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Katy Pye (pyewriter) | 29 comments Adrift in a new state, 14 year-old Elizabeth sparks Texas-sized trouble, fighting power and history to save sea turtles, family, and find her way home. Elizabeth's Landing is a modern "old-fashioned" story for ages 10* to ageless. Reviews are starting to come in on the book's page. I'm looking for more, so take a look, consider a read, or send me a question. I'm new to the group and look forward to settling in with you all.

My website and blog ( have more about Elizabeth's turtles, the BP oil spill, and young people making a difference in lots of ways.
Facebook Author page:

YouTube of my launch reading:

Happy reading and discussing!

[Goodreads book:Elizabeth's Landing|17884379]

For: "Teenage Girl Role Models Who Cooperate: My story has 2 teen girls at first cooperating, then facing unexpected complexities in their relationship, learning what it means to give and receive genuine support.

Looking for a story about Perseverance? Elizabeth's middle name.

* to be MG or YA? That is the question. I first classified the book as YA, but my local, savvy bookstore owner, Christie Olson Day ( and her newest worker bookbee, sporting a recent MA in children's book marketing, told me the book is MG, meaning 10+. The book is just out, mostly adults have read it and they love it. There is a beginning romance (freshman female, junior male), and while there is some mushy stuff, it's mild, barely experimental. So, I'd go 11 up, but people keep telling me my vision of today's 10 year-old mind isn't where it's at these days. Between us, let's call Elizabeth's Landing a Tween (a much undervalued niche, imo) and go from there. If you have questions, thoughts, let's have 'em.

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Carrie Cross (carrie-cross) | 32 comments Would you like to trade a FB Like?
I just followed you but need your author page link to Like it. :)

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Katy Pye (pyewriter) | 29 comments Carrie wrote: "Would you like to trade a FB Like?
I just followed you but need your author page link to Like it. :)"

Hi Carrie,

Thank you for following me! I just liked your FB page (love the artwork!) and look forward to checking out your books. Here is my FB fan page address: I'll add it to my Author thread here. Haven't gotten all this figured out, yet.

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Katy Pye (pyewriter) | 29 comments Thanks to everyone who has added Elizabeth's Landing to their reading list. Much appreciated.

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Katy Pye (pyewriter) | 29 comments I don't spend much time tracking Amazon ranking, but I did last week and just now. For whatever it's worth, Elizabeth's Landing moved from 1,8000,000+/- last week to a current 175,806! Whoo, hoo!!

Within about a week, all the cataloging data will be crunched so the book will be interesting to librarians. Learn something new every day. This was a task I didn't know was crucial to get librarians to consider the book.

Again, my thanks to everyone who has put EL on a reading list.

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Melissa Eisenmeier (carpelibrumbooks) | 74 comments Hi Katy. Welcome to the group.
Your book certainly sounds interesting. I might have to order it for my bookshop. If you come to Baltimore, MD, I'd love to have you for a book signing.
I think your book could be classed as YA or children's. Personally, I would probably put it in YA; the 14-17 set often thinks they're too cool to browse in the kids section.

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Katy Pye (pyewriter) | 29 comments Hi Melissa,

How nice to hear from you and imagine Elizabeth's Landing in your shop. Thank you for the signing offer. I'll keep it in mind if I get back East. I can certainly ship you signed books directly, if you like. Of course, it costs a bit more because of double shipping, but if it interests you, let me know and we'll chat.

I was YA right up to the end when my bookstore owner here and her employee (newly-minted from her MFA program in children's book marketing) told me they felt is should be MG. So confusing. So, I'm going with that and letting each bookstore owner decide what works best in his/her market. If you decide to carry it, I'd love for you to try the YA slot if you think that's best, and see if it goes. Will teens dare to be seen with a baby turtle book cover? :).

Let me know if I can be of any help, and thanks again for the note. BTW, what's the name of your bookshop?



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Katy Pye (pyewriter) | 29 comments Elizabeth's Landing e-book version will be discounted to $.99, April 9-23.

Elizabeth's Landing

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Katy Pye (pyewriter) | 29 comments Lots of turtle dancing around our house. Elizabeth's Landing is now a triple award-winner. The book won Writer's Digest's Self-Published e-book award in December and has just earned a silver in Young Adult fiction from the Nautilus Book Awards, and a gold in children's/juvenile fiction from Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

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Jennifer Jensen (jennifer_jensen) | 3 comments Congrats on the awards, Katy! I'm adding EL to my reading list, but I have a question for you. You said in an earlier comment that there was a crucial task to get librarians to consider it. My middle grade time travel is coming out in August and I'd love to pick your brain! I haven't done a lot of social stuff on Goodreads, but I think you can message me. Thanks!

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Katy Pye (pyewriter) | 29 comments Hi Jennifer,

Thank you so much for adding Elizabeth's Landing to your list. I hope you enjoy it.

I've written a publisher friend of mine about your question, because I think she may have additional light to shed. I used a company to generate the cataloging data libraries use for each book. As soon as I hear back, I'll send more info.

Best wishes, and happy 4th!

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