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Eleanor: Has the top two beds, though she'll let someone else take one for the night if they have to. She sleeps on the one closest to the window when she wants to think or is worried, and the one closest to the book shelf when she wants to read.

Luke: He has the bottom left, mostly because he sometimes gets a bit paranoid and likes to be able to watch the door. Though in all honesty, he really doesn't care. It's just became a habit.

Fred: He takes the bottom right, mostly because he got there second, doesn't like heights all that much and sleep walks. He thinks it'll be easier to go to sleep if he gets to stare at the stars as well as if he does sleep walk, he's at least already on the bottom bunk.

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somebody | 121 comments Fred strode, moving over to his bed side and throwing open the bottom bunk's drawer as he pulled out a Black Blake bag and slung it over his shoulder. "I've prepared for a while. Had the urge to just get someone back, thougbt this would help" He poorly explained with anervous chuckle.

squirrel-cheeks "I think we both know this is going to be great" she said picking one up and smiling of how much paint and slim it had, "So, where are we doing this again" she asked him putting it down, and looking at him in the eye.

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somebody | 121 comments "Around the main entrance to the school, when people walk under it. We attack, then hide. Hope they ignore us. My uncle usually passes under it in about 30 minutes or so. Kind of why I really want to do this now." Fred explained loosely with a chuckle. Tossing one between his hands, the bag slung over his shoulder.

squirrel-cheeks "OK, what are you waiting for lets get ready she said opening got door closing the stuff, to make sure no one know what it was. She looked at him with a smile and waited for him to response.

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somebody | 121 comments Fred nodding his head with a slight chuckle. "Damn you're impatient" He admitted to her, giving her a playful nudge as he kept the balloon in his right hand. I think Ms. Tarlton has a ladder in her office, think she'll let us borrow it if we said it was for a project?" He asked her, biting his lip curiously.

squirrel-cheeks "Ok, and I'm not impatient, I just like to do things before I'm dead" she said softly going to Mrs Tarlton. She smiled as he followed and made her way through.

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somebody | 121 comments ((Moving to English Classroom))

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squirrel-cheeks ((OK))

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