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Edwardsville Public Library (edwardsvillepubliclibrary) | 142 comments Mod
Hello and welcome to the Edwardsville Public Library On-line Bookclubs. Each month, our librarian moderators will choose books for our three different discussions: Prize-Winning Fiction, Speculative Fiction and Page-Turning Non-Fiction. Hopefully, our book discussions will become a huge success and we can add some more categories.

Until then, our discussions will be organized around reading a book gradually through the month – that way you don’t have to have finished the book to share your thoughts. You can join in or stop participating at any point of the discussion. If you just want to read what others have to say, that’s fine, too. We hope you'll enjoy the bookclubs, read some great books, and make some friends.

The majority of participation will occur online. We will have concurrent discussions on our Facebook Events page; you can participate there also. Every three months, we will have a social event at the Edwardsville Public Library and give readers a chance to meet, chat about books, and eat some cake.

If you're new to this group, please take a minute to introduce yourself.

Edwardsville Public Library (edwardsvillepubliclibrary) | 142 comments Mod
Hello everyone. After some discussion with a few participants (off-line) we've decided to change the format of our bookclubs. Previously, we posted a discussion schedule for the month that followed the book. Most of our participants wanted to talk about multiple aspects of the book at once or themes that developed through the story.

From now on, anyone can post his or her thoughts about any aspect of the book at any time during the month. As always, be careful of spoilers. We hope this new format will open up some new discussions.

Happy reading!

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