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"Thanks," she smiles. She unlocks her door and opens it. "Mom? Dad?" she calls as she enters the house.

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Her mom and dad, Macy and Henry, enter the living room.
"Hey Jazz," her mom says. "Who's this?" she asks.

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"Hi Shawn," she greets him in a friendly manner. "I'm Macy, and this is my husband Henry. Are you Jazz's boyfriend?" she asks curiously.
"Mommmm," Jazz groans.

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Henry smiles. "Well, you take care of my little girl," he laughs. They both leave the house to go to work.
"Um, sorry about that, they are so embarrassing," she blushes

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Jazz shrugs. "I'm gonna go change, wait right here," she says, running upstairs. She comes back wearing a tank top and a pair of ripped jeans.

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"Hmm, I don't know. We have a pool?" she suggested, thinking tthat her dads swimming trunks would probably fit him.

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She goes into her parents room, and comes back with some black swim trunks. "You can change in the bathroom," she told him. She turns around to go to her room, changing into a deep purple bikini.

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Jazz smiles, "Mm hm," she nods, walking out to the pool deck. She dives into the deep end gracefully.

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Jazz kisses him back until she couldn't hold her breathe any longer. She breaks through the surface, grinning at him. "I didn't know you were so so romantic," she laughs.

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Jazz giggles, pulling him into another kiss. She knotted her hands in his hair, pulling his head closer

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She smiles against the kiss, moving her lips against his.

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Jazz leans her hands against his chest. Her tongue enters his mouth, exploring everywhere she can reach.

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Jazz kisses his jaw and down to his neck, sucking the skin gently. She stops when she gets to his shirt, liking her way back up to his lips.

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((oops! I'm gonna redo that last sentence!))
She stops when she gets to the hollow of his neck, licking her way back up to his lips.

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Jazz pulls him closer, drinking in the attention and affection.

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"They work late, probably until around 9," she grins.

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"About 12," she answers, leaing in to kiss him passionatley.

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"You wanna go skinny dipping?" she asks him sweetly, as if its an innocent thing to do. To make sure he says yes, she kisses his neck, biting down gently.

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((do you wanna skip or pm? I'm not sure if skinny dipping is considered pg13...))

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((I dunno, do you want to?))

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((um, we can just..... um..... skip I guess?))

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((um... how about right after the finish?))
Jazz slowly pulls away, breathing hard. She looks up at him, her gaze raking up his body.

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"Shit," she swore. She throws his swimsuit at him, and quickly put on her top. She struggles with the clasp a few seconds before finally getting it on. Sloppily pulling on her bottom, she shoves it up so high its practically a thong.

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She blushes, pulling down her bottom a bit. She gets out of the pool as her mom calls her name.
"Jazz? I'm home early!" She yells.

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Jazz smiles slightly.
"Hello Shawn," she says as she steps outside. "Listen, I'm gonna be going to the grocery store, so just call me if you need anything," she says before going back inside. After a few minutes they could here the car run, and she drove away.

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"I would have swore," she laughs, nuzzling his neck.

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"Hm, probably would have grounded me for life," she decides, reaching up to kiss him deeply.

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She moans loudly, kissing his neck. She sucks hard, biting down gently.

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She whimpers, putting her hands up his shirt. She stumbles over to the house and into her bedroom. She locks the door, pushing him against it.

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((wanna pm or skip?))
She crushed herself against him, slowly peeling off his shirt. She kissed up his chest with each inch she took off.

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((Umm, idk..... pm I guess?))

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She sits down on the couch, snuggling up beside Shawn.

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"Maybe I can watch?" she fliers in a joking manner.

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She giggles, waiting for him on the couch.

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She smiles, patting the spot next to her. "Dome here," she demands.

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She giggles, nuzzling his neck. She kisses him deeply.

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She pouts before turning her head back to the screen.

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"Hmm, looks like The Amazing Spider-Man," she shrugs.

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She giggles "Sure, if thats what you wanna think," she teases.

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She laughs. "Okay the, Peter Parker," she grins.

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She kisses him back hard, pulling him closer to her.

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She wraps her legs tighter, which gets her even closer to him. She places her hands under his shirt, sticking her tongue in his mouth.
((make it a little more hot, and then the mom can come in (; ))

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Macy steps out of her office. "Hey kids I- what the hell!?" she yells when she sees what's happening.
Jazz snaps her head up, pulling down her short hasitly as she untangled herself quickly.

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"Jazz," she said sternly, motioning to the kitchen. She reluctantly followed, head down. All Shawn could here was arguing, yelling, and maybe even a little bit of crying. Jazz finally left the kitchen, and she sat down next to Shawn. "Shawn..... I'm sorry," she started miserably.

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She whimpers, looking into his eyes. "I... I cant see you anymore," she whispers softly, tearing up.

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He gently gets out of his hug. "I'm sorry, but you have to leave," she whispers.

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