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message 1: by Beth, mod ✿ (new)

Beth (bethandluna) | 664 comments Have you seen any Korean movies? What was your favorite/least favorite?


My favorite is probably Descendants of Hong Gil Dong. I like vigilante/thief themes.

My least favorite is Marrying the Mafia 2. I just finished watching it, and it kind of sucked. I thought the first one was sorta ok, so I gave this one a try too. I could have done without the broken dick, fake boner, and breast cream. Plus having Shin Hyun Joon as the main character bothered me. He didn't look too much like a gangster accept for the hair. He looked like he should have been in a period drama.

message 2: by Abandoned (new)

Abandoned Account (xxjeaneaxx) My favorite is The Perfect Couple. I love how stupid they all act. I don't really have any I don't like, since I don't watch a lot of movies.

message 3: by Beth, mod ✿ (new)

Beth (bethandluna) | 664 comments I don't usually watch movies either, but sometimes I want to watch something that I don't have to commit a lot of time to. I've only seen 7 movies.

I just watched Welcome to Dongmakgol the other day on Netflix too. It was pretty funny, but it had a sad ending.

message 4: by Abandoned (new)

Abandoned Account (xxjeaneaxx) I usually watch the ones on Netflix when I feel like I'm about to have a heart attack from all the kdramas I watch. By the way if you are younger than eighteen don't watch old boy. Some things can never be unseen...

message 5: by Ivan (new)

Ivan | 32 comments I used to watch a lot of Korean Horror movies such as Death Bell, Cinderella, Tale of Two Sisters, or Thirst. But I like all types of movies as well. A Werewolf Boy starring Song Joong Ki was the last one I watched. AMAZING! I cried!

message 6: by Kinsey (new)

Kinsey (kconklin) | 170 comments I can't watch horror :( lol. I've seen a lot of Korean movies though. Tae Guk Gi was fantastic, though very brutal. All the movies with Won Bin I've seen have been good like The Man from Nowhere.
I really really want to see Werewolf Boy! Joong Ki is one of my favorite actors.. But I haven't been able to find it subbed anywhere.

message 7: by Ivan (new)

Ivan | 32 comments @Kinsey try this link


There are lots of websites with it. Gotta dig through google.

message 8: by Kinsey (new)

Kinsey (kconklin) | 170 comments Hey Ivan thanks for the links! I actually just ended up getting it on amazon for cheap so now I own it lol. totally worth it. Werewolf Boy is totally a fantastic movie. I make all my friends and family watch it too lol.
I just watched a really sweet movie about a blind girl and a retired fighter. Everyone should definitely watch it.

message 9: by Kinsey (new)

Kinsey (kconklin) | 170 comments it's called Always/Only One and you can watch it on youtube.

message 10: by Cielu, Mod Cielu ♥ (new)

Cielu | 468 comments I loved werewolf boy ! have you guys heard about the new sad movie called wish 2013? I really want to watch it.

message 11: by Anaika (new)

Anaika I LOVED the movie Sunny. I recommend this movie, I told one of my co workers to watch it and she really enjoyed it even though she doesn't like subs. It has to be one of my all time favorites. I also liked Punch Lady. I've watched a couple other good ones but I cant remember the names at the moment:)

message 12: by Beth, mod ✿ (new)

Beth (bethandluna) | 664 comments I haven't seen Werewolf Boy. I've come across it a couple of times though. I'll have to give Sunny a try too.

message 13: by Cielu, Mod Cielu ♥ (new)

Cielu | 468 comments @Beth have you watched innocent man/ nice guy?

message 14: by Kierstin (new)

Kierstin Kennedy (krorykins) | 88 comments I loved Werewolf Boy!! If I had to choose one movie to recommend to someone, it would be that one. :) Song Joong Ki is such a good actor!

Sunny looked really good!! Isn't it on Netflix??

message 15: by Beth, mod ✿ (last edited Oct 29, 2013 07:36PM) (new)

Beth (bethandluna) | 664 comments @Cielu, I started it, liked it, but haven't done much with it. I haven't watched too many episodes of anything in the last couple months. Life got busy, and I needed to catch up on some reading for my book club.

