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๖ۣۜƧilverlight In order to keeping the boy/girl ratio even the limit on male characters if nineteen. This limit may be removed if this group gets enough members.

Full Name:
{15 - 18}
Birth Date:{Month, day, place}
Hometown:{Where they lived before the school}

Eye Color:
Hair Color:{Natural and if dyed, the length and style}
{Such as scars, freckles, tattoos, piercings}
Dressing Style:

Personality:{Five sentences}
History:{Five sentences}

{Deceased & Living}

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๖ۣۜƧilverlight {Name}:Daniel Evans
{Birth Date}:August Fourth; Elam, Washington
{Hometown}:Riverside, California


(view spoiler)

Daniel, as he despised being referred to as Danny, is often times unpredictable and confusion. For starts, Daniel is one of those people who can remain calm in the worst of situations. Rather then trying to accomplish everything at once, he prefers to break problems up and solve them one step at a time. Because of this, people sometimes will look up to him for reassurance or advise. Though he prefers to be immature and childish, Daniel is aware of situations where he needs to stop acting in such way, and will easily glide into a serious, no nonsense attitude. However, it is not often that you see this serious side of him, and will most likely be more accustom to his playful attitude, and constantly flirting. He is easily distracted by little things, being quite observe he catches onto small details that other people will overlap. Like many people, Daniel does not do well under direct pressure, and has a hard time making snap decisions as he likes to think over things. Being a social butterfly, Daniel thrives on being surrounded by others, and strongly dislikes being left alone. He is constantly charming people, throwing around his looks and quick wits in order to gain what he wants from someone. Yet is not a guy to use someone, and can easily become one of your most trusted friends. He is only ever fierce when a threat is made against an ally of his, otherwise he seems as constant ease with his surroundings. Another thing about this boy, as that he likes to wonder off and do his own thing. He will often ignore others so that he can discover his own path, but is willing to admit when he is wrong. He is easily humored, finding people in general amusing, yet he is not much of a class clown.
George, Daniel's father, had been raised up on a farm and grew up without ever having a lot of money. He worked for everything, and when the family farm took a dive downhill, he was the one to step up and head to the city in search of work. He planned to send home any income he could to help out his family, and landed a job as a personal garner for one of the blueblood families. Everything ran smooth for the first few months, he was paid generously and the labor was easy compared to working at the farm. But just as everything seemed to be going right, the rich couple's only daughter, and sole air to their fortune, returned from camp. At first they despised one another, but then feelings started to change and they fell in love. Now Sara's parents were highly shocked when they found this out, and after she got pregnant they kicked her out and disowned her.

The couple didn't get married until three years later, and by that time Sara was already pregnant with her second child, Daniel. Daniel was born on a warm summer evening, in the middle of his parent's honeymoon. He had been born three weeks to soon, and was quite a small infant. The doctors assumed right away that there had to be something the matter with the boy, because he wouldn't cry, but after a while they just dismissed it as something wrong with his hearing. However, there wasn't anything wrong with him, he just happened to be a quite baby. He grew up with a loving mother, an annoying older sister, and a proud father, yet everything changed on Christmas day. His mother had been working that day, and she was in a rush to get home to her kids. So when she pulled out, she didn't notice the speeding truck. She was killed instantly. Four in a half years after the death of his mother, his father remarried to a girl he had once known in high school. She had a little girl from her previous marriage, and was always trying to hard to be sweet to Daniel and his older sister. After a while, Daniel stopped trying to push his step-mother away, and just accepted the fact that his real mother couldn't come back. Now his dad and step-mom have a new little girl, and Daniel struck out on his own. He doesn't have much of a reason for attending this school, just didn't have anything better to do.

~Easily Gets Lost
~Making snap decisions
~Easily irritates People
~Easily distracted
~Ignoring others, to do his own thing
~Remaining calm
~Charming People
~Admitting when wrong
~Quit witted
{Grade}:Twelth {Senior Year}
{Alive} Older Sister~Rebecca O'Niel
{Alive} Little Step Sister~Terry Evans
{Alive} Baby Half-Sister~Jade Evans
{Deceased} Mother~Sara Evans
{Alive} Step-Mother~Laura Evans
{Alive} Father~George Evans

Neverland. - { Hᴇʀᴇ's ᴛᴏ Nᴇᴠᴇʀ Gʀᴏᴡɪɴɢ Uᴘ } (danisnotonfirehasmyheartonfire) | 6 comments -


" We stitch these [ w o u n d s ] "



{Full Name} Harrison|Parker|Weiss
Nickname{s} None specified yet.

