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Morgan | 853 comments Hey :) any ideas??

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Morgan | 853 comments Sure, and i agree one liners are quite annoying. Hmm best friends?

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Morgan | 853 comments Yeah that's fine. Same, but i don't mind.

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Morgan | 853 comments Name: Jade Hangrove

Age: 17

Alan has blond hair, that he usually likes to keep in a buzz cut, because when it grows out its curly, and he's been told one too many times its not a good look for him. He has dark blue eyes, with small flecks of gold, that can only really be seen in the sunlight.
He also has a tattoo on his chest of an eagle, as well as his left ear being pierced.
His wardrobe consists of mainly dark clothing, and neural colors. He usually wears dark jeans, and his black work boots.

Alan is really laid back, and really assertive. He often gets what he wants without failing to do so.He plays football, and is normally considered as some dumb jock, but despite that he studies often and does his work, but is sometimes found hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Mother- Helen
Father- Robert
Little Brother(7)-Exander
Little Sister (5)-Molly
Older sister: Lexie (deceased, died in car crash would be 21)

message 5: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 853 comments Okay. Where should it start off just at school or something??

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Morgan | 853 comments ((Okay lol I'll start off at a football game cuz idk where else to start))

Jade looked down at the field the game already over. Most people had gone home, but he was still thinking about what he could've possibly done better, and how to fix it. True the Badgers, (his team) had won tonight but there was always room for improvement. He got up from the bench he was sitting on, smiling up at his friend Brook in the bleachers.

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Morgan | 853 comments ((Yeah I think it can go both ways))

He went to the locker rooms, taking a quick shower, while trading in his uniform for some comfy sweatpants and sweatshirt.
He walked back up the bleachers smiling at her. "I was great tonight," he said sarcastically, leaning into her to bump shoulders.

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Morgan | 853 comments He took in what she was wearing shaking his head. It was like she was his girlfriend, which kind of gave him these weird warm fuzzy feelings inside when he saw her dressed up like that for him every game.
"So I see you didn't pick up any hot guys tonight, such a shame." He told her, wrapping an arm around her shoulder.

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