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somebody | 121 comments Math Class

Teacher Area:

Her small portion of the room is along side the wall, it does from that blue color below, dramatically changing into the bright orange when the room curves into her desk area. She knows it isn't big but she doesn't want it to be either, in place of the laptop is a pendulum that she likes to stare at when no one else is in the room.


The rest of the room is more relaxed, as to keep it a more calm and gentle environment for learning. Though she kept things interesting by adding the lights to the ceiling, not liking the old ones that were in place. She spent most the summer just rearranging them so that the room looked better for future students. Seeing as she may have just been overly excited about it. She's best friends with the new English teacher, though most students wouldn't guess with the large difference in personalities.

Olivia O'queli

Olivia's Link She's Comment #2 for more information

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Alex walked in, and grabbed a random seat, sitting wherever he liked. He was going to go to this dumb school, get good grades so he didn't get kicked out, and have to go to foster care, but that doesn't mean he likes it.

squirrel-cheeks Kat walked in and gave a frown as she saw the time, she sat down, and hoped she would not be called out she got out her books and tried to see what the teacher had done on the board. Kat tried to look then groaned as she could not seen. He hair started to move as she moved her face, she roll her eyes as the teacher said what was on there.

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Alex nudged the girl sitting next to him. "Hey...You're late." He said with a smirk. He was late too, but she didn't know that...at least he didn't think she did...

squirrel-cheeks "Really, I thought I was the first one here" she said sarcastically rolling her eyes as she looked at the the boy. She looked up at the teacher, still hopping she did not notice.

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"Quit being so nervous. She doesn't notice anything...like ever. She is so ignorant." Alex explained with a small smile. "Don't worry...I was late too."

squirrel-cheeks "I'm not scared, and if you were late why did you say it to me" she said frowning and writing in her book. She started to Kat Sheffield....... she began to write on her not book with a soft smile.

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somebody | 121 comments Olivia Q'queli walked in. Being the math teacher and all. And she wasn't oblivious to the slightest thing. "I'm the ignorant one here Mr. Dawson? So you can shut you mouth and meet Ms. Sheffield later in detention after school" She neatly dropped a slip on the two of their's desk before standing in front of her entire class. "However, Ms. Sheffield only has one where as you now have 3. Keep your mouth running and I'll keep adding as many as I deem necessary." She stated with a light smirk.

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Alex smiled. He wasn't going to give her the pleasure of him freaking out. Nope. He knew he was being a jerk...and he probably should be the rude. So he sighed. "Sorry." He said, obviously not liking saying it. But hey. If anything, he owed it to his mom.

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squirrel-cheeks "I always love the time we spend together, it make ups closer, right, Oliva" she said sweetly knowing nothing could get worse then what she had, she looked down at her book, and realized what she could do. She bite her lip and gave a nerves smile back to her.

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Alex looked at her with a raised eyebrow. Girl had guts. He liked that. "Anyway, Olivia, do you mind if I just do all three of my slips...tomorrow? My drama teacher apparently doesn't like my choice in music...." Alex said with a sigh.

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somebody | 121 comments Olivia smirked lightly. "How about I just keep giving you detention every single day until I say other wise. That also counts for next year Dawson." She informed him, looking to Kat as she stated with a sickly sweet voice. "And now you two can stay there all year together, bet you'll enjoy that." That voice dying shortly as she stated dully. "However I'll make sure they keep you in separate rooms."

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Alex bowed his head. "Sorry." He sighed. His mom would slap him so hard right now...he knew she wouldn't be proud. He sighed and put his head on the desk.

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somebody | 121 comments The Math teacher however didn't show much regret or guilt, he wasn't exactly passing the class with flying colors you know. She turned around, writing things on the chalk board. "For the time being you two both have 5 detentions, that's a school week, and every lunch is to be spent in this room and I will not allow other wise until I say so." She stated giving the two a look.

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squirrel-cheeks Kat smiled, she knew she could not push her buttons any` more and stopped. She looked over at Alex he was sorry, this kind of thing happened a lot, it was not different. She guessed he did not do this often.

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Alex shrugged and glanced at Kat with an 'its fine happens like every day' smile. It really did though. he really and truly had one from the drama teacher....lame.

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somebody | 121 comments "Now seeing as 6 people showed up late today, including these to smart asses. Let's smart off with a pop quiz on something I haven't taught you yet. Like I said before, for every student late, ten times the amount of problems will be given that day. Meaning you have 60 to finish before the period ends, or you can finish it in here at lunch as you accompany Mr. Dawson, Ms. Sheffield, and myself here at camp O'qulie, here I am queen"
She didn't have that much of a good start today either, adding onto her harsh behavior, though she usually got results.

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Alex sighed. His mom would slap him with a broom right now....if she wasn't dead. He quickly did the quiz. Man was that easy. He thought as he put his pencil down and stared at the ceiling.

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somebody | 121 comments Once some of the people were done, she walked around, collected some of the paper as she snatched up his paper, deciding on grading it first. She frowned her eye brows together as she looked it over. He got two questions right, and an extra point off for no name. She was a bit surprised with the low grade, but then again he did rush through most of it, before she finished grading what else was there, zipping through the papers easily, most people failed though a couple didn't. Making her decide this wasn't going to be graded after all. Sure she was mean but failing the whole class was a bit beyond her reach at this point. "I want to congratulate one student in particular. For I have never seen work such as his. Mr. Dawson. Please tell me. How easy way this for you?" A couple students looked surprised to Alex at the fact that at the moment it appeared he didn't better than most. Despite the fact that he had done the worse in the class. Luckily she knew everyone's hand writing by heart and remembering his wasn't much of a task.

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Alex looked up, surprised. "Um...My mom was an advanced Math teacher at my um old high school. We would run drills every night. Do practice problems for fun." He said with a simple shrug. It was true. that's what they did. All night..and all day.

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"So it was um pretty easy." He finished.

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squirrel-cheeks Kat smiled, as she took her paper. She was not happy but she was not worried about that she always passed and this year would not be different. Kat put her pencil down and smiled.

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somebody | 121 comments Olivia handed him his paper. "Explains why you only took about 5 to 10 minutes" She stated curtly. "And then got two questions wrong. You do understand that getting two right out of 60 isn't going to get you pass this grade?" Now usually Alex did fairly well in her class, making her unsure as to how he manage to fail this one. "Luckily for you this isn't going to actually count for any of your grades. Seeing as only 8 people passed and it was barely. Though I do hope some of you take this as a moment to reflect on your behavior and how to improve." She stated.

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Alex looked over the test. Mentally checking. He raised his hand.
"I got all of these right....see.." He grabbed walked over to her desk and grabbed the answer sheet. He grinned. "You looked at the wrong answers for each problem. See, the final answers are circled. You looked at the wrong ones." He told her, and sure enough. He was correct. "I actually missed the ones you thought were right."

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somebody | 121 comments "But I didn't forgot your name. Which I've told you before does count for 10 points." She pointed to the paper with her pen, tracing out where he should have a name at. Blank. Nothing there. However, she did know everyone's hand writing by heart, and he was the only one here she hadn't checked off. "Pleased to see I was wrong though, since you're usually such a good student and all." She flipped over the page, checking for a name. And sure enough. There wasn't one.

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Alex shrugged. "Sorry about that. It must have slipped my mind. It won't happen again." He scratched the back of his neck, and stared at the clock, willing it to move faster. But, unlike what he always wanted. It didn't. Life seemed to do the opposite of what Alex wanted. It sucked.

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