{Age} Eighteen 18
{Date of Birth} August 09
{Place of Birth} Jackson, Mississippi
{Hometown} Madison, Mississippi

Face Claim ;; Logan Lerman
A light Azure.
Harrison's hair is a dark, mahogany brown, cut into messy layers in which shape his kind face perfectly. He will sometimes have it up, messily spiked in every direction and then some.
Roughly 6'1.
A solid 154.
The bridge of his defined nose is flecked with a light array of freckles. His arms and sides are covered in self harm scars. But other than this, his skin is free from flaws.
Alternative Hipster. It all depends on his mood; but he's usually found in skinny jeans, a tee-shirt, and a beanie.


" If you're a bird, I'm a [ b i r d ] "



[ [ a . c l o s e r . l o o k ] ]
Good listener
Trust issues
Dying inside
Forever silent
Harrison is probably one of the most complex characters you'll ever come to know. Harrison is a Mute-- meaning that he was born without speech. Because of this, his hearing and listening skills have heightened dramatically, almost four times greater than someone with average hearing. He communicates through sign language and if he has to, notes. In spite of this disability, he will always be caught wearing a breathtaking smile, whatever the situation. He has that rare ability to light up an entire room as his genuine presence radiates a kind, fun loving aura. On the inside, however, is a whole other story-- inside he's screaming. I mean, how would you feel if you were trapped in a world silence, unable to communicate to the world around you? He wants desperately to be heard. Not through writing, and not through sign language. The scars on his skin are relevant to not being able to talk. Self harm is his inner demon, suffocating him from the inside. He suffers from severe depression and anxiety, this giving him issues with trusting people. In spite of this he never shows his true emotion; he has mastered the ability to hide them from anyone and anything. He will always seem fine; happy, even. With his excellent hearing, he has made himself known as a great listener, in tune with all of your problems. Overall, he is probably the nicest guy you will ever meet.

Harrison was born in the good ole' state of Mississippi, into the typical, perfect Southern family that believed strongly in old fashion morals and dedication to the Bible. He was born a mute, a fairly common disability among humans that no one had control over. His family treated it like a blessing, and welcomed their precious baby boy with open arms. From a young age he attended schools for the deaf or hard of hearing, where he picked up skill and knowledge in the field of sign language and basic communication. His family showered him with therapy, programs, and anything else you can thing of--they simply wanted the best for their son. When he was fourteen, his mother died of ovarian cancer, this taking a toll on him. All of his brothers and sisters started to move out of the house and attend college, leaving Harrison with his Father, who had began drinking again after the passing of his wife. He would come home in the middle of the night, completely drunk, and take his violent, drunken anger out on Harrison. He would throw out insults like "Special Ed", "Stupid", "Short bus", "Idiot", "Worthless", and even went as far as to call him an "Ignorant Bastard." As if that wasn't enough for the teenager, he would receive brutal beatings and abuse. This affected the way he acted at school. The little friends he had started noticing a change in his usual outgoing, life-loving demeanor. His teacher noticed the bruises on his arms and the cuts on his face, but said nothing. Eventually, his best friend Maya convinced him to tell someone. His father was then placed under arrest for domestic violence and child abuse. Harrison was then made a ward of the state, being placed in many different foster homes. On his eighteenth birthday, an the beginning of his senior year, he was selected to attend Marshville and transfer there from his small public school.

{Strengths and Weaknesses}

Heightened hearing
Communication through voice

Patriarch - Robert Weiss - Alive
Matriarch - Evelyn Weiss - Deceased
Sister - Sarah Weiss - Alive
Sister - Margaret Weiss - Alive
Brother - Patrick Weiss - Alive
Brother - Eric Weiss - Alive
Brother - Lucas Weiss - Deceased [ unborn ]

Because Harrison is a mute, you have to either communicate with him through writing, sign language, or yes or no questions. He can hear you, but he cannot answer you.

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▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (vergeofinsanity) | 39 comments Mod
Full Name: Joshua Davis
Nickname- Josh
Age: 17
Birth Date- June 22
Grade- Being 17 he would be beginning his senior year. However, due to his being pulled out of school for so long, he would probably more at the level of a junior.
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Birthplace- Cincinnati, Ohio

Appearance: Closest Reference
Eye Color- Despite being obstructed by hair a good twenty percent of the time, his deep aqua-colored eyes are one of Josh's most noticeable features. They seem soft and caring most of the time but in situations where someone he cares about, that includes himself, is threatened they turn hard and cruel. He used to wear glasses and occasionally still will but he switch to contacts a while ago because he kept breaking his glasses.
Hair Color- Josh has brown hair that almost always looks messy. His hair would reach midway past his ears if it wasn't always pushed off the the left. It covers his forehead and sometimes obscures his eyes but it has no effect on his vision.
Height- He's not particularly tall, nor is he particularly short. He identifies at about 5'9 but is probably about 5'7. He has a fairly average build. Josh isn't noticeably muscular, in fact he seems to be all skin and bones, but he isn't weak, frail, or overweight.
Weight- As previously mentioned, he seems a bit too thin but Josh is an average weight for his height and build at 147lbs.
Marks- Josh was raised by a family that said altering your body intentionally in anyway is punishable by death so he hides the only real "marks" he has. There is a rather large scar on his back from when he was younger. He fell out of a tree and the gash left an ugly scar that will probably never fade.