@Kierstin, I don't remember seeing it on netflix, but that doesn't mean much. I typically watch stuff on viki since my Dad or brother are usually hogging netflix. :)

message 16: by Kierstin (new)

Kierstin Kennedy (krorykins) | 88 comments I just looked and it is on Netflix. :) But it's good to know that it's on Viki, too!

message 17: by Beth, mod ✿ (new)

Beth (bethandluna) | 664 comments I don't know if it's on Viki or not. That's just where I watch most things.

message 18: by Kierstin (new)

Kierstin Kennedy (krorykins) | 88 comments I don't really like the recent changes that have been done to Viki but I understand that they need sponsors... And I'll put up with the changes because I like the timed comments. :) Sometimes, they are the only way I can make it through certain scenes in dramas.

message 19: by Beth, mod ✿ (last edited Oct 29, 2013 08:24PM) (new)

Beth (bethandluna) | 664 comments The main thing I don't like is the timed comments. I used to watch dramas with them on all the time. Because they were large and across the top, I could read them simultaneously with the subtitles, but now that they are so much smaller, if I want to read them, I have to pause the video or rewatch it a second time so I can read the subs and comments seperately. I wish they would at least change that back. Plus the format is distracting and sometimes in the way, so I typically have them turned off now.

message 20: by Kierstin (new)

Kierstin Kennedy (krorykins) | 88 comments I always used dramacrazy before, so I didn't use Viki when the timed comments were bigger. I don't really have any problems with the way they are formatted right now but that could be because I can't compare it to the previous format.

message 21: by Arwen (new)

Arwen | 608 comments has anyone seen A Werewolf Boy?

message 22: by Beth, mod ✿ (new)

Beth (bethandluna) | 664 comments Cielu apparently did and liked it. I'm probably going to watch it a bit later tonight.

message 23: by Arwen (new)

Arwen | 608 comments I watched it and LOVED it!! you should watch it! but a warning it WILL break your heart

message 24: by Kierstin (new)

Kierstin Kennedy (krorykins) | 88 comments I watched it and adored it!! :) It did kind of tear my heart into a million pieces though.

message 25: by Beth, mod ✿ (new)

Beth (bethandluna) | 664 comments I don't mind tearjerkers as long as they end "ok". I hate it when you watch a movie, get to the end, and think, "That's it? They end it like that?" And you feel like is didn't sufficiently end.

message 26: by Kierstin (new)

Kierstin Kennedy (krorykins) | 88 comments Well, I can't say I was super happy with the ending of A Werewolf Boy... But the movie as a whole was very very good! There's also an alternate ending to the movie. I think it's on Youtube but I'm not completely sure.

message 27: by Kinsey (new)

Kinsey (kconklin) | 170 comments Oh my gosh I totally forgot there's an alternate ending. I bought the dvd of werewolf boy and it's included in the features but haven't watched it yet.
I agree that the ending was a little eh. but the end end with when the credits were rolling was adorable.
A movie I really really want to see is Secretly Greatly and it used to be on youtube but got deleted and I can't find it anywhere :(

message 28: by Kierstin (new)

Kierstin Kennedy (krorykins) | 88 comments Here is where you can watch Secretly Greatly. :)

I just watched it a couple of days ago. You should message me after you watch it. I NEED TO DISCUSS IT WITH SOMEONE.

message 29: by Arwen (new)

Arwen | 608 comments I god i am watching it now....is it going to break me?

message 30: by Arwen (new)

Arwen | 608 comments oh no

message 31: by Kierstin (new)

Kierstin Kennedy (krorykins) | 88 comments I also hated the ending... But don't worry, you will survive!!

message 32: by Kierstin (new)

Kierstin Kennedy (krorykins) | 88 comments Does anyone know where I can watch the movie Chilling Romance? (it's also called Spellbound.)

message 33: by Rara (new)

