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tori Nick wiped a had across his brow and heaved his heavy bag onto the left bed. He was happy to be here, at the most talented school in the country. He faint smile played at his lips, and he let out a loud whoop! He jumped up and grabbed his notebook, needing a place he could write. Still grinning, he ran out onto campus.

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Angel of Death | 222 comments Jack: I enter the dorm silently, using the entrance that was the least occupied. My roommate had obviously been here already, but I was more than glad about the fact that he was not currently present. I drop my belongings on the side of the room that was unoccupied, before looking for an area to stash hidden items. Finally, under my bed, I find a floorboard or tile under my bed. I pull out a couple gadgets and bust it open. Then, I pull open my suitcase, throw all my clothing and normal belongings on the bed, before revealing my hidden supplies. Quickly, I stash all my wooden bullets, crossbows, herbs, vervain bombs, stakes, and everything else under the tiles that were concealed by my bed. When I finally manage to stuff at least half of my items in there, I quickly drill the floorboard back in, but attach a string to the end of the tile to the side of my bed. It was a clear, thin, string, invisible to the human eye unless you came into contact with it. But as soon as I would pull the end that was attached to my bed, the floorboard would come loose. But of course, I always had vervain, a stake, and at least one hidden gun with wooden bullets, or other bullets dipped in other herbs. On my watch, I had a frequency and temperature sensor enabled.I had a necklace of salt, and a pentagram tattoo over my heart. Finally, after my forehead was covered in sweat, I plop down on my bed.

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tori Nick headed back into the dorm, and stopped when he noticed his roommate. He looked slightly flushed, but was a little warm outside..."Hey, I'm Nick." Nick said as he sat down on the corner of his bed. He sat his notebook down on his desk and slipped the pencil into one of the drawers.

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Angel of Death | 222 comments ((he left actually... do you want to assume he came back?))

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tori ((No, it's cool, only if you want-sorry :D))

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