Dressing Style: Josh dresses like a stereotypical male teenager. He often wears comfortable, worn jeans that were once dark but have been bleached a lighter shade by constant exposure to the sun. In terms of shirts, he'll wear pretty much any t-shirt that fits him and is actually made for men. He doesn't seem to pay any mind to the shirts he wear because in warm and cold weather, he always wear some kind of sweater. More often than not this means a grey zip-up sweater with a hood that has been worn a bit from simply being worn a lot. In terms of footwear, Josh sticks with vans and no socks. It's easy and they are comfortable to move in. However, vans lack support to he has to have orthopedic inserts and as such he has to buy up a size in shoes.

Personality: Josh seems rather closed off most of the time but truth be told he doesn't really know how to make friends. Homeschooling does have it's downsides. He is fairly intelligent and won't hesitate to correct someone. This does tend to have a negative impact on his social skills as this makes him rather argumentative. What's more he has the uncanny ability to piss people off because he is just naturally way too good at everything. Moving out of his social troubles, he tends to make few bonds with people and will often only have two really good friends, but those two people become his motivation. He's not a pushover, mind you, but he is very devoted to his relationships and will pretty much give his life to protect those he cares about. Any mentions of his past or his family tend to set him off though and even playfully dissing him will result in immediate blacklisting. He is especially touchy about his sickly little sister.
Weaknesses- Josh lacks social skills and will most likely be alone and unaided. He is reckless as well and that may get him killed. His cautiousness is also a flaw he cannot avoid. However, what will most likely be his downfall, is his natural instinct to protect till his final breath. If you are looking for a way to toy with his brain, just start by mentioning his little sister Olive.
Strengths- Having been pretty much running a family for about a year, Josh is responsible and a good leader. He is ambidextrous as well so if one hand breaks he could probably keep going. Josh also has a strong natural instinct to survive and that makes him a pretty good fighter when it all comes down to it.

History: Starting at the very beginning, Josh was the first of three children born to a middle class family in Cincinnati, Ohio. When he was a baby, he was, as most are, a brat. It was a full time job raising him so when he was born, his mother took a permanent maternity leave and became a stay at home mom. He was brought up like any normal middle class child was brought up until age 5. By that time, his parents had decided they could handle another child and nine months after Josh began kindergarten at the local private school, he had a little sister. Two years after the birth of Josh's little sister, Olive, Josh's mother had another child, a little girl by the name of Louise. Josh became moody around this and it was clear he was not going to be a social child. He locked himself up in his treehouse for a good three weeks during the summer, sneaking down in the night to get "rations." But, clumsy as children are and dark as the night is, he fell out of the tree and cut his back open. Thankfully, his father, who had been sleeping in a tent in the backyard for the full three weeks was a light sleeper. Josh was rushed to the ER and had to have surgery to repair the damage done to his spinal cord. A slight nick had caused him to temporarily lose mobility in his right arm. Being as young as he was, he learned how to use his left hand and the incident left him, not only with a nasty scar on his back, but also ambidextrous. The next five years passed normally and Josh turned out to be rather unsociable and possessive. Most of the other kids didn't like him very much so his parents arranged for him to play the violin to keep him preoccupied during the time he would have spent out playing sports and making friends. It was around that time that Olive contracted leukemia. As her disease got progressively worse, so did their financial standing. Louise was put into a public school and Olive and Josh were pulled out of traditional schooling all together and the grad-student who lived down the street was employed as their tutor. The two siblings were home schooled from that point onward. Josh stopped playing the violin, though he still remembers how and in the five years that followed his being taken out of school, Josh took several odd jobs working as a delivery boy or taking inventory at a local skate shop where he eventually did pick up skateboarding. His mother went back to work, Louise was schooled normally and pretend she wasn't related to them, and Olive was pretty much permanently hospitalized. Josh's father who had been working the entire time was clearly under a lot of stress from all that was going wrong with his family and he had begun to be closed off leaving Josh to sort of manage the family on his own. As one can imagine, that can't be good for a teenager and so when he was told he could attend this school, practically free of charge, he jumped at the chance. He made the announcement to his family and that seemed to snap everyone back to reality. His father finally got back to being responsible and he forced Louise to stop being ashamed of her family. Josh's mother took some time off from work to help him figure out his future and in the weeks leading up to his departure, all Josh wanted to do was play the violin for Olive. Now he arrives at this school and then... this happens.
Mother- Delaney Davis- Alive
Father- Andrew Davis- Alive
Sister- Olive Davis- Alive but Hospitalized.
Sister- Louise Davis- Alive


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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) Just so I can use them later...

