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message 1: by Michelle, Too many books, too little time! (new)

Michelle (shelld79) | 754 comments Mod
This thread is purely for authors who wish to promote themselves or their books.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi Michelle!

I'm another Michelle. Nice to meet you. :)

The Underlighters by Michelle Browne

My new release, The Underlighters, is an Urban Fantasy with post-apocalyptic and horror elements. The Underlighters was released a couple of days ago, and is available here. It has superb reviews so far, but I want to shock and thrill more readers, and get my name out there.
About The Underlighters: 18-year-old Janelle Cohen is an electrician in an underground city. The world above has been swallowed by mind-destroying Dust. Her small life changes forever when a dragon attacks her on the way home from work.

Her friends worry that she has the Fever, Dust-induced insanity. A terrifying trip to the surface of the world, the ancient and abandoned Up, deepens the nightmare. With no world left above, she and the other Crows cannot afford to fail…
About me: I am a sci fi author who specializes in genre-crossing work. In addition to The Underlighters and a horror anthology, The Loved, The Lost, The Dreaming, I also have two science fiction novellas.
Message me here on GoodReads or comment below if you're interested!

message 3: by Michelle, Too many books, too little time! (new)

Michelle (shelld79) | 754 comments Mod
Wow Michelle, your horror anthology sounds awesome! I've just added it to my TBR list :-)

I really wish you all the best in the promotion of your books!!

message 4: by Carol (last edited Jun 01, 2014 04:23AM) (new)

Carol Brill (goodreadscomuser_carolbrill) Hi all, I've been a member for a few months. and enjoying the groups varied selections, and the gentle nudge to read some "old" stuff I may have missed.
If you enjoy women's lit, I hope you'll check out my novels Peace by Piece by Carol Fragale Brill and Cape Maybe by Carol Fragale Brill

I look forward to reading and discussing more books with you.

message 5: by Robert (new)

Robert Friedrich | 1 comments Hello there everyone, hope you had a nice weekend.

Now, I may have something here that will fit everyone's bill cause its a mix of new and old in one ;) A book featuring legendary classic stories and a dash of new and fresh blood as well.

Blessings from the Condemned: A Horror Legacy is a collection that features some of the best stories created by legendary authors. Lovecraft, Poe, Howard, and others are all brought up together to bring the ultimate reading experience. Whether the reader is new to any of the authors or knows them all, this collection of dark proportions is for everyone. A living and breathing legacy that will keep each reader at the edge of their seats and won’t let them go from start to end. Are you ready?

message 6: by Carol (new)

Carol Brill (goodreadscomuser_carolbrill) Hi all, Don't miss the Goodreads giveaway for Peace by Piece by Carol Fragale Brill

and Cape Maybe by Carol Fragale Brill

Just follow the links to enter.
Good luck and all the best,

message 7: by Carol (new)

Carol Brill (goodreadscomuser_carolbrill) Thank you Chick Lit Central for a terrific and thought provoking review of PEACE BY PIECE

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