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Teacher Area:

This part follows the same wall and floor as the picture below, meaning it has the brick like walls and slick white flooring, the classroom is neat and cleaned up as usual.


The classroom is completely neat and organized, just as he forces the student to do the entire time, after every class and before every class just in case. That also means cleaning the gum under the desk if there is any. If stuff is left over, every student in that class period will be put into detention, well, every student in the half is put into detention.

Mr. Miller

Tom's Link He's Comment #3 for more information

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Callie jogged down the empty morning hall, butterflies in her stomach for the first day. She saw the science teacher's door was cracked slightly, and figured it would be a good opportunity to introduce herself, and ask for a pencil, as all of hers seemed to be in her boxes somewhere, unpacked. "Mr.Miller?" she stuck her head in the door and slowly stepped inside the flawless room, feeling immediately out of place. She was wearing a high-waisted black pencil skirt and long sleeved flowy cream shirt. It would've been something she considered boring, except for the thick belt and matching headband printed with the Sistine Chapel paintings. Her feet, which of course were bare, were cold on the slick floor. "I'm Callie, the new art teacher. Would you happen to have a pencil?" she asked, somewhat timidly.

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somebody | 121 comments Tom was behind his desk when she came in, looking up to smile slightly to the new art teacher, mostly just trying not to scare her off. "You can just call me Tom, every teacher does" He smiled, looking to his desk as he whipped out a pencil from a jar of them, pre sharpened, some times he wondered why he wasted his life on all of this. Making everything so perfect for no one at all. Just to please himself and give him something to do. Why did it brother him to have things all out of place and messed up once people left. He shook his head slightly as if to rid himself from those thoughts. His white shirt unbuttoned by 3 as he looked to her with a smile. "You don't need to be so scarred either, you're not a student you know." He informed her lightly. Trying not to scare the already timid teacher.

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She smiled warmly at his words and took the pencil from his with a gentle hand, smooth and perfectly manicured with petal pink nails. She couldn't help but feel the wave of butterflies in her stomach increase in its fluttering at his grin and his charm... She glanced around and gave a near silent laugh. "Oh. This is just..not my usual place" she smiled as she looked back to him, tucking the pencil behind her ear. "Well Tom...it was very nice to meet you" she said, biting her lip before taking a moment's pause to let her eyes sweep over the nearly empty classroom before seeming to come to some conclusion in her mind and nodding as she turned back to him.

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somebody | 121 comments "You know, we've gotten a lot of new teachers. Maybe that's a good thing, this can be your usual place. The school I mean. We just started actually accepting females in general, and personally I like it" Tom smiled up to her as she walked a way, slightly lopsided before he looked down to his note, clicking his pen before writing something on a sticky note and sticking it onto the wall. There was something about her, she didn't look like the type to be timid at all.

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"Well" she looked down at the inside of her wrist, forgetting shed taken her military watch off. She glanced up at his clock and sighed, turning to the door. She was quite tall, even without shoes. "I suppose I'll see you at lunch maybe. I'm right next door if you need anything" she smiled nervously before slipping out of the room into the hall. He looked like one of her dashing professors in college she would fantasize about. John always told her she stopped aging mentally and physically at 22.

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somebody | 121 comments Tom smiled, nodding his head. Holding his glasses in his right hand, biting down slightly on the right end of it. As if in though. Feeling a tad bit conflicted on the inside. Having a hard time comprehending the fact that back home he'd have to deal with his brother, and at school his 3 kids. He took a liking to the teacher, she looked rather young for a teacher, though something about her looked slightly haunted, which intreged him a lot.

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