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Melissa Cumbee Did anyone else notice that the symbol on the door in IT and the symbol on the generator in Under the Dome were the same thing? Do you think this was on purpose?

Richard i didn't twig that, i noticed the IT cameo in 22/11/64 (or whatever that damn date was) but i didn't spot it in Dome

if it was the same, then it was definitely on purpose

Brandon Rose Ya, I noticed that. I thought, "Hmmm, that kida looks like the one from 'It'" so i compared the two and found that they are identical! Thought that was really cool. They look slightly different, but only in how they're drawn; the details are still the same.

Maybe the "Leatherheads"--since they were apparently children--were baby "It"'s?? Or other creatures from the realm where "It" came from?? Or did King just throw it in there cuz it would make for an interesting little mystery for people who have read "It"? IDK...

Its not the first inter-book connection i've seen in Stephen King books. Remember the cook from the Overlook hotel in "The Shining"? Well, he popped up again in "It" as one of the people involved in the fire at "The Black Spot."

And of course, Derry is everywhere.......

Leslie Omg! I didn't notice that but I went and looked it up and they are the same. I'm giving to have to re-read me some King books

Melissa Cumbee Derry is everywhere. I was wondering if IT and the Leatherheads were the same species as well.

Donna Davis This is probably one more great reason NOT to get an e-reader. I read "It" electronically, and I never saw a sign. Read Under the Dome in hard cover. It was a lot heavier to carry around, but infinitely easier to flip back and forth to refer back to things, and all the intended visuals showed up.

Melissa Cumbee My E-reader showed the sign in both, that's weird.

Rachael Showmaker I started reading S.K. in 5th grade (Firestarter). I read It for the 1st time in 6th grade. Been bored lately, so have been rereading some books. Just happened to read It and Under the Dome back to back and also noticed the symbol being the same on the door and the generator. It makes you wonder, but at the same time It never would have had 'pity' enough to allow the handful of survivors out of the dome. I actually think the same symbol has popped up in a few of his other books but I can't put my finger on which ones.

Of course if you read S.K. you know many of his books overlap, reference each other, etc. It'd be cool tho if he let his fans in on if there is a connection.

Melissa Cumbee IT wouldn't but you get the impression that the leatherheads were children. Perhaps that's why they're kinder. Or maybe they were just getting bored anyway. Or maybe IT is just from the same world but not the same race.

Sonya marie madden I listened to Under the Dome and have not finished IT. I have seen a lot of overlap in SK's books, especially the Dark Tower series.

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