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Hellraiser—Mother Jones: An Historical Novel
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"Hellraiser" — Goal for Mother Jones

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Penmouse | 2 comments I respectfully disagree as it is through free market capitalism, and minimal government intervention, will the American worker succeed. Obamacare is a good example of government intervention costing US workers salaries as employers are putting more workers on part-time jobs to help save money. IF there was less government intervention i.e. no Obamacare the workers would be receiving full-time employment and salary.

I do agree with governmental protections when it comes to labor laws for all. We do not need to have children or women working in sweat shops. Nor do we need men working without vacation pay. My grandfather, who was a railroad engineer from the early 1900s to 1950, did not receive vacation time until his job was unionized.

There has to be a happy medium. For me that means less government intervention.

Penmouse | 2 comments Hi! Jerry,

I try to be fair and objective, and I appreciate your compliment about being open minded.

Sometimes you have to agree to disagree, shake hands, and remain friends.

Jerry Ash | 4 comments Hellraiser — Mother Jones: An Historical Novel

Memo to: Mother Jones
From: Jerry Ash


Mother, I am happy to report that people were busy buying your new book on launch day Sunday and it continues through Launch WEEK, September 22-29.

We received some great new reviews on Goodreads and in newspapers around the country. I’m especially pleased with the one in the Charleston (W.Va.) Sunday Daily Mail and another new one on by “Calamity Jane”. I have become acquainted with “Calamity”, which is her pen name, and what’s significant is that she’s been a long time fan of yours. So she knew what she was writing about when she did her review.

Launch WEEK for “Hellraiser — Mother Jones: An Historical Novel” continues through September 29. It’s critical we do well this first week in order to get the attention of the algorithm which will boost the exposure of the book to more readers.

Mother, your people need to learn the lessons of your history. You wouldn’t believe the condition the country is in today. Everything you fought against has become so extreme today. We need an army of Mother Joneses now.

I have retold your story in a new and more meaningful way.
I’ve given you a new home base: the Facebook Hellraiser Club.

I have networked with 100 groups on Facebook and Goodreads and the list is growing. Tens of thousands are learning of your rebirth.

Mother, please thank these people and their group leaders when you visit their dreams. Just like 100 years ago, they are calling on you to help them RAISE HELL.

You called your followers in the coal mines “your boys”.

I am your main “boy” now, Mother.
Jerry Ash, your faithful son.

Jerry Ash | 4 comments Goal for Mother Jones

I don't expect "Hellraiser" to become a best seller. I don't expect to become rich and famous. But I celebrate every time the book is opened and the lessons of Mother Jones' history fly out . It is needed today by the champions of the working poor who fight like hell for the living and honor the sacrifices made by the champions of the past.

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