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Awakening the Giant Within: A Personal Adventure Into the Astral Realms
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Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments Thanks Tom! I'm really keen to discuss any aspects of the book. For me the whole process of writing it has been a coming out of sorts, as the experiences of these realms has dramatically altered my way of being—for the better.

Iona  Stewart (ionas) How can it be that this is so? What is there about travelling in these realms that changes you for the better?

Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments In a nutshell, Iona, you undergo a tremendous expansion of consciousness through the process. In my case, I was taken out repeatedly and shown many things from the actuality of reincarnation (which I didn't believe in), alien intelligence, guides... It was sink or swim for me. Before it all happened, these themes were not part of my life—and so its impact was all the more stronger.
I also experienced such beautiful realms, and began to lose any fear of annihalation, or mortality. In fact, you lose fear and begin to interract with the world with far greater trust and joy. And surrender. And the world actually changes it's form to greet you, as you'll see in the chapter where the levitation actually occurs in this reality. Your very concept of reality undergoes a metamorphasis.

Iona  Stewart (ionas) Thanks so much for the explanation, Greg. I have already lost all fear about what can happen in ordinary life and also fear of death due to spiritual experiences I have had and work with myself - the exception being that I have not ventured into these realms you describe for fear I couldn't get back or other unpleasant occurrences. But I'm ordering your book today from the library (sorry, don't have money to buy it at moment)and if and when I get it will review it. Have begun to re-read Stephen LaBerge's book on lucid dreaming. Are there other books on the subject you can recommend - or anyone else?

Iona  Stewart (ionas) Ok, thanks, Tom.

Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments I must read this book on lucid dreaming, too. Regarding astral travel, I can recommend Robert Bruce's "astral dynamics." I think it may even be available as a free ebook download. It's quite a handbook on the subject and has many interesting energetically based exercises. It focuses on getting to know your energetic body. Also, Robert Peterson has an interesting book (you can even find that online if you google his name and obe). I read it so long ago when it had all started happening for me and that was the book that helped me realize what was going on. Robert Monroe's "Journeys out of the body" is a forerunner and a classic on the subject and introduces hemisync technology, which induces certain brain wave patterns to induce entering certain realms, or "focuses" as Tom alludes to (I personally don't go there, because I'm off the planet immediately). I haven't read his others (I didn't even know there was a trilogy...). Richard Webster has a cute little how-to book on the subject published through Llewellyn.
I haven't actually read that many books on the subject, probably because I haven't wanted to influence myself from what I read. I often find these kind of books a little too dry and impersonal, personally. That's why I've been very open with my experiences in my book. And I've found at the talks and signings I've done that there are actually many people going through very similar experiences without knowing what is going on. There's a definite wake-up on the planet happening.

Iona  Stewart (ionas) Thanks, Greg, I've noted the names of these authors. Funny there are so many Roberts. It may have something to do with numerology. I've just changed my middle name since the previous one was not good for my health!

Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments It is bizarre about the Roberts, Iona. I hadn't even noticed that... I also think there is a lot of energy in a name. How did you come to