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Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte > Week 4: Chapters 25 to 34

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message 1: by Blarneygod (last edited May 20, 2009 11:22AM) (new)

Blarneygod We are not to week 4 yet, but I have finished the book! Yay! My favorite part of this book is the romance between Catharine and Hareton. The book went full circle, giving Catharine and Hareton the happy ending that Cathy and Heathcliff did not. Hey Amanda... if you read this... my copy of Wuthering Heights is now ready for you to read if you don't already have a copy;) Hey Zadi..... Read and catch up with me!... I miss your posts :)

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I am working very hard to get through this book. It is not really enjoyable to me yet. I think the neatest thing is really the POV that the author is using. The shift in POV actually threw me off for a bit but since you warned me of it I am now getting things sorted. I think that the characters are likeable mostly because they are so flawed. Thanks for letting me borrow it. I am hoping to finish by this weekend.

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Blarneygod This definitely was not a fast read for me either... I found the book very interesting on an intellectual level, but a bit slow on the pure enjoyment level;)

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