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cecilia Naomi, alone, the same as last year, slid her key into the lock--whether or not it was silently, she didn't know--and opened the door. Inside, she saw a basic dorm, the same kind that she'd had last year, nothing fancy. She hadn't been expecting anything fancy, only a room. That was all Naomi would need to keep herself happy, somewhere to put things. Naomi sighed--though she didn't hear it, as always--and set her suitcase on the floor, taking a seat on the corner of one of the beds and simply taking a moment to clear her head. Even though it wasn't a recent event, she couldn't help but remember last year, which had been awful. Normally people accepted that she was deaf, but last year, they hadn't. She'd been teased mercilessly about it, to the point where she almost hadn't come back. Almost. Hopefully, this year would be different.

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cecilia After a few moments to clear her mind, Naomi stood up and closed the door. She would have turned on some music or something, but it wouldn't do her any good. She settled for opening a window to get some fresh air, pausing a moment at the windowsill to soak in some sun before continuing to unpack her clothes. She'd taken one side of the room, as she had last year. Naomi had decided to take the left side, mostly because she was left handed and had a knack for taking things from the left side, and her dorm would be no exception. As she hung up her clothes--which were surprisingly few, she couldn't help but wonder where her roommate was. Glancing around the room to see if she had come in, Naomi decided she was still alone and continued to hang up her things, letting her mind wander.

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Angel of Death | 222 comments Atlanta: I was dressed in tight black clothing, a revealing black tank top and flashy tight black pants. And of course, a mini black leather jacket. I had black eyeliner and mascara, making my eyes look dark and mysterious, but not emo or over eyeliner-y. He almost didn't let me off with it, he said I might not pass as a normal girl.
"It's slutty, baddass, and it makes me look hot. That's all girls need these days to fit in." I remember saying, rolling my eyes dramatically. So, my outfit choice was approved. I had my pistol hidden up my sleeve, and my earring had 24/7 connection to the man. I was here to get a job done.

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cecilia Naomi continued to hang up her clothes, not really noticing that half of them were backwards, inside out, or upside down. She didn't care, if she were honest. It was individuality, right there in her closet. As if her clothes weren't individual enough--most of them had paint stains or bright colors--the way Naomi had organized her closet was definitely a promise that she was an interesting person. What kind of deaf girl wasn't interesting? Besides, Naomi wasn't the kind of girl to care what other people thought, it's not like she could hear them gossiping about her, anyway. As long as she could do her art in peace, it made no difference to her.

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Angel of Death | 222 comments Atlanta: I slide the key into the dorm room, and pull the door open with my jet black suitcase trailing behind me. Here we go. My 'roomate' was already there. She better not be the sneaking around, suspicious type. The contents inside just my jacket could get me sent to prison for a good ten-twenty years. I enter the room in my three-inch heeled boots, dropping the suitcase on the unoccupied side, before surveying the room and the other girl.

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cecilia Naomi finished hanging up her clothes after a few minutes, not even bothering to fix the ones that she'd hung wrong. When she turned around to face the room, Naomi wasn't surprised to see her roommate there. It's not like Naomi would've heard her come in, so she wasn't surprised at all. Though, the deaf girl couldn't help but wonder how long she'd been there, waiting. Had she said something? If she did, all pretenses of pretending to be able to hear would go right down the drain, just like they had last year. Naomi smiled amiably at her roommate, waving before turning to a few of her artwork pieces, taping them up on the wall. Though it didn't look like it, Naomi had her eyes glued on the other girl, watching her in case she spoke.

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Angel of Death | 222 comments Atlanta: I tilt my head to one side, studying the girl. I arch an eyebrow silently. A sound buzzes at my ear. "Naomi Prescott. She's deaf." I return a small wave carelessly, before I open the top layer of my suitcase. You see, my suitcase is separate into two halves. The top consisting of clothing, jewelry, whatever other crap most people need, and the bottom consisted of highly lethal weapons, gadgets, and a bunch of other stuff you don't want pointed at your face. I also was on a budget of $2000. I had to do what I had to do.

