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Mysti I'm so sorry about that....I feel terrible. But, I finally found the button....

Sandra Ann Stilinski | 1181 comments im so sorry didn't realize this topic

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Mysti Hey, it's all good. I didn't think you did, so I'm not all hurt about it

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Mysti you want me to delete this?

Sandra Ann Stilinski | 1181 comments no no please don't sorry so forgot about this just been super busy with other rp and and military deployment life

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Mysti It's ok. I was just wondering

Sandra Ann Stilinski | 1181 comments yea did we have a plot for it

message 8: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Do you have anything you wanna do?

Sandra Ann Stilinski | 1181 comments my favorite:

fallen angel
hight school

message 10: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Cool. Maybe an angel/fallen angel or a human/fallen angel. I don't know. Something supernatural.

Sandra Ann Stilinski | 1181 comments vampire, demon, werewolf with supernatural power too

message 12: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Yeah. I'm not sure. Just know I wanna do something supernatural. Anything you specifically wanna do in that area?

Sandra Ann Stilinski | 1181 comments can we do gay and if so i don't care either lol

message 14: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Sure, we can do gay.

Sandra Ann Stilinski | 1181 comments I think I know a good plot now....its four brothers; 2 are blood together *bro 1 bro2* and the two are blood but step....but, all four are step brother....2 are with the same mom and dad...but, the other two same dad but, different three different mother and species.....but, they were all relate by their dad a werewolf .....2 are werewolf/vampire
1 werewolf/anel and the last one is werewolf/vampire/fallen angel

All the parents have died and all brother doent know anything about their powers or what they are. Nor did they know what their parents where. But, because, on how rich their dad was they had to move in to a really large mansion that was already pay for. Have maide and bulters that knew about the kids and when it was their time they had to teach them on what they are..

But, some how they were all gay. What the other problem of the story they aren't open about themself being gay. They were scared for anyone to find out.

I hope that makes any sense and if so i hope you like the plo

message 16: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Yeah, that makes sense. And yeah, I like it.

Sandra Ann Stilinski | 1181 comments sure

so I'm a

message 18: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Ok. Well, I have to go. I'll be back on after school.

Sandra Ann Stilinski | 1181 comments ok then that probably be when i wake up

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Mysti Ok. When you get on, could you make your characters first so I know how detailed to make mine?

message 21: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Sandra?

Sandra Ann Stilinski | 1181 comments sorry sorry about that

message 23: by Mysti (new)

Mysti It's all good

Sandra Ann Stilinski | 1181 comments Sorry it took me a long time for making this character profile I just tried to do as much as I can.

Name: Jade Evan (has not last name)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Species: werewolf/vampire

Personality: His Usually a quiet and shy guy. His kind of girly. His smart and talent since he was born. He very protective of his brother even though he doesn't need protection. His extremely loyal to people that have his back. His a guy with very few words. He will not start a conversation but if you talk to him. He will answer back of if he knew you were talking about something and it wasn't fully correct or they are wrong. If he knew his information was correct he will politely tell the other the information.

anime demon wolf photo: Wolf demon deamon.jpg
male anime vampire photo: Erik male_vampire.jpg

History: is unknown no parents. Only thing anyone knows is that he has a brother

Powers: just the power that vampire and werewolf half.

Strength: as being a werewolf he doens' have the vampire weakness of being out just at night. He can be out during the day and night. He also can sleep and have a heart beat.

Weakness: When he comes to be a werewolf his all animal instinct. He also have the vampire thirst of blood too.

Name: Damien Evan

Age: 15 (the youngest of all four brothers)

Gender: Male

Species: Werewolf/Angel

Personality: He comes out rude and hatred. He just doesn't like being around others. He doesn't have trust in other or want to be nice. He very talent and smart like his brother (but, he doesn't know that). His extremely strong well on things. If he feel what he is doing is right no one can't tell him anything else.

((this is after the role play but, his going to hate life more when he is going to find out his wolf form is a very girly form.))

male anime vampire photo: Vampire2.jpg
anime wolf photo: Anime wolf Mio.jpg

History: He was in accident when he just turned 14 and have lost his memories. He doesn't know anything about his past at all.

Strength: Element powers: Fire, lightening, and darkness

Weakness: When he use the element he grows weaker and weaker. At times faint. Because, he hasn't ever use the powers before.

message 25: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Wow. That'a awesome. It's going to take me awhile to make my characters

Sandra Ann Stilinski | 1181 comments ok that no issue

message 27: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Ok. That's good

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Mysti Sorry. I've been really distracted, and I'm on my phone now, so I don't really have my characters...sorry. As soon as I get home, I'll post

Sandra Ann Stilinski | 1181 comments its all good this is why im doing this most stupid thing right now but, right now im going through all my one on one rp and seeing if I reply or not

ty so much

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Mysti Yeah. That makes sense.

Sandra Ann Stilinski | 1181 comments ((ok so if there are other rp we are in together and I haven't reply please give me a heads up))

message 33: by Mysti (new)

Mysti First, no, this is the only one we have going, and second, I'm spending the night at a friend's house, so I'll actually probably have my characters on sometime tomorrow, ok?

