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Classroom Teacher's Area:
The wall and flooring of the class room just about follows the rest of this layout. The classroom also includes a small couch near there as well as a door that connects to the old supply closet, which (because of her teacher salary) She lives in. It contains a bed, small dinning table, and mini kitchen. Her desk is usually more unneat and disorganized and she has a small little yoga like tree on her desk that she keeps. As well as a large book shelf covering the entire back wall that looks like.
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Classroom Desks:

They're 24 of those in the classroom, going around in 6 neat rows of 4 with one to a desk. Each desk containers 3 drawers and each desk also containers 12 pencils, color pencils, and a slot for the students book and journal, and then a rolly chair since she likes those kinds of chairs.

Classroom ChalkBoard:

She loved how the art teacher had things in her room, and because of that decided to try her hand at it. But half way through she gave up, erased it and just drew a dinosaur destroying a town. She had this for he first day, and has decided to ask the art teacher to just draw on her board from then on, depending on what they were doing things about. She usually doesn't use the board at all, and prefers to talk face to face which is why she decided it was okay to draw on it.


Abbylee Link She's Comment #4 for more information

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somebody | 121 comments Luke had chuckled fomdly to Nicole. There was something exily adorable. If that even counted. About her that he juet couldn't shake off. And it bothered him severly. !ostly because he wanted to know where she stood kn his own mind, yet had trouble placing her. Abbylee sitting behind her desk and looking up as students walked in with a soft smile, eqting from a bag of chips.

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Nicole eyed the teacher with mild interest, finding a dress in the middle vertically and on the left side of the room away from the windows, pulling her leather backpack onto her desk and pulling out a journal, laying it on her desk as she crossed her legs, leaning lazily onto the wood and hearing it creak as she studied the screeching dinosaur on the board.

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somebody | 121 comments Luke found himself chuckling atthe board. Sitting next to Nicole whether she liked it or not. Hoping sne didn't though not planning on being desprate enouh to fol,ow if she left. "Not exactly an artest. But that'll keep my attenfion" He chuckled under his breath, giving Nicole a slight playfull nuge.

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She gave a half smile, yet didn't look up, only raised her heavily lidded eyes to look at him, giggling. She let her foot touch his and made it seem by accident as she straightened in her chair.

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somebody | 121 comments A variety of people had came in, filling up the seats and all sitting around. Taking random seats and sitting next to friends or in some cases, no one in particular. Luke mentally scoffed, declaring in his head that this could easily just as well be war as he shifting slightly from her, his foot 'Accidentally' hitting hers and stared out to the window. The clock ticking ever so slowly in the room, something, Luke found, could easily drive him insane if he had to spend more than 2 hours in this room at a time.

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somebody | 121 comments Fred had walked out after her, putting the balloon back in his back back. Walking in as he came up to Ms. T who seemed to be poorly writing things down on rather small font of things she should go. Eating some chips in the mean time. Thinking up a quick lie, Fred came up to her desk Bonnie not having been too far behind. "Excuse me Ms. But Coach wanted us to put up a banner and we kind of need the ladder" He explained to her, rocking slightly on his heels and mentally sighing as she waved for him to go and get the ladder, handing him the keys to the locker as Fred gladly took them. Luke eyed his brother suspiciously for a moment, slightly confused but he had a suspicion he understood.

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Nicole smiled as she looked down and began to doodle in perfect black ink, in a scrawling delicate hand. It was a moment before she remembered that she should return and slid her foot up his leg before straightening in her seat

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somebody | 121 comments Luke chuckled slightly, feeling the hairs on the back of his neck perk up as she said did that. Smirking lightly as he waved good-bye to his brother who walked out carrying a large ladder on his back, Bonnie having waited at the door for him. Luke turning his head back to watch as Fred left the room with Bonnie, heading over to the entrance of the place, most likely to get on the roof over there. Sliding his leg up the furthest leg of Nicole's away from him. Going up the middle of her, the tip of his foot sliding slowly up her back leg for a moment before he took it down, moving over as if talking to a friend.

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She closed her eyes and visibly shivered, tucking her legs to the other side in an end to the game as she cleared her throat, looking down at her open notebook before looking up at her teacher.

