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Does anyone else really not want Shailene Woodley to play Hazel?
Temilouise Temilouise Aug 26, 2013 09:30AM
I really do not want fault in Our stars to become a film but I also really do not like Shailene Woodley as the principle role. Is it just me?

deleted member Sep 03, 2013 10:20PM   2 votes
I think Shailene Woodley would make a very good Hazel...I never had the thought that she wasn't suitable. Though, of course, I have my doubts about whether something as heartbreakingly beautiful as TFIOS can be properly made into a movie.

As amazing as it is to watch a John Green book on film, it is also equally and maybe even worse to see it on film.
Expectations. They always ruin the treat.

It was beautiful to experience TFIOS in our own minds that when we see it played out on screen, it may seem lacking or wrong.

But John Green is proud and happy about this so I support him. And try as I might, I cannot prevent myself from watching.

I'm sure she was cast appropriately and not everyone is gonna be happy with the outcome. Even if the film does a crap job of capturing how you feel toward the book, you always have the book. What's more annoying than a favorite book being turned into a film? The people who bitch about it.

Think we should see how it turns out. I think she fits the part...

I wasn't a big fan of her in The Secret Life of The American Teenager, but I found her very good in The Descendants and I hope she can make something beautiful with this part.

It's somewhat like Before I Die. The book is beautiful.. and the movie really did not dissappoint me. Have to say that Dakota Fanning is an excellent actress, better than Shailene Woodley, but who knows! She might kick ass!

i dont, i think she's great while every person i asked told me otherwise. i think she'd be an amazing hazel and anyways john green loves her so must be really good

I think she looks the part. I don't think I've ever seen her in anything so I can't comment on her acting ability but I'm quite happy with this choice :) I'm looking forward to seeing the film, I don't really hate film versions of books like a lot of people do and I like to see how books are portrayed differently on the screen.

I'm more annoyed with Ansel Elgort than I am her

Mostly because he got the part after she was attached to the movie, and also after he had filmed Divergent ( a book by Veronica Roth) , where he plays her brother

The Fault in our Stars will be ruined for people who are fans of both books, and it makes me mad that there was simply no other combination in Hollywood

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Actually, since watching John's videos from the set, I think she'll be perfect. She's got the look down definitely, and I'm completely chuffed about the movie.

I have the same sentiments.

I don't like Shailene but I can't judge too harshly. I've only seen her in The Secret Life. I do want this a movie though, so bad!

Temilouise wrote: "I really do not want fault in Our stars to become a film but I also really do not like Shailene Woodley as the principle role. Is it just me?"

i think that since she is already playing tris in the divergent movie, she cant exactly star in fault in our stars another amazing book being turned into a movie. i believe she needs to belong to one main movie not both. the movies need there own new star to be the proper possible representation of an amazing character for the fandom

I understand what everyone says and kind of agree with all of you does that make sense ? Probably not but reading through the comments shave made me hate the choose of hazel a lot less and I can't really say anything until I have seen the movie so yeah.

I'm not sure if you can make something this amazing into a movie because I don't know if any movie with the best actors and actresses and producers and... can live up to that what the book is. But I'm still really looking forward to see the movie. I also think Shailene is a wonderful Hazel.
At first I thought she wasn't but she actually looked a lot like I pictured her while reading the book which probably helped a lot and when she cut off her hair, I knew she was the perfect Hazel. That's EXACTLY something Hazel would do (If she had hair to cut off) cut her hair off and donate it. That's awesome. She really lives up to Hazels personality and is really pretty and kinda lookes like I pictured her (not completely but my "imagination-Hazel" and Shailene do look familiar) Also she is a really good actress and the producer or casting director or whoever is probably an experienced person and can tell good acting from bad acting and she somehow got the role, didn't she? So she has to play the role good. Also John Green seems to be happy with her playing Hazel and if that's how John Green pictured her, we all should shut up because it's still his book. We only were lucky because he shared it with us so I don't think we have the right to judge the actors and acrtesses.

I'm really looking forward to the movie and I think it will be waaaay better than for example The book thief will be (to name another rather popular book which has just been made into a movie)

So I'm totally going to watch it and I'm really happy with the actors.