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cecilia Naomi was surprised when the girl didn't say anything, but she didn't give her roommate any offers at conversation. Naomi generally disliked when people had verbal conversation with her, only because reading lips was a serious challenge. Well, that, and Naomi never really knew what she sounded like. Sure, she could talk, but she would never know what it was like to hear voices again. Her parents had taken those rights away from her in that explosion. Honestly, who would do such a thing, just to avoid imprisonment? Naomi supposed she was lucky that she survived the blast, unlike the rest of her family, but she didn't like being so alone, and the way Jennabelle had left her just last year was no help. She shook her head to herself and continued to tape up her posters.

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Angel of Death | 222 comments Atlanta: The voice from my earpiece continued to give me a brief on Naomi's past, present, and a bunch of background info I wasn't really paying attention to. I hang the clothing up in the drab closet. I guess they did sort of look out of place. I raised my eyebrows when the voice mentioned an explosion in her past, and info on her parents. I wasn't sure why I had to know all this.

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cecilia Naomi bit her lip, raking her hands through her short hair as she surveyed the artwork on her walls, all of it her own. She nodded in satisfaction, adjusting the sheets on her bed. After a moment, Naomi reached for a headband and pushed her hair back, looking at her roommate with her head tilted to the side slightly. After thinking her words through carefully, making sure she knew what she'd say, Naomi took a deep breath and offered her name. "I'm Naomi," she bit her lip, but she knew she'd gotten it right. She could remember that much from when she could hear things. Naomi had always hated that she could speak, but not hear, talk, but not listen. But, she'd live.

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Angel of Death | 222 comments Atlanta: I spin around, placing a hand on my hip. Before I reply, I catch myself in a mirror. I definately pass for a sexy baddass slut. Works for me. "I'm Atlanta." I say, giving my sly smile as I observe her movements. She was said to be a lip reader.

message 12: by cecilia (new)

cecilia Naomi nodded, eyes skitting around the room. She caught Atlanta's words, noting the movement of her lips. "Atlanta..." she said, hoping it was quiet. Quiet enough not to seem odd. Naomi smiled sweetly, which she'd mastered, and sat down on her bed, sighing softly. Her eyes had flitted to the paintings on the walls, which left her wondering what Atlanta's major was. It didn't seem to be art, judging by the fact that the girl wore seemingly all black. Artists liked color, and Naomi was no exception, though she'd always blamed her love for visually appealing things on her lack of ability to hear things.

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Angel of Death | 222 comments Atlanta: The man tells me to talk to her, ask about the school. "So is it your first year here?" I say, making sure I was facing her whem I asked it. I unsuccessfully managed to xonceak the boredom from my voice.

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cecilia Naomi had been just about to look away entirely when she saw Atlanta's lips moving again. Of course, Naomi would have to keep up the illusion that she could hear if she didn't want to get thrown around this year like she had the last. "Second," she clarified, smoothing out one of the paintings on the walls, one of the few she was actually proud of. Naomi was a very insecure girl, so she never really felt pride for anything other than the fact that she managed to hide her disabilities from the world. "I was here last year, too." Unfortunately. Naomi was sure life at home would've been better, maybe with fewer bullies. Of course, they'd all been seniors, so they were gone now. This year was looking up. Sort of.

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Angel of Death | 222 comments Atlanta: I already knew that, and I hardly cared for answers, so my eyes flicker with boredom at her answer. "Interesting." I pull out all my shoes, mainly consisting of heeled boots. Hey, I could run 100m in 13 seconds flat in these from training.