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somebody | 121 comments Ms. Tarlton stood up from her desk, taking out a clip board as the bell rung. Everyone not here was either absent or tardy. Though it seemed like she had quiet a lot. Luke shifting his attention to the teacher when she had rung a gong that she just pulled out of the classroom's closet. Catching most kids attention. "Hello, I'm Ms. Tarlton and I'm more than glad to be teacher you all today. Forgive me if I pronounce any of your names wrong, I've never been all that good with names. Her feet swung around as she walked down the aisles handing out a piece of paper's with the years general layout. Luke eyeballing it and holding it a bit of ways away from his face and squinting his eyes to see the tiny font better.

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squirrel-cheeks Kat walked in with a frown and avoided talking to Mrs. Tarlton, and sat down. She looked at what she passes out, she raised her hand and waited to be called.

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Nicole rolled her eyes as she tried to read the minuscule, overly detailed writing, glancing at Luke she saw he was having the same problem and sighed quietly

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somebody | 121 comments Okay, so maybe it was about Time Luke either just stopped reading or maybe needed glasses... Somehow he found the first much more realistic as he put the paper down, resting his chin on his hand as he looked dazzlingly out the window like it was his safe haven.
Ms. Tarlton moving over and snapping her fingers in front of his eyes. "Mr. Blake. I don't mean to be rude, but next time I see your eyes staring out the window while I'm talking I might just sit your ass outside with Mr. Tool and you can see how fun that is"
She pointed out the window to a small garden, Referring to the creepy gardener who liked to cut his bushes by hand out there. Knowing for a fact just about everyone hated him, or at least was creeped out.
Luke made a slight face of disgust. "And as for everyone else who goes that, I'm sure Mr. Tool wouldn't mind talking as well, I checked with him earlier today and he'll be more than glad to lecture you on the lovely turn out of it's color" She turned from him, her heels clicking on the ground as Luke had a different interest in the teacher at this point. Not like like kind of like, but mostly in the fact that he wasn't used to that.
She turned to look at Kat. "One, why are you late to me class. And two. Yes Kat?" She asked, she wasn't all too fond of tardiness but she was understandable about it.

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Nicole rolled her eyes and leaned her head perfectly against her hand as she watched the scene and glanced at Luke. What was wrong with her? She had heard about this teacher, but....wow. She smirked as she looked down and began to doodle in her notebook, unable to hold back a light chuckle. Was this woman serious? Maybe this school wasn't worth it

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somebody | 121 comments Luke frowned his eye brows together, getting that achy feeling of a head ache. The pounding sensation in his head making him just want to fall of the earth and die just to avoid it, his hands moved up to massage his temples, rubbing slowly in small little circles. White dots forming in the corners of his eyes. Visible only to him. And it sucked. He's been having them for a couple of months now and they've only seem to be getting worse. Starting off with a couple seconds, though now it's at hours. He groaned slightly, causing Ms. Tarlton to turn and look to him, catching the way he looked. Almost like dying would have suited him better. "Mr. Blake, are you feeling well?"

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Nicole straightened, setting her pen down as she turned in her seat to look at Blake, concern written on her smooth face. Her hand laid against his shoulder as she leaned toward him with careful eyes, her brows furrowed. "Luke?" she whispered in her velvet voice, standing from her chair.

((You wanna rp Callie and Tom))

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Luke felt a lump form in his throat, swallowing hard in efforts to get rid of it. It was a bit of a weird sensation, one that he wasn't entirely fond of. Actually, he hated it completely. His stomach was in a knot as his head felt like it was about to burst open.
"F-F-Fine" He breathed out, starting out strong but ending it in a slight sway. His hand pressing down firmly against the desk as he struggled to keep himself up.
"Nicole, can you please take him to the nurses office. I don't buy false words and keep them as comfort" The teacher asked with a sigh. Not knowing anything else to do.

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Nicole nodded. This was where her training to spend one summer as a lifeguard at the Country Club in the Hills kicked in. Not that she had needed the money, or the exercise. It was more like a way to escape from her mother for a few weeks. Yet her instincts kicked in now as she slid her arm under his and helped him stand, her other arm wrapping around his side as she inhaled his scent. "Can you walk?" she whispered.

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somebody | 121 comments In Luke's opinion she wasn't helping him much at all by doing that. He could walk fine, just, would fall a lot during the process. He shook his head trying to clear his thoughts. "Course I can" He mumbled, stumbling slightly as he tried to talk. He was never in the best kind of mood at these times and often would find himself snapping out at people, or getting to the point were he really debated just killing everyone around him, anyone who acted stupid anyways.