Sandra Ann Stilinski | 1181 comments that be ok sweetie

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Mysti Alright. Just figured I should probably let you know

Sandra Ann Stilinski | 1181 comments ty for letting me know

message 37: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Welcome :)

message 38: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Sorry for the SUPER long wait! I've been swamped with homework and when I went to post my guys, everything was gone, so I had to completely remake them!

Name: Oz Evan
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Werewolf/vampire

Appearance: I'll post when I get to my mom's Nook, or a computer

Personality: He is an out there kind of guy. He isn't afriad to let people know how he feels and what he's thinking about. He is an extremely talented musician. He is really smart, but not people smart. He doesn't think about people's thoughts or feelings when he says something, he just says it.

History: Unknown. He doesn't have his parents. All he knows is he has a brother, Jade.

Powers: Just being his half werewolf, half vampire self

Strength: He has a heartbeat, he can be out at day, and he can somewhat control his transformations

Weaknesses: While he can control his trandsformations, he can't control his bloodlust from his vampire side. And when he can't control his changes, he looses control and blacks out.

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Mysti Name: Seth Evan
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Werewolf/vampire/fallen angel

Appearance: Again, I'll post him later

Personality: He is a very shy guy. He is also very monotone, like he doesn't really care about anything. Unless you actually spark his attention, he doesn't really give a thought about you. If you do, he turns into this super sweet, caring guy that you would never expect from him. He is extremely talented at art, whether it be drawing, painting, doing that awesome 3D chalk art, he can do it all and amazingly. The entire basement is his studio. I'll post the project he's working on later.

History: He doesn't remember anything. He was in an accident and was put into a coma. When he woke up, he couldn't remember a single thing

Powers: He has the power to control shadows, as well as lightning. He also is a mind reader, which he can control.

Strengths: He was all the werewolf strength, as well as vampire. He can be out at day, but prefers the night.

Weaknesses: When he reads minds, he becomes very weak and sometimes is knocked unconsious. He blacks out when he changes into a werewolf

message 40: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Sorry if they're not that good.....I kinda rushed to make it up.....I hope they're good, or at least okay. Lol

Sandra Ann Stilinski | 1181 comments ((im sorry for not replying so quickly i been kind of busy and i sometimes don't get a notiification or i get so many I lost count.))

Jade was laying in bed tired when he got up seeing a envelop on his nightstand. He look at it confused he open it and read in it: "Dear Jade Evan's Please come to this airport at this time and date. Here is the plane ticket its a urgent thing we need to talk to you about. Also bring your brother with you."

Jade look at it so confused on it wondering why and who gave them tickets for somewhere in a different country. He look at it was at Germany. He shake his head confused on everything. What is going on.


Damien was already up he was in the shower singing a song he like alot. He finally was done showering. He walk down the stairs. He look around and saw a envelope on the kitchen counter that had his name. He open it and read it: "Dear Damien Evan's Please come to this airport at this time and date. Here is the plane ticket its a urgent thing we need to talk to you about. Also bring your brother with you."

Damien was in shock and saw the ticket was in there. He then saw a note from his foster parents. He look and read it: "We know this mail would come please take the airplane ride please."

message 42: by Mysti (new)

Mysti ((It's fine! Really!))

Oz stumbled through the door, completely wasted. He went to a party last night. He passed a mirror on his stumbling way to his room. He touched his swollen and cut lip. He also touched his jaw that was in definate pain and the bruise on his cheek. There was a small cut on his forehead as well. He sighed as flashbacks of the party popped into his head. He remembered getting into a fight with a jock because he was supposedly "flirting" with his girlfriend. Idiot.

He continued to stimble through the halls to get to his room. He got lost and gave up, and falling down in front of the nearest door, whoch happened to be Jade's. He sighed and leaned against the wall next to the door. Maybe he shouldn't have drunk so much. Oz shrugged. All well. Too late now.

Seth was down in his basement, in his studio. He had claimed it as his studio a long time ago. He was working on a 3D chalk piece right now that he would kill anyone if they messed it up. He put a little bit of chalk here and a little bit there. He was almost done. So close to being done. He would die if it got messed up now. He got up and wiped chalk off of his hands. He left the chalk were it was because he was coming right back to it. He was just hungry.

Seth walked over to the mini fridge he had downstairs and pulled out a soda and a random something to eat. He basically lived in the basement. He even had a bed down there. He sat down on his bed with his food and soda. He opened the soda, took a drink, then started to eat.

Sandra Ann Stilinski | 1181 comments Jade heard his brother came in all drunk from a late party. He shake his head and got up from the bed slowly. He open the door looking down at his brother, "Seriously man. What were you thinking?" He then drop the envelope with the letter and the airplane ticket on his brother lap. "We have to pack now we have a long trip head of it."


