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Creat your characters using this template! Characters must be approved before Roleplaying!



Type: ((EX: human, fawn, etc.))





((You may add anything else you wish! :D))

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Ken (kensamcampo) ((You may make children of canon characters))

Name: Kate

Age: 15

Type: human


Personality: She is sweet, kind, smart, and outgoing. She is in personality, like her mother.

History: Kate does not talk about her past.

Other: she is the daughter of Lucy. Kate does the same things as her mother at times.

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So that isn't Lucy. Are you making her later?

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Pamela (pamelaalvarado) Name: Dawn

Age: 20

Type: Half Breed. (Dryad/Human)


Personality: Kind, but gets angry very easily, whoever it might be the recipient, she can't hold back when she has something to say.

History: Has been around for quite some time and has made many friends. She used to be afraid of humans

Other: Doesn't know how to read

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MixItUp! Name:Hestia




Personality:Hestia is kind and intelligent. Curiousity often gets the best of her and she is spooked easily. Hestia hates scorpions and spiders but when a friend is needing help she wouldn't care if she needed to cross a river of spiders or scorpions. She is extremely loyal to her friends and very adventurous.

History:She doesn't like to talk about it but she abandoned by her mother and she lived on the streets until she was 11 when someone invited her into their house. That's where she found Narnia and has been visiting/staying there a lot.

Other:She has a pet kitten

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