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Sammee (chasing_sammee) | 379 comments Mod
The book was read, the movie was seen NOW let the discussion begin...

doctor (doc-sung) | 5 comments I found the demon portrayal a lot more scary than in the books, which made it that much better. (Though I do feel bad for the mother behind me, who started screaming as her daughter giggled.) Over all it was a great movie, I feel like a lot of people who didn't read it could go in without being confused.
The only disappointment was how Hodge told Valentine what to tell Jace and Clary. I just really wanted to see everyone's face when they revealed that they were "siblings" !! I guess it was to keep it on the safe side- but I think they could have done it right before the credits rolled (like... Valentine talking to someone in the dark, explaining how it's "all going according to plan, they think they're related." Or something like that.)
Yup that's about it!

message 3: by Mia (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mia (miapea) | 359 comments I thought it was overly simplified. Agree that the demons were more frightening when brought to life in the movie. I didn't like that bit about Hodge telling Valentine to tell them. Also, we had to wait until, I think, the second or third book to find out that they were actually NOT siblings, but the movie version reveals that from the start. Overall underwhelmed by the movie.

Sammee (chasing_sammee) | 379 comments Mod

Where do I begin.

Visually: B+. Each scene really brought the book to life.

Character Development: C-. There wasn't enough time spent building bonds between Clary & Simon or Jace & Alec for that matter. plus NO discussion of Parabatai. Writing it off as "best friends" is an insult. AT no point did I feel like Alec was in love with Jace. Just saying it doesn't make it so.

Story Structure: C-. No Lightwoods? Hodge runs the institute? Magnus Bane??? The incest reveal? Some changes I know need to happen to condense a book into a film but some of it was just ridiculous & lame. More time of Clary freaking out about now being able to see the Shadow world. Magnus Bane is a brilliant magnetic character & they've turned him into a few lines to push the story forward instead of developing him to take a bigger role later on. Maybe if they didnt get rid of the dinner scene maybe I would believe Alec was in love with Jace. Yes Clary is clusmy but that kiss scene was just whack! She fell (beat), he caught her (beat) then they kissed. It was just to strange & didn't flow. Why make Hodge run the institute instead of being their tutor. Why not reveal that he was cursed instead of letting us think he's an agoraphobiac. His betrayal in the book is a massive blow in the movie it doesnt come off like a major blow since NO ONE sees what happens. he lets the demons in then he closes the roof??? um ok. Magnus comes to heal Alec. Did someone send him a bat signal - why did he just show up? Why, why, WHY start the vampire change on Simon. That was such an epic moment in the book, he feeds of Jace becomes a Daywalker which totally changes their connection & how badass Simon becomes. A plus I will give them. It was awesome seeing Jocelyn defend herself & take the potion. Knowing that doesnt take away from the wondering of is Valentine torturing
her. Reworking the scene where Luke is with Paghorn & BLackwell. In the book is an intense conversation, no violence, no one is tied up. IN the movie he's being beaten. Yet Clary in all her wisdom believes he really doesnt care about Jocelyn. um, hello???? If they would have left it alone it would have been more believable the other way. Can we talk about the Silent Brothers voice? I was waiting for them to say "Coming to a theatre near you..." Why use "Mr. Moviefone" voice. that wasn't creepy just a WTF moment.

The Acting - C+. Lily Collins, visually she is Clary but her delivery was just below that of wet wood
Jamie Campbell Bower, he's Jace hands down. Some of the dialog was just bad but that's not on him (shame on you writers) Robert Sheehan, owned that roll. his delivery was on point every time. Kevin Zegers, you are NOT Alec. I didn't believe it when you were cast & after the seeing the final work I stand by that. Yes you are a shadowhunter just not Alec. Jemima West, didnt like this casting but instantly I take back my stance. I dont think she is as beautiful as the describe Isabella to be but she brought that feminine badass to the table nicely. Lena Headey, we dont see much of her in the book and in the movie she got some more time & what she had it was captivating. You believe she was once a warrior. Jonathan Rhys Meyers, he is such a talented actor that when he was on the screen it didn't matter that Valentine wasn't in a suit & blond & as big as an oak tree. He was sinister in a way that was just enticing that you understood how Valentine could rally so many to do something so evil.

I could keep picking this thing apart but in a nutshell TMI: City of Bones review: B-/C+| great action scenes, rushed development & lame story rearrangement

doctor (doc-sung) | 5 comments From what I've learned, TMI only opened with 14.1 million (I believe in the US) on a 60 million dollar budget. Yikes. That's not necessarily encouraging. Also boo on my theatre for showing only ONE YA book turned movie preview. It was Vampire Academy. What about Ender's Game? Catching Fire? I don't care about Sandra Bullock in space!!!

message 6: by Mia (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mia (miapea) | 359 comments Agree with sammee and glad she posted in detail! I've only been doing bite-sized posts lately but sammee captured our post-movie discussion perfectly.

Sammee (chasing_sammee) | 379 comments Mod
The more I continue my re-read the more I dislike the movie. Yes I understand that changes need to be made when adapting a book but the films that succeed in this endeavor are the ones that keep true to the spirit of the book & this was not the case with City of Bones. There too many changes that not only were unnecessary but changed the meaning of certain events to come in the books that follow TMI:CoB.

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