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Luke Dyess Does anyone know where I could get free digital copy of the extended soundtrack?

Erin I don't think it exists, and/or shouldn't. That is someone's creative property. Save your pennies and download the album!

Scott Kids these days...

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Candice I agree with Erin. I wouldn't want someone taking my intellectual or creative property without paying for it, and without my permission, and I think that is the standard everyone ought to go by when it come to stuff like this. Would you want your project that you worked hard on to be stolen? Of course not! So don't steal from other people!

So, that's just my two cents. (Darn, those two cents could have gone toward some music!)

Mark Kaye You might get one in 20 years. Why would you want a free copy anyhow. Like you are really going to get one this soon after release. Come on. Besides do what everyone else does and buy one.

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