Damien look around confused on what he was going to do. His foster parent told him go for it. He got up stairs to his room and start to pack. He saw another note that a taxi be at this time. It was like an hour from now. He grab three large roller bags and pack it up on what he thinks. They flight or the letter or his foster parents note didn't tell him how long he be gone. He took more than he thought he should just incase he be there for awhile.

message 44: by Mysti (new)

Mysti Oz looked up and his brother and smiled the best he could with the swollen, cut lip. He looked down at what Jade had dropped in his lap and picked it up. He held it really close to his face, then really far away. He squinted as he tried to read it. He gave up and looked back at Jade with a stupid half grin of his face. "What is it? You know I can't read at all when I'm drunk!"


Seth slowly sipped his soda after finishing his food. He looked around at all of his projects and almost smiled. Art was like the one thing that interesting him. He finished his soda and threw it in the trash. He went back to his chalk. He looked at it from different angles and decided what needed to be added on to. He got down on his knees and went back to work, tuning out the rest of the world, except his art. By now, his art was the world.

Sandra Ann Stilinski | 1181 comments Jade frowned knowing that was super true on that part. "Ok then I have to give you some bad news. We have to start packing for a trip to Germany right now. We are living in like 2 hours to the airport. Our plane wont leave in like 6 hours. We also got credit cards to tell us to go to apple store and get all the most fashionable electronice. The price limit they aren't any." He look around knowing what he want. If he had an idea on what is going on. They probably can get more advance things that are in the market. Because, the address that they gave him was a very high high flooty people go for their more advance things than the middle class people. "Lets get ready. Also said find clothes and things."


Damien finally read the note and everything that Jade read too about the credit card. Only thing he was in a different state and went to another place. When he went there he was about to be kick out when he remember show something to the clerk. When he did they all back off and took out this really fancy mini ipad, apple laptop, and the 2 generation advance that was out. They were all out and they show all the different colors they had. He ask for all of it. The biggest GB on al of them and ask for baby blue color. When he ask for the price. They said he was already paid for. He shrug. Before he left he notice they put bunch and bunch of other small devices he didn't ask for but, they gave him a list on tings that they was told to give him. Even if he wasn't going to get. They also gave him a huge expensive roller bag with all the items.

They walk up to him and gave him a small envelope, "Please don't open it. When you check it this bag will be on the plane with you. When you about to aboard the plan show them this too. Don't look at the letter everything will be explain later." He title his head so confused and shrug, "sure"

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Mysti Oz groaned. "Do I have to? And why in TWO hours?! That's not enough time for me to sleep off my drunkeness." Oz laughed suddenly. "Drunkeness! Is that even a word?" He slowly stumbled up from the floor, using both his brother and the wall to help him. He grinned like an idiot when he stood up and threw his arms in the air in victory. "Yes! I did it!" He started to turn to leave, then turned back to Jade with a confused expression on his face. "'s my room?"


Seth finished the project and grinned. He put the chalk away, still grinning. He took down his really expensive camera that he used all of his money to pay for and walked over to his chalk art. He started snapping pictures of it from different angles. He always took pictures of his projects, in case something were to happen to them. He took a couple more and grinned. He put the camera up and looked around the basement. He saw something flutter off of his desk and carefully made his way over to the things that fell. He picked it up, reading it. It was the same letter everyone else got. He looked confused, but shrugged it off. Maybe it was a vacation his foster parents were planning for him.

Sandra Ann Stilinski | 1181 comments Jade look at his brother. "I think someone knew you would be like that and pack all your bag already. They lick pack all your cloth already and lift one set of cloth for you to change. He smile gently. He laughed a little. You don't have to do much. Just take a shower brother."


Damien finally arrive to the airport and was already in the gate area. He was like a few hours early. He look around thinking he can get his account start and look at the credit card he had. He thought time to buy things in the apple store now.

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Mysti Oz laughed. "Wow.....these peoples are so smart! But...where's the bathroom?" He looked confused and looked around. He looked into his brother's eyes. "Can you help me? I can't seem to remember where anything is." He started laughing again and poked Jade's nose. "Please?"


Seth started packing up some of his clothes, throwing random clothes in a bag. He put his paintings and drawings up in a couple of drawers and cupboards. He grabbed his camera and threw it in the bag, as well. He left his house and headed to the Apple store. He's an artist. Why would he need electronics? Hmm....maybe animations? Hmm...all well.

Sandra Ann Stilinski | 1181 comments Jade wrinkle his nose he notice how drunk his brother was. It was like he was getting flirt by his own twin brother. He just shake his head, "I show you were the bathroom is and get ready fast. Sadly I have to take a shower and everything too so we have to share the bathroom this time. We need to rush."


After awhile he heard the announcement that his flight was about to leave in 10 minutes at the time. He slowly pack his things up and smile remembering his flying first class.

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Mysti Oz grinned. "Okay. That sounds good." He grabbed Jade's hand and pulled him closer. He turned around and looked around the hall, still keeping his hand. "Umm.....lead the way!"


Seth went into the Apple store and got a lot of really expensive electronics. The cashier looked confused at all the expensive things and asked him his name. Seth told them, bored and they told him it was all paid for. He left a little confused, without showing it.

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