Lisa I know what you mean and I do also like to see someone's else's view on a book but it just when certain things are left out or the characters are only chosen so that more people will watch the film. I mean I liked the movie version of 'its kind of a funny story'. I think I might have just had a problem with her since the tv series the secret life of an American teenager however, I probably shouldn't hold that against her.

I'm glad that some people seem to agree with my view but I also guess I can't make a fair judgement before I see the film. But I think I know why I don't like her... Because she is playing another main role in another book turn movie which I adore called Divergent!!! So yes I guess you could say that I am unfair to say such a thing when I am holding on to anger that she is playing main roles in not one but two great book turn movies!! Alas, I guess I will have to suck it up and not judge her by her annoying character in both "The descendants" and " secret life of an American teenager.

I've never seen her in anything before, but from John Green's vlogs, she seems like a pretty cool person. And John Green did say that she's always been a fan of the book, and apparently she wrote him a letter before she was casted asking if she could just be an extra in the movie because she loved the book so much. I think you can't go wrong with someone that passionate.

She's playing 'Augustus Water' actor's sister in Divergent and both Divergent and this one will release in 2014... So a No from me but our 'No' wont change anything! Now we all shall wait for the CGI 3D tears..

Yess as I think I said I hate that she plays both Tris and Hazel and maybe I have a grudge...

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krisusnoona why is that my dear ?
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Italia8989 (last edited Aug 26, 2013 10:04AM ) Aug 26, 2013 10:04AM   0 votes
Why do you not want her to play Hazel? Was there another actress offered the role instead? I have not seen the preview or her acting before, so I have no idea if she can portray Hazel correctly. I personally think "The Fault in Our Stars" should stay a book because it is at a level in literature where it is too good to be made a movie.

I really do want to see this book turn into a movie but Shailene is just not the right actress for this rol. Hazel is way too complex for her with all the sarcastic jokes and really deep emotions, Shailene is just not good enough!

book adaptations will never be as good as the source material, but that doesn't always mean it'll be bad. As long as there's a solid script and good director attached to it, and people who actually CARE about the project, then I don't think we should worry. John said himself that Shailene has read the book and loved it just as much as us, and that she completely understands how important this book is for a lot of people. That tells me that she really cares about how this will turn out. John seems happy with everyone involved, so that's a good sign. I think Shailene looks the part, and I think she's a good actress. She was great in The Descendents (she was nominated for a golden globe, so that's got to count for something), and she's been getting good reviews for her current movie (the spectacular now), so I think she'll be able to handle all the dramatic scenes. I think she'll do a good job.

Personally, I'm not entirely sold on Ansol Elgort as Gus. He just doesn't look the part and looks a little young. But like I said, John seems to approve so I'm not too worried.

Don't want her to hut that's not going to do anything. I also think its really weird that her brother in Divergent is being Gus & I highly doubt this wont ruin the book

What's strange is that Shailene Woodley is also playing Tris in movie adaptation of Divergent and Ansel Elgort is playing Caleb (Tris's) brother. Ansel is also playing Gus, so Shailene and Ansel will be playing both boyfriend/girlfriend and brother/sister.

And in glad I'm not the only person who feel that way and I really wanted to rebel. Yes there was other people up to audience and like divergent I think they picked the wrong person she, in my eyes is neither Tris nor Hazel. But again I might be a little biased.

Redhairdontcare She could be Tris. Maybe. I haven't seen The Descendants, so I'm not totally sure. But it even bothers me how mych Ansel and Shailene look alike. It's ...more
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If they are going to translate this book on the big screen then Hazel should be portrayed by an up and coming, no one established already because if done right it can make her career. Therefore my vote is for Olivia Cooke (of Bates Motel) to play the lead character Hazel. I feel that Woodley already has enough hits under her belt and her career is already set, give someone else a chance...

I think she was great in the Descendents. I think more important than who is cast is who writes the screenplay and who directs. For myself, I've seen that Shailey has the range to play Hazel. And it matters just as much as who the male protagonist is and their chemistry together.

For me Saoirse Ronan will be a great Hazel...=D

for me yes , she auditioned for the role , a lot of actresses did , and she's the one who got it , so i think the producers, the director even john green himself like her ,
she will do best i bet =))

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