret grotto because they're both so restrained although not for the same reason (Pun intended !).

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