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Sajelle Sajelle Aug 26, 2013 01:00PM
I cannot imagine the pain and sorrow of these families. Some people lost their limbs trying to get away. My science teacher's mother was a Jew in Germany.She lost her sister,and escaped by a slight chance.I watched Paper Clips,a documentary about a middle school class. Those people waited for about 8 months to find any scraps they could.They finally found a trailer that carried the Jews.It had thorns and was always cramped with about 40 or 48 people all cramped and piled together. I cried 3 times during that movie. I am a strong person but I could never handle the fear and pain and suffering,the Jews felt. I am not a Jew,but Christian. Yet,I can still feel for them.Did anyone know that Hitler was a Jew?And that he had black hair? Amazing how someone can be so hypocritical.

Yes I am too a Christian and can feel for these poor Jews who died. I do know that Hitler was half-jew. Rumor has it that he hated Jews because his grandma died with a Jewish nurse. I am not sure if this is true, but this is what I heard. I am very interested in this documentary film. Thank you for sharing!

Hi! I'm a Christian as well :)
The holocaust was such a time of suffering! I don't see how someone's heart could not go out to them. I will try to find this documentary too

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