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Books By Ces ok everyone let´s make a list of everything they changed in the movie and the important thing they left out....

mine is:

left out
1.- Simon turning into a rat
2.- Alec was sent to Magnus home when injured

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Alina Pickett Cecilia (CesBookGeek) wrote: "ok everyone let´s make a list of everything they changed in the movie and the important thing they left out....

mine is:

left out
1.- Simon turning into a rat
2.- Alec was sent to Magnus h..."

OKAY THE THING YOU SAID BOTHERED ME SO MUCH. Like how can Simon not turn into a rat??? I also thought that it was really obnoxious how they didn't ride the motorcycle off the roof of the vampire house, and how at the beginning of the vampire house the vampire doesn't come out and warn them "My friends never left there" but really he was just a vampire. That whole scene was kind of messed up

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Alina Pickett PERFECT casting for Simon though.

Christina Alina wrote: "PERFECT casting for Simon though."

I also really liked Rob as Simon. He was one of the more accurately cast people, at least in my opinion.

Books By Ces ok here are my overall thoughts...

casting.... It was ok.... it is very difficult to make everyne happy and I really think Jamie lived up to Jace's character... yeah maybe the looks are not what we expected but he puled it off and acting was good, he did a good job and I like him... everyone else too.
It is really difficult for a movie based on a book to be totally the same... REMEMBER movies are BASED ON THE NOVEL not the novel itself.

All of us who ae avid readers and already read the series, expect more from the movie, but movies are intended for everyone so, the market is different. Visually it has to be different.

What I felt is that some things are left unexplained and others are explained too soon... I understood the sibling thing, to spoil that it is a lie but they don't know, it is for the audience.... you know.... we already have a gay character, and if they did not explain th sibling thing well.... it would have been bad....
the sequence of events... the story is on the book can be aas long as the author and editors want but a movie cant, so basically the most important things where there.

the essence of the story is in the movie and I thought it was cool, the CGI was excellent so.... the truth is we should support the movie ALL OF US readers becasue I really like my favorite stories to come to life even if they change them

examples: true blood was great and it was not the same as the books, also the vampire diaries, and lets remember twilight also was changed, especially the first movie.
vampire academy is comming and from the look of the teaser I am scared, but REALLY I give them a chance to all of them, becasue if we don't then we will not get the chance to see our book alive..

Books By Ces Alina wrote: "Cecilia (CesBookGeek) wrote: "ok everyone let´s make a list of everything they changed in the movie and the important thing they left out....


Alina wrote: "Cecilia (CesBookGeek) wrote: "ok everyone let´s make a list of everything they changed in the movie and the important thing they left out....

mine is:

left out
1.- Simon turning into a rat

yeahhhh the vampire energy thing... I wonder how they are going to get to the ship on the second movie??? if they film it :)

Books By Ces ohhh and where's Church?

Serena Uh Raphael? Like WHERE WAS HE IN THE MOVIE?

Books By Ces Serena wrote: "Uh Raphael? Like WHERE WAS HE IN THE MOVIE?"

yeah!!! him too... maybe on the next one jaja

Alicia Vozza Serena wrote: "Uh Raphael? Like WHERE WAS HE IN THE MOVIE?"

Sadly, the director didn't want Raphael in the story yet....

Angela I don't mind if Simon doesn't change into a rat but NOT drinking a vampire blood was disappointed for me. In Cassie's world that is how vampires are born. By drinking the vampire's blood and NOT be bitten by one. But as I think further... there must be a reason why they don't add it. And now that the 2nd movie will be film next month and Raphael WILL be in the 2nd movie... I have make some guess. In the book, Raphael is Simon's sire right? So MAYBE Simon will drink blood from Raphael in the second movie in order for him to have part of his transformation completed. Beside, it would make more sense if Raphael is Simon's sire and NOT that other vampire guy from the first book (who is dead).

Maddie Tiare Where were the Lightwood's parents?

Also, they didn't explain the backstory of the Circle well. I took four of my friends (who hadn't read the book) to see the movie with me, and they were all completely confused by the time it was over.

This isn't a spoiler if you've seen the movie, and it isn't a spoiler if you've read past City of Glass, but I'll warn you anyway:
They spoiled the thing with Clary and Jace (not) being siblings. I would put that under a spoiler, but they said in the movie "We'll lie to them and tell them that they're siblings! It'll break their hearts!" NO! We're supposed to think they're related for two books!

Roderick Yeah the only casting they did right was Lilly Collins as Clary, I was so disappointed with everyone else, they didn't live up to the characters to me and I HATED the book! In fact I laughed when I saw who they picked as Magnus...I hope Clare kills him after the atrocious ending to the fifth book I hope he suffers bad!

Sorry but he is also to blame, not just Alec, their relationship had too many holes and they didn't sit down and TALK ABOUT IT!

Jace was too stoned face for the film, sorry it was worse than the book!

**Ingrid Hueck** Valentine and luke and Jace and Clary were supposed to be at Renwick's when Luke and Valentine were fighting...
Raphael wasn't at the Hotel Dumort...
Simon didn't turn into a rat...
The motorcycle bit wasn't in it either...
they never went to the restaurant...
Isabelle never cooked her nasty soup...
they put Valentine and Jace fighting...
Luke wasn't figting with Valentine...

