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ℙ. ♈ɪℊℊᴇʀ | 55 comments Hello to you, my dear dear friend from looonng ago! :D

I really hope you see this, haha.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

This is happening! :D :D :D

Okay...should we roleplay them again?

ℙ. ♈ɪℊℊᴇʀ | 55 comments I call dibs on the confused girl in the back.

But yes, yes we shall bring my Coco Puffs back. :P
I don't even remember how we got that name for him, haha. Coco Puffs. Well, make sure that Jamie Baby is ready for all the shit. :P

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That's alright, I was the excited guy anyway! ^-^

Bahaha, remember that was when Jamie was like "You know, you kind of remind of a Coco Puff; crunchy and sugary on the inside but there's nothing inside once you bite through."

Jamie Baby will take good care of Coco Puffs, haha. :3

ℙ. ♈ɪℊℊᴇʀ | 55 comments Mmkay, so are we just going to start from when they first met? Or when they first get together? :]

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I'll have Jamie Baby up in a jiffy~

ℙ. ♈ɪℊℊᴇʀ | 55 comments Meh, lemme do it, it'll be quicker.

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If you insist...^-^

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I'm waiting.... tsk.

ℙ. ♈ɪℊℊᴇʀ | 55 comments I can't find James' picture.

ℙ. ♈ɪℊℊᴇʀ | 55 comments Name: James Micheal McConnel
Age: 19

Name: Hayden Alexander LaJolie
Age: 17

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Coco Puff T.T
You look so cute in that bed ;___;


ℙ. ♈ɪℊℊᴇʀ | 55 comments You know...he'd look cute with Jamie Baby in it. ;]

Let's not make it so sad this time, okay? I don't want to cry again!

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I beg to differ. He'd look even cuter if he was in my bed and Jamie beside me and we'd cuddle. >:O

ℙ. ♈ɪℊℊᴇʀ | 55 comments Get to work on your post, missy!

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This awesome roleplay has been taken up to messaging due to some unexpected changes to the plot.


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