Rara Ramadyawati (khansa_aquaizan) | 13 comments Have you watched HARMONY or HELLO GHOST? It was amazing movie. but you should prepare some tissue before watch it. High recommended ^^

message 34: by Cielu, Mod Cielu ♥ (new)

Cielu | 468 comments oh no, more movies added to my need to watch list!! I have like ten movies now :(

message 35: by Beth, mod ✿ (new)

Beth (bethandluna) | 664 comments I have so many movies and dramas I need to watch. Thank God for myDramaList.

message 36: by Rara (new)

Rara Ramadyawati (khansa_aquaizan) | 13 comments it's not really scary, but the ending was sad :(

message 37: by Anaika (new)

Anaika Sunny, it is funny, sad, and all of the above.

message 38: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (godisgoodallthetime-) Spellbound( Lee Min Ki really looks like Hyun Bin:). My Girlfriend is a Secret Agent, that one was pretty lame. Baby and Me was cute.

message 39: by Cielu, Mod Cielu ♥ (new)

Cielu | 468 comments I loved sunny and bent and me. they were really touching

message 40: by Beth, mod ✿ (new)

Beth (bethandluna) | 664 comments I gave up on Baby and Me after 20 minutes.

message 41: by Cielu, Mod Cielu ♥ (new)

Cielu | 468 comments nooooooo why????!!!!!

message 42: by Beth, mod ✿ (new)

Beth (bethandluna) | 664 comments He just drove me nuts. How stupid can you be with a baby. I know it was supposed to come off as funny, but a lot of the things he did made me thing, "Why is he doing that! Is he trying to kill the kid!?" I was ready to strangle him. It made me so mad I couldn't finish it.

message 43: by Sarah (last edited Dec 13, 2013 04:45AM) (new)

Sarah (godisgoodallthetime-) We are talking about a high school boy. Typically, guys can't handle babies as well as girls can. I just found the person who was speaking the baby weird.

message 44: by Beth, mod ✿ (new)

Beth (bethandluna) | 664 comments Maybe I'll give it another chance sometime.

message 45: by Beth, mod ✿ (new)

Beth (bethandluna) | 664 comments I know, but it has been a while. I dropped Vampire Prosecutor and then came back a year later to try it again and ended up watching both 1 & 2.

message 46: by Beth, mod ✿ (last edited Dec 12, 2013 10:58PM) (new)

Beth (bethandluna) | 664 comments Yes a bit. I keep a list on myDramaList. I have a lot of Dramas and Movies that are On Hold because I get tired of watching the same thing for a long time. I try to go back and finish them. I have a couple that I've completely given up on and added to my Dropped list, but some of the ones I've dropped are decently popular, so if I feel like it, I'll give them another chance.

Currently Watching: 6
Completed: 17
On Hold: 32
Dropped: 14

message 47: by Beth, mod ✿ (new)

Beth (bethandluna) | 664 comments You would think, but no. I do understand a bit, but that's mainly because I've been working on teaching myself.

message 48: by Beth, mod ✿ (new)

Beth (bethandluna) | 664 comments I'm not even close to that point unfortunately. I took German in High School for 4 years before I could sit down and pretty much completely understand German TV shows.

What I meant by a bit is that I understand a word or phrase here and there and recognize a word in context but not the meaning, so I get a vague gist of what may be being said. If I'm lucky.

At least I know the alphabet, which is helpful. There have been a bunch of times where they zoom in and focus on text, but there are no translator notes. Yeah for Google translate.

message 49: by Beth, mod ✿ (new)

Beth (bethandluna) | 664 comments So I just finished Secretly Greatly. It was so good! But why, WHY! did it have to end like that? (view spoiler)

Anyone know of any other good action movies like this? A lot of the action movies I've found, the main point is the violence and death, but I like the ones where there is an actual story and the fighting has a point.

message 50: by Cielu, Mod Cielu ♥ (new)

Cielu | 468 comments I haven't watched this yet but it's supposed to be a great thriller movie. confessions of a murder

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