Kaleigh Ward Cecilia (CesBookGeek) wrote: "ok everyone let´s make a list of everything they changed in the movie and the important thing they left out....

mine is:

left out
1.- Simon turning into a rat
2.- Alec was sent to Magnus h..."


Alaska Rose omg the spaghetti bath bit! that was one of the main lines i was looking forward too!! and i agree, what the hell happened to Church???????????! gah
very disappointed

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Dee I was so dissapointed by the movie, they left so much out, and changed things that really didn't need to be changed. I hate that they left out Church, Raphael, & Simon turning into a rat, along with so many other parts of the book. & that Rottweiler demon was ridiculous. Definitely expected better.

Amber They changed Hotel Dumort! That angers me. That's one of the best scenes in the book! Sure, it was still epic and kick-butt, but Simon wasn't a rat! And they didn't have the whole thing with Raul (I think that was his name).
The greenhouse scene. Wow. The set looked fantastic. Clary and Jace go up this little spiral staircase thing to an itty bitty platform and they're looking out across the greenhouse and then the clock strikes midnight and all the flowers start blooming and it was so gorgeous. And then Clary and Jace start edging closer together and I'm all pumped up, like this is it they're gonna kiss now. But no. Clary had to see this weird little lizard thing, and she's like, looks like we've got company, and Jace goes down the staircase. Then Clary does this weird trip fall thing and Jace catches her and pushes her up against the railing and starts making out with her and I'm like, "No!" This is supposed to be tender and gentle and sweet and uncertain. This looks like they're trying to eat each others faces off! Gak.
Then there's that scene with Jace and Clary at the portal. And so in the movie the portal is made of water. Jace is telling Clary about the portal and he's like, let me show you something. He takes a ball of water and puts it next to her head then reaches into the portal and BAM! His hand comes out of the ball of water and starts stroking Clary's face. Am I the only one who finds this incredibly creepy?
The ending has got to be the biggest thing they changed. Am I wrong or did the whole ending take place in Valentine's house in the book? I think I'm right. I mean, that's not a big deal, just something I noticed. Something that did anger me were Valentine's stupid braids! Whoever thought those were a good idea is obviously blind. It kinda bothered me that they added on stuff that didn't happen (or I don't remember happening) to the end. It's not a super big deal, just something that made me go, 'Was that really the best decision? Really?'

Nurlely So sorry if you can find this comment of mine also on different thread. I post it to TMI movie related... ;)

I watched the movie yesterday.
My opinion:

Jamie has tried his best to play Jace. He was surely different from Caius in Twilight. He was still not-my-so-handsome Jace. And I think his eyes are way too big sometimes. Jamie also failed in pulling the sarcasm. The lines that were supposed to be sarcastic enough it made me smiling reading the books were a bit flat.
I love the strong chemistry between Jamie and Lily.
In overall, I think I can love Jamie as Jace.

Lily Collins is too gorgeous as Clary. She is more beautiful and attractive than Jemima playing Isabelle.

Simon is the only character well played. Kudos to Robert Sheehan. It was not his fault that he only wore 1 statement tee in the movie.
One thing annoying enough though. When Clary hit Simon repeatedly with fire extinguisher, Simon just yelled ouch?? Seriously??

Alec. Was it really difficult to find a handsome young man in US? Kevin Zegers is not handsome enough to play someone who looks like Will Herondale and his look is obviously old enough for an 18-years old Alec.

Isabelle. Jemima is gorgeous, but she could not pull the gestures Isabelle has. Isabelle should be a tough person who is so beautiful boys will look at her when she walks in. In TMI, boys will look at Clary more.
It was annoying when Simon was captured by vamps and Isabelle screamed. Really? She could try fighting them. She fought more vamps and demons in different scenes!

Valentine. Gosh... the braids! I love JRM but I didn't want to see such ridiculous predator-wannabe look again. I already missed the blond hair. And JRM is way to handsome and slim to play Valentine.

Joselyn. I love Lena Headey and her Brit accent.

I love Aidan Turner as Luke.

Magnus. I don't think Godfrey Gao can pull the awesome Magnus. He didn't have the necessary lines to attract the audiences. Not his fault. He wasn't given those.
That no pants was a bit ridiculous and unnecessary. It didn't expose Magnus eccentric-self.

I think the movie is too long and losing its attraction. Details were too much and with no explanation. Simon was bitten by vamps (a vamp) and no explanation whether those shadowhunters knew that. The bite mark was pretty obvious for Clary to see! And 1 bite mark after staying in a vamp lair with so many vamps?
I would stick to Simon as rat as the start of the vamp thingy. It is ridiculous for vamps to kidnap a mundane in Magnus' house and he did nothing?

My fave scene was Jace and Clary kissing, without the sprinklers went off part. And although Jamie is not extra handsome and less sarcastic, his scenes were the only ones who kept me from falling asleep.

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A I only saw the preview but everything is very different from what I imagined.

Lindsey Thompson How about when Jace was like, "the institute was built around the portal" no.

Lindsey Thompson Oh but the biggest thing for me was the fact that Clary ended up with the mortal cup. Like seriously

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