Dylan O'Brien
Andrew Garfield
Daniel Sharman
Shad Moss
Greg Nawrat

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Caramel Cat Universe Full Name: Kevin Wu
Nickname{s}: Kev
Age: 17
Birth Date: April 18, Japan
Hometown: Boston, Mass.

Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Brown, short, and straight
Height: 164cm 5'3
Weight: 45kg
Blood Type: B
Marks: His ears are pierced
Dressing Style: like in the picture
Languages : Korean (Basic) , English (Fluent) , Chinese (Basic) , and Japanese (Fluent)

Personality: He is very blunt. Kevin is calm, logical, and has superior intelligence. He also can come across as rather detached, and sometimes threatening when need be. He is the sly and calculating. He is very polite to people who are in power or related to it, and claims He only helps people who can benefit him somehow, but that's not true though he would never say that though. He sleeps in late, often due to business and schoolwork, as well as suffering from low blood pressure which makes rising difficult. This is the cause of his extremely bad temper in the morning. Jessica is the youngest of the Wu siblings and is the third son of Yoshio Wu, the patriarch of the wealthy Wu family. Although he is neither the heir nor the next-in-line in regards to the family's succession, he has commented that attempting to become the heir is 'an exciting game', and that he plans to outshine his brothers when the moment is right. The Wu family is well-known in their chosen fields of business, as well as in their health care zaibatsu.
History: Kevin is from the wealthy and influential Wu family, which manages a health care zaibatsu. His family is extremely well-known in their chosen field and employs a private police force called The Black Wu Squad. Although equally qualified to become heir to the Wu family, he feels overshadowed by his two older brothers, who are far more likely to inherit their family's company instead of him. However, despite the circumstances, he has confidence in his own abilities and finds the situation to be more of an interesting game than a roadblock.
Weaknesses: He is a good person which makes her weak.

Strengths: Determination, fearlessness, poise, loyalty, ambition, intuition, jealousy, secretiveness, resentment and a controlling nature.

Grade: 11-Junior
Yoshio Wu (father) {47} [alive]
Fuyumi Wu (mother) {45} [alive]
Cathy Wu (older sister) {26} [alive]
Ryan Wu (2nd oldest brother) {23} [alive]
Ash Wu (oldest brother) {29} [alive]
Other: He likes spicy foods and dislikes sweets.

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MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) {Full Name:} David Stark
{Nickname/s}: None currently.
{Age:} 16
{Birth Date:} November 12/Manhattan, New York.
{Hometown:} Manhattan, New York.


(view spoiler)

{Personality:} David's a guy you can count on to have your back, even when times are tough. He's hard to take advantage of and chooses his friends wisely, but never really lets them get too close to him. At times, he can be like a stone wall, completely blank. He always hides his anger, annoyance, grief, and fear; So when he does, it means that you've either pushed him too far, he's seriously freaking out, or he's close to breaking. Don't push him too hard. You might just shatter him.
{History:} David comes from a normal, average family. He has a little sister named Lily, who's seven years old. When he was twelve and Lily was turning ten, their father died in a shootout. His mother was so depressed that she couldn't take care of them for a month. He let his sister lean on him and supported the family until his mother could get back on her feet, but she never did. Three months after his dad died, his mother had a heart attack, leaving Lily and David orphans. They were adopted after two years in the orphanage and the family wasn't all that bad. Lily got a sister and the parents enrolled them in school, where David was a top student. Now he's attending Marshville High and seems to have recovered from his parents' deaths perfectly fine, but that's wrong. The only reason he hasn't committed suicide is because of Lily.
-His family.
-He'll do anything to protect his sister. Anything.
-Can't stand up to authority.

-Doing anything to protect his sister. Anything.
-Very smart, just above average.
-Quick thinker.

{Grade:} 10/Sophomore
~Lily Stark, 14, Sister(Living)
~Ted Stark, Father(Deceased)
~Mary Stark, Mother(Deceased)
~Rainy Jane Evans, 14, Stepsister(Living)
~Mark Evens, 35, Stepfather(Living)
~Jane Evens, 33, Stepmother(Living)


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Jeanjohn | 1 comments I have a question, who is the guy in the picture on the beach for David stark?

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) Uhhh, dunno. Probably a model.

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) Uhhh, dunno. Probably a model.

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