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Ms_Sara_Darling (MsSaraDarling) Harper strutted into the cafe with Ben's hand around her waist. She had booked a gig here and was working up her courage to get on the stage. There were a lot of people there, and most of them were older than her. Some were her age but not a lot of them. She pushed Ben's arm off and climbed the the steps onto the stage. She combed her fingers through her hair as her band members set up the equipment. As the song began she tapped her foot getting into the music. Then she began to sing the lyrics she had written a year ago.

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Nathan walked into the café his guitar strap around his chest. He moved over to the bar and took a seat on one of the many stools. He looked towards the stage and saw Harper, he knew her she's one of Aria's biggest enemies. It made him smirk, he thought Harper was a way better singer than Aria. Of course he'd never admit it though. He wasn't surprised when he saw Aria enter the café and make her way towards him. It was like she had a leash attached to him. He kept his gaze on Harper knowing it would anger Aria.

Ms_Sara_Darling (MsSaraDarling) As the first song of her set came to an end Harper was completely pumped and into her music. She motioned for her band to start the next song as she took a quick drink out of her water bottle. She set down the bottle and began moving her body to the music. She banged her head up and down completely in a trance by the music. Then she started singing her lyrics, this was one of her favorite songs that she had written.

(( http://youtu.be/iWIADZKU9dw ))

Edward entered the cafe with Dex at his side. He was surprised when he saw Ben was already there, but he ignored it and walked over to him. After his sister was done he figured his band could sing to show her how it's done. Yes she was his most favorite person in the world but they did have a rivalry going on.

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Nathan rolled his eyes when he saw Edward and his one band member entered the café. Nathan just didn't like him, there are many reasons probably too many to count. Then his attention was drawn back to the stage as Harper got intense by screaming some of the lyrics. It was actually pretty awesome, she was probably the first girl he heard sing like that. Aria folded her arms together not impressed by Harper in the slightest. She leaned into Nathan kissing his check and then sitting on his lap sweetly.

Ms_Sara_Darling (MsSaraDarling) Harper moved her body mindlessly around the stage singing the lyrics with passion and intensity. Once the song was over she stood there catching her breathe as the crowd erupted with applause. It was a first for her, to actually get applause, a smile lit up her face as she helped her band clean up the equipment. Then her brother came onto the stage after asking for his band to play. He bumped into his sister playfully letting her know what was about to happen. Her heart collapsed a little as her brother got ready to steal her spotlight for the hundredth time. She left the stage and sat down at a table with her band as her brother went to the mike. She loved her brother, really she did, he was the greatest musician in her eyes but she was tired of him always showing her up. Edward smiled at his sister and stood at the mic. Dex counted to three as he clashed his drumsticks together and began the song.

(( http://youtu.be/C6MOKXm8x50 ))

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments Arrin walks in, looking up to the stage. He reaches back to catch the door to close it gently so it didn't make much noise. He waits for the person to finish their song, it was sometimes distracting for people to walk around, and it was quite rude to as well.

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Nathan kissed Aria's cheek back not wanting to ruin their lie in front of her friends. His nose crinkled as he saw Edward take the stage, he kind of wished someone would kick him out. He watched Harper walk to a table but his gaze moved to Aria as she tensed up at the sight of Arrin. Aria moved her gaze to Edward, she had hooked up with him once or twice before, it was a mutual thing. Everyone knew about it, especially since she had done it while still dating Nathan. Of course Nathan cursed her out about it, but he let it go.

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Arrin looked at her and Nathan, rolling his eyes. He didn't care though, he sat down in the dark corner, there was a small lamp though. He reaches up and turns it on, pulling out his journal. He puts his feet up on the table, well, ancles, his feet were off the edge, he had enough class not to put his boots up there. He rests his journal on his lap and starts writing.

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Ms_Sara_Darling (MsSaraDarling) Harper was pi*sed that Edward was on the stage. Once his song was over she marched up the stage with her band right behind her. She pushed him yelling at him, but it was quiet enough so that not a lot of people could hear her. Edward just laughed but Ben tensed up, he didn't like making Harper mad. He tried to calm her down and was directing Edward off of the stage. Harper calmed when Ben smiled at her. She told her band to get back in their places so they could show her brother up for once.

(( http://youtu.be/xN0FFK8JSYE ))

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Aria scoffed seeing Arrin pass them. She pressed her palms against Nathan's cheeks and kissed his lips then roamed a hand through his soft blonde hair. Nathan kindly pushed her hands away. "We're in a public place Aria," he whispered. Then he saw the fighting on stage, he laughed to himself as Harper pushed her brother and yelled at him. When she started singing again he was glad, because she was an amazing singer.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments Arrin didn't pay attention to the group, sure, he had seen her practically try to eat the guy's face, but what was that supposed to do to him? Make him jealous? But in order to feel jealousy, wouldn't that mean he would have to care what she did? Oh, well, guess he isn't. He smirks a bit at his thought. He also seen the fight, it was ridiculous, he seen who it was, his eyes narrowing, then turning back to his journal, now that bugged him. He had to admit it, with this, he cared.

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Ms_Sara_Darling (MsSaraDarling) Edward tripped Harper on his way off the stage, laughing to himself as he did it. Ben hit him on the back of the head, "Dude, really?" Edward cursed at him, "She's my sister she knows I'm just messing with her." Ben just rolled his eyes and walked to a table. Dex sighed and followed them off of the stage. Harper didn't falter from his move then she sang the song. Once it was over she began a different one.

