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Sarah | 3050 comments Mod
Well the trailer has come out recently, I haven't watched it yet cause I haven't read the book yet :/
So what did you think of the trailer and how do you think the movie will turn out?

Tessa aaahh It was so cool, But I don't think this will become a hit, I dont know why but I think so.. It looks a little flat to me.

Cardan R (thesunspeaceofmind) | 24 comments shaileene is not who I pictured as tris, her hair isn't even as blond as I pictured. but the action looks good

Rosarii  (rosie14) It looks amazing! The books are amazing also! :D

Izzy (izzybookholics) | 101 comments I think it looks awesome!!

message 6: by Bean (new) - added it

Bean | 2 comments These books are next on my list to read. I'm glad people talk highly of them!

message 7: by ☆Joycedale☆, Angel With A Shotgun (new)

☆Joycedale☆ | 1543 comments Mod
just saw the trlr and I think the guy playing four is cute

Cat  (cat335) | 14 comments The trailer was a huge disappointment to me

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

The trailer was odd....it didn't really flow right.
I don't think the casting is good. Shailene isn't who I pictured Tris as...but I think she can pull off the role
I hate Fours casting

But I think the movie can be good despite this

Wells Margo (pearapple) | 16 comments Boooooooo four

Rachel  (APCB Reviews) (gr8rach) I'm excited for this movie! I love Theo James as Four. I have no idea how they are gonna pull this off. The concepts are a little hard to understand without being in Tris's head.

Maria | 1 comments I really liked the trailer, and I'm so exited for the movie! And Theo James in my opinion is the perfect choice to play Four, despite the fact that Theo is 10 years older than Four. He just has that look and the facial expressions and everything I imagined when I was reading the book. Shailene Woodley isn't maybe the best choice for Tris, but it coud've been someone much worse. I don't usually like so much about movies based on books, but The Hunger Games and (based on the trailer and hoping for the best) Divergent are the two exeptions I've ran into so far.

message 13: by Jasmine (last edited Nov 27, 2013 06:15PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jasmine | 1 comments The trailer was nice. They had a lot of details from the book too which gives me a lot of hope for this movie. Not a lot of movies are too similar to the book. But I think Divergent might turn out a lot like the book with the exception of a few changes. As for the trailer, if you've read the book it will probably make more sense to you.

message 14: by Caru (new) - rated it 5 stars

Caru I CAN'T WAIT!!!I love Theo James as Four!!

Gracie Tyler (gracie1913) | 4 comments I cant wait for the movie to come out. I read the first book but i need to read the last two

Cheyenne | 124 comments I'm jumping up and down screaming. I can't wait.

message 17: by ☆Joycedale☆, Angel With A Shotgun (last edited Mar 20, 2014 06:11PM) (new)

☆Joycedale☆ | 1543 comments Mod
Miss Amazingness wrote: "The trailer was odd....it didn't really flow right.
I don't think the casting is good. Shailene isn't who I pictured Tris as...but I think she can pull off the role
I hate Fours casting

But I thin..."

My sis said the same thing. Wasn't how she pictured him at all.

well I'm a little peeved now. Me and my sis have plans to see this tomorrow and I just looked at the site for my local theatre and its showing right now! It started 10 mins ago, I wouldve went tonight

Maryanne | 60 comments Guys....

Tricia Hamilton | 48 comments omg this movie better be really good because the trilogy was amazing and I hope I get to see the movie

Amber (amberterminatorofgoodreads) I want to read the book first before I see this film as I saw city of bones first and it discouraged me from reading the book. The divergent trailer was good but will read the book first.

Carly (readingismykindofthing) I always try and read the book before I see the film adaptation. I think you gain attachments to the characters that way, so when you're watching the film your more inclined to like it maybe? HaHa :P

Klara (klarisz) | 74 comments It's not release it in sweden until April 30 >:(

message 23: by Iris (new) - rated it 4 stars

Iris Irina | 2 comments About Divergent series, more precisely Allegiant:
Did any one who read the 3 books understood the ending? Why the author chosen to finish that way? I don't get the point, do not see any add value to the story. All the the characters had already suffer a lot, why add that? I am sad, mad and frustrated. Hope they change the ending in the Allegiant movie :(

Maggie the Muskoka Library Mouse (mcurry1990) I far prefer the novel to the movie. It's so much more exciting!

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