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"Come on," she whispered, her breath against his ear, the quiet whining concern obvious in her voice as she supported the more muscular boy with some difficulty. "You need help," she managed to get out as they reached the door and she ignored all the eyes she felt on her back.
((I'll make a teacher's lounge))

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"How about you fucking take a picture, it'll last longer" Luke shot back to the people, being probably one of the first to use that term in something that might just continue for a long time after that. Trying to get over the white and now red dots too in the corner of his eyes. He never worried to much about them but oh god did it bug him a lot when he was trying to pay attention to detail. At times like this coffee only made it worse though, which sucked to be him in that sense since he usually loved it.

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Nicole gasped and gave him a look, her grasp nearly loosening in shock at his words. "Luke what's wrong?" she whispered quietly, noticeably short of breath, despite her physique. She hadn't anticipated him being this heavy, and was now terribly regretting her choice in footwear, namely the tall kitten heels she had picked from her closet this morning.
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somebody | 121 comments Luke knew he probably shouldn't continue on with this, that he should just shut up. But what he knew and what he did would always be a lot different when he was like this. "How about you keep your mouth shut, princess kind a better use for that mouth" Yes he knew his words were wrong, and yes he knew that if she even so much as ticked him off by any action he did he would easily go at her. Didn't so much as matter who she was. There was a distant look in his eyes. Migraines. These weren't the normal kind either and all he could do was sit and be tortured by them.

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She bit her tongue and swallowed hard as she blinked furiously, her grip on his side loosening. She said a silent prayer of thanks when they reached the nurse's office, depositing him gently on the bench outside before abruptly turning on her heel as she held the remaining scraps of her composure together, like trying to patch a hole with not enough fabric. Her heels clicked singularly on the hard wood floor as she exited, the lone sound save for the blood pounding in her ears.

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somebody | 121 comments Luke spoke mostly in murmurs now, throwing insults at random people though there was pain clear in his eyes like a sheet of unwashed glass. You can still see through it, but wow was that hard. He just wanted it all to stop, he wanted to pass out at that moment and mostly just drop dead onto the floor. Though he couldn't do that. He eventually managed a weak "please don't leave" to Nicole, knowing he was being an ass.

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She froze in the doorway, her long red ponytail freezing in its swaying motion from high up on the back of her head. She crossed back and looked down at him, her gaze instantly softening as she sat beside him and laid his head against her shoulder. "Just close your eyes,: her warm, milky voice pleaded

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somebody | 121 comments He shook his head, it hurt too much. Squeezing his eyes together he had to hold his head in his hands to keep himself thinking straight. He didn't know what to do or how to fix this. But it hurt a lot and all he knew was that he didn't want to be alone, not at this point anyways, it was just too hard to be alone. A quality about himself he always hated.

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She sighed at his rejection, instead leaning her head against his shoulder and laying her head gently against his forearm, swallowing as she yawned.

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somebody | 121 comments Luke breathed in and out. Maybe he was crazy. Just maybe. Okay maybe that maybe was more of a non needed word. Because he knew he was crazy in a lot of ways. The nurse came out and had attempted to fix him up the best the black male buff nurse would do without Luke freaking out and screaming bloody murder.

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Nicole held onto the edge of her seat as she waited before letting her hair down, running her hands through it haphazardly in a nervous fashion as she listened intently, cringing at certain moments. She closed her eyes and prayed, crossing herself before standing as she waited impatiently. She saw the door open and stopped in her pacing as her fingers toyed mindlessly with the buttons on her jacket. "Luke?" she called.

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somebody | 121 comments Luke had came out of there eventually. The only thing he really got to help him was an ice pack and a bottle or morphine, seeing as a head ache was a head ache. "Yea?" He groaned, walking slightly dizzy along the floor. He was doing a little bit better than he had first intended on doing and for the moment happened to have been a fan of numbing the pain. Even if it only made you feel worse when you finally felt the pain.

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She had her bag on her shoulders and his clutched in her red fingernails. "The teacher said I should take you to your dorm.-So you can..you know..rest" she whispered timidly, her eyes watching him carefully, on guard from his cutting words.

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somebody | 121 comments Luke had nodded his head, trying to think straight though nothing important had came to mind. "Sorry about that, migraines, you know? They've been happening for a while now, though I suppose it's normal. I usually just try and get away from people then that happens though." He sort of apologized though not entirely. He couldn't bring himself to do that.

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