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cecilia Naomi bit her lip, noting the boredom in the other girl's eyes. Maybe if she was going to look bored with her answer, she shouldn't have asked in the first place. Naomi sighed, this time not so softly, and adjusted the frame hanging on her wall, as it was crooked. Clearly, Atlanta didn't think it was interesting. Naomi would prefer someone with no manners and no small talk rather than someone who pretended to be interested in her life. That would mean Naomi didn't have to try so hard to keep up with what they were saying and still look normal.

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Angel of Death | 222 comments Atlanta: I move quickly. Every moment her back is turned, I plant some of my gadgets across my area. Then I kick bak onto my bed with my shoe still on and examine my jet black nails while the man files me down on my identity again. "I got it, shut up." I mutter while her back is turned, knowing my nidden mic will pick it up.

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cecilia Naomi carefully unpacked her hairbrush and cosmetics--consisting of no makeup, she didn't wear it--and organized them on the counter perfectly. Naomi was a very organized person, so every time something was even the slightest bit out of place, she fixed it. Naomi found it easier to organize this year than the one before; maybe it was the fact that she knew where she liked things, and didn't have to think as much about where to put them.

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Angel of Death | 222 comments Atlanta: He doesn't even bothe scolding me anymore. I carelessly give my boot a pat, making sure one of my guns were still intact and safe. I ws glad to have a deaf roomate. Maybe it would be easier. I hop up gracefully from the bed and continue unpacking, casting the girl ocasional looks. She better not go snooping.

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cecilia Naomi sighed softly, sitting down on her bed and curling up on her side with a book, pulling the blankets up over her shoulders. She didn't even want to see her roommate at this point, and she doubted Atlanta felt any differently. This was going to be a very long year, wasn't it?

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Angel of Death | 222 comments Atlanta: I stand on my bed, and appear to be installing a hanger for a dark black veil that would cover my bed. But at the same time, I installed a small camera. Just incase. I hung up the black veil that helped conceal my bed from sight. Perfect.

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cecilia ((Sorry, went to sneak food XD))

Naomi flipped pages mindlessly, not even caring what Atlanta was doing. Clearly this was going to be a very minimal relationship, where they tried not to speak unless needed. Fortunately, Naomi was fine with that. She didn't mind being silent the rest of the year, it's not like she wasn't used to silence. She woke up every morning, thinking it had all been just a horrible dream, and that she wouldn't be trapped in a thick blanket of silence again, yet she always was. Silent.

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Angel of Death | 222 comments Atlanta: I activate the rest of my cameras behind the veil, before setting up my other modern teenager stuff. I love having a deaf girl here, it made things so much easier. I started blasting music to cover up the sound of arming a certain gadget.

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cecilia Naomi sighed softly, pushing her hair out of her eyes with a headband and continuing to read. Atlanta could be making out with a guy for all she cared, as long as they didn't bother her. Clearly, this was going to be an interesting relationship, with minimal contact and conversation, and that was fine with Naomi. She'd find other friends, no problem, no sweat. Well, it wouldn't be easy; people seemed to have a hard time accepting that she was deaf, but it would happen. Naomi wouldn't settle until she had at least one friend. Even though the opportunity was right in front of her, she wouldn't take this one. Atlanta didn't seem open to social interaction.

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Angel of Death | 222 comments Atlanta: Finally, I stopped the music, pull open the veil, and walk out. I walk over to the dresser and finish unpacking the last of my items. I touch up my makeup a bit, and spin around to Naomi. "I'll be off now. It was a real pleasure meeting you." I say sweetly, the sarcasm she hopefully couldn't hear dripping off my voice. I give my arm a quick pat, flip my hair to give it life, and stalk out of the room with my head held high.

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cecilia Naomi didn't even bother to look up from her book when she saw the door close out of the corner of her eye. She didn't care where Atlanta was going, nor what she was saying, so she didn't even bother trying to read her lips. She probably only had rude or sarcastic comments for her, and Naomi really wasn't in the mood. After Atlanta had been gone a while, Naomi closed her book and continued to straighten out her artwork, not caring that she was alone.

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