(( http://youtu.be/eztZ6mvWCcs ))

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Nathan glared at Edward, he was a complete jerk and Nathan was a nice guy he didn't think poorly about anyone. Aria slid off of Nathan's lap pouting to herself to get his attention. He ignored her and watched Harper up on the stage, this time he was watching her to annoy Aria. It worked of course because Aria walked over to Edwards table to flirt with him hoping to make Nathan jealous. He wasn't jealous he was just angry she went to Edward.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments Arrin looks over to her, raising one of his eyebrows, he looks at Nathan, almost feeling bad for the guy. No one deserved that. He sighs, shaking his head and continuing to write, It only took a year for it all to crash down on me once again.... He wrote, the ink spreading across the paths he was tracing.

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Ms_Sara_Darling (MsSaraDarling) Edward smirked as Aria walked over to his table. "Hello darling, what brings you to my table?" Ben hits his palm against his forehead and Dex sighs again. Harper finishes her song. The crowd wasn't as crazy about her as they were for her brother. She was furious and stomped down the steps. Her band went their separate ways as Harper went over to her brother. "You're a f**king prick!" she pushed her hands against his chest angrily. "Tell me something I don't know Harper," he laughed turning his attention away from her. Ben stood up and put his hand on her hip quietly asking her to calm down. Edward hadn't noticed the move because if he had all hell would break loose.

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Aria smiles twirling a finger in his curly locks, "Oh I just wanted to come say hello." When Harper came over and yelled at Edward Aria just smirked laughing to herself. When he turned away she saw the move Ben had made, "Yes Harper, do as Ben says and calm yourself." Nathan watched the commotion not sure if he should go over there. He didn't want Aria to think he cared about what she was doing.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments Arrin couldn't help but watch the ruckus going on, he didn't laugh, he just watched. It was stupid to make this fight where they were. It was a café. He sighs and closes his book, putting it on a table. He wanted to kill Edward, wasn't he just hitting on Melanie?

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Ms_Sara_Darling (MsSaraDarling) Edward touched Aria's hand kissing up it until he heard what she said next. "What?" He looked at Ben seeing his hand on Harper, "what the f**k Ben?!" Ben removed his hand taking a step back, "I was just calming her down for you." Harper pushed Aria's shoulder, "Why don't you shut the f**k up miss barbie!" Edward got up and moved towards Ben, "I didn't ask you to interfere!" Harper rolled her eyes at her brother, "Leave him alone Edward he's more decent than you will ever be."

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Nathan ran over to the table once he saw Harper move towards Aria. She growled pushing Harper back, she was angry that she would even dare touching her. "I can do whatever I want b*tch," she smirked at the last word. Nathan pulled Aria back, "Knock it off, we don't need to start any drama." Nathan hated drama and it was always around when Aria walked into a room. Aria shoved his hands off of her and moved towards Harper.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments Arrin's eyebrows went up, woah, did he just.... touch a girl? He wasn't good with that, but he wasn't going to get into it. He wouldn't. He wasn't about to get kicked out of here. He was almost kicked out of his other favorite place. He shakes his head, walking up to the counter, his journal in his hand. "Hey, can I have a Pepsi?" He asks. The guy nods behind the counter and Arrin waits as his drink is prepared.

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Ms_Sara_Darling (MsSaraDarling) Ben kept moving back as Edward charged him, "Look bro I'm just trying to do the right thing, she's your sister you know I wouldn't go after her, we have rules about that." Edward calmed down, he knew Ben wouldn't go after his sister it just wasn't something Ben would do to a friend. Ben felt terrible about lying to him, but he didn't leave him any other choices. Harper's eyes burned with pure rage as Aria laid a finger on her but before she could do anything that Nathan kid showed up. "This is bulls**t, I'm out of here," Harper stormed off to the back room of the cafe so she could be alone. Ben would follow her but that would only make Edward more suspicious.

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Aria laughed as Harper walked away, she had won once again. Nathan let go of Aria angrily, "God Aria, what's the matter with you?" He looked at her disappointed and followed Harper because no one else had. Aria growled watching him chase after her but she stayed with Edward. She sat down next to him laying a hand on top of his and batting her eyelashes at him. Nathan went into the back room, "Hey are you okay?"

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Ms_Sara_Darling (MsSaraDarling) Harper turned around seeing Nathan behind her. She wiped her tears away making her voice strong, "Yeah, I'm fine, they can't get to me." She sat down on one of the soft black chairs in the corner. She covered her face with her hands, sometimes she wished she could control her temper. She's just glad she left before they could get kicked out and banned from the cafe. Edward put Aria's hand in his and lightly trailed his index finger along her palm smiling at her with a devilish smirk.

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Nathan sat down across from Harper on a different black chair. "Yeah, you seem pretty strong, I mean did you see how far you pushed your brother? Man you got some skills," he smiled trying to get her to feel better. He felt bad for letting Aria go over there in the first place. Aria giggled wrapping her leg around his under the table as her eyelashes fluttered. She didn't know why she was still flirting with him when Nathan was gone, maybe because it was like a reflex to her.

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Ms_Sara_Darling (MsSaraDarling) ((I should probably hit the sack as well, goodnight girly! :D))

Harper laughed, Nathan seemed alright. It wasn't easy to make her laugh, probably because she was always so caught in her mind. "Thanks," she smiled at him looking down while messing with her fingers. Apart of her wished Ben had come instead of Nathan but she was glad that he had come. Edward looked off in the distance that his sister had went. He was starting to feel bad for being so mean to her, she was his world and he'd let her down by flirting with Aria. He stood and walked off towards where his sister had went not even bothering to give Aria an explanation.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments The drama seemed to die down, but there was nothing going on at the stage. This was a music place so he couldn't go up and take the mike, he also didn't want to get killed by the two bands here so he stayed back at his table like a loner with his pepsi.

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