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Brooke | 1376 comments Here we go!

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Hey hey!

So, what did you have in mind for the gang/drugs one? What came to mind?

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Brooke | 1376 comments Heya!

Character ideas came to mind hahaha.
I was thinking about a street kid getting involved in drugs and gangs and whatnot.
As for your girl character, I'm not really sure where you wanted to go with her. Like, is she also a street kid? Or maybe she's from a wealthy family?
I'm not really sure. What are your ideas?
(I'd just like an idea of what you're thinking before I start suggesting things hahah)

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To be honest, I'm open to anything, seriously! I'd love to hear all of your suggestions! Did you have any other ones? C:

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Brooke | 1376 comments I was kinda thinking she could be from a wealthy family, and maybe there are issues there, so she runs away from home and ends up meeting my character, who has been on the streets for years now, and he helps her out, you know? But he's got his own issues, with drugs and getting involved in gang stuff.

So that's pretty much it. Thoughts? Yay or nay?

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I like it! :D

Should she be a little snooty mcgee or no? But I think that sounds like a lot of fun and has potential. :) I'll probably end up making other characters anyway...if we're roleplaying gangs and stuff. But I really like the premise of everything! Maybe she ran from home because she was being set up for marriage just for the sake of money or something. Maybe something more family related idk!

But yeah, I like it - how would they meet and come to terms though?

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Brooke | 1376 comments It might be fun if she is a little snooty, yeah xD

Yeah, we'll probably have side characters and whatnot.

Oh, okay, sure! Yeah, her parents will want her to marry someone wealthy like they are, but she just hates the guy lol.

Maybe he could get her out of some sort of predicament? Maybe some dude is trying to steal her stuff and he cuts in?

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Yush! I've always wanted to play someone snooty, haha. >:) Like getting down and dirty just isn't their thing and theyre condesending and characters to play!

Yeah! That works.

And that works again, haha.

Everything works!

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Brooke | 1376 comments Yay! I'm glad everything works!

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Yay! How old should we make them?

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Brooke | 1376 comments Like... seventeen, eighteen?

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Sounds good.

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Brooke | 1376 comments Name: Abe Kallen
Age: 18
guy on street
When addicted to, well, anything, Abe is the most selfish guy you’d ever meet. His priorities are all fucked up, and the only thing that matters is getting high. When he’s clean, he’s just… Abe.
• He can be friendly, but only to a certain extent.
• He is sarcastic.
• He is very, very moody. His friends tease him that he is even worse than a girl.
• He can be a lot of fun.
• He is not a big defender of P.D.A (Public displays of affection), but he will sneak a few kisses when no one is watching.
• He is completely oblivious to girl things. Moods, signs, body language, you name it! He just doesn’t notice that stuff.
• Not the sweetest guy out there, but he can surprise you.
• Swears are a big part of his vocabulary.
• He’s scared of not being high. Everything is just so in your face when you’re straight, that it’s hard for him to really just, cope with life. Life just seems a million times harder to Jesse when he’s come down.

Other: He has no idea what he wants to do with his life at all.

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Name: Gabriella Renee Laberge
Age: 17

(view spoiler)
Prideful - You'll never catch this girl wearing anything dark. In fact, she loves to flaunt the fact that she's got a killer body. She takes pride in watching the envy in the eyes of other people, it keeps her motivation up. That sounds pretty bad but with the name she's got and with the way the whole city seems to know that family surname, well it's a little difficult to dare cause a bad reputation for the family. Nonetheless, she's always looking fabulous.

Stuck Up - Don't even try to get Gabby to dirty hands, it's not happening. There's always someone else who can do the deed and who the hell would even want to stoop that low? Moreover, it's just disgusting - anybody who does that is just gross. That's pretty much how her narrow mindedness works. Don't take it personally, hon, she does it to everyone.

Manipulative - When Gabby wants something, she'll work to no ends to make it happen. She'll flirt, she'll sass talk, she'll cry, she'll beg - it's what she does best. Everyone around her is her little chess piece, on hold until further notice in order to obtain to take down the enemy. In smaller words, she refuses to make friends and everyone is but a pawn or an object to her.

Impulsive - This one pretty much explains itself; Gabriella does things before she thinks them through most of the time. Like spending money or making quick decisions - she'll choose whatever works in her favour at the time.

Other: Not sure if she's got anything going on yet.

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I like him. (:
Should we start with the attempted thieving? Or did you have something else in mind?

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Brooke | 1376 comments Nope, that works!

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Who wants to start?

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Ooh and what tense?

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Brooke | 1376 comments Would you like to start this one? And how about present tense?

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Sure thing! :) And first person, yeah?

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Brooke | 1376 comments Heck yeah!!

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Cool beans!

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This is not what I had in mind when I fled to be happier. Who knew people actually lived in apartments? I don’t know why, but I’ve always thought that…well, I don’t know, actually. I just know I’d never be caught dead in one of those buildings. No way. Jesus, it’s cold, too. My jacket is made to be pretty, not keep me warm and right now, I’m kind of regretting not having brought my designer jacket that would actually cut the breeze that’s blowing the end of my french braid behind me. Instead, I can feel it seep into my bones, making me shudder. I hate shuddering, it’s just so weird. The fact that your skin grows little bumps and your arm hairs stand up and then you look like a really retarded puffed human…or whatever.
I blow the air from my lungs out into the air and I watch as a little mist floats up in front of my face and disappears beneath the light of the lamp post I’m currently walking under. For what seems like the hundreth time, I switch my purse on my other shoulder and I groan when I realise that I’m really sore on both shoulders.; my wrists hurt from hauling the huge ass suitcase behind me, too. Why did I even bother bringing all the makeup? Actually, I don’t even have to ask myself, I already know why. I never go anywhere without my makeup, even when I’m running away from my family. The clothes in my suitcase are all of my favourite outfits. Everything in there has a matching suitor. I also have my straightener that I use for curling too. Lots of creams and face washes, my autograph book, jewelry, money in cash (but that’s hidden in the secret pocket I made myself). My hand sanitizer is in my pocket and a few other important things I need in order to survive this cruel world.
I mean, come on, the guy had a freaking beard. How am I supposed to kiss a guy with a bird’s nest? Sure he was only two years older than me but I’ve seen older men (like Robert Pattinson) and they do not have beards, okay? And that’s just the beginning of how I ended up here, but I don’t even want to think about it, my parents are such egotistical jerks, geez.
I think I’m even getting a cramp from turning my neck so many times to check to see if anyone’s creeping behind me. Okay, I admit, maybe I shouldn’t have worn the leggings – who knows what creeps are out here. But being mugged only happens in the movies and if they dare touch me, I’ll show them. If it’s my money they want, then they’ll have to look really well aside from the cash in my purse, but that’s not where the jackpot is. If they dare touch my necklace, I’ll kill them. I’m a black belt in karate, I can kick some sorry pedo/mug ass if I want to. Easy peasy.
This time, when I turn around, I do see a figure and I quickly turn back around, picking the pace up steady. I stand a little taller and keep my head held high. It’s dark and some of the lamp shades aren’t even working, which is what scares me a little. I have to keep calm, things like that just happen in the movies, I have nothing to worry about.
Despite myself, I dare to take one glance back and then everything happens way to quick. I let out a small screen as I’m shoved somewhere darker. An alley? Probably. “H-hey! Get off me, I’ll call my dad!” I threaten, trying to fight this guy off and in the run, I felt my heel break. Oh hell no. I can hear him laughing and mumble something about daddy not going to help me out of this one or something. He’s trying to tear my purse off my shoulder and I’m clinging to my baby for dear life. And then I use a weapon I love to use. My voice. I start screaming for help at the same time I’m trying to break free from his grasp pinning me to the brick wall. Jerk! You’re ruining my jacket! But then his sweater sleeve his covering my mouth and I’m screaming into the fabric, which comes out muffled and quiet.
Oh, shit. This is happening. Oh, no! I was just kidding! I’m sorry about what I said about muggers! I can’t fight this guy off, no matter how hard I’m struggling, but that doesn’t stop me. I’m not letting go of my baby. I love her way too much. And she cost me a fortune.

[Oh my God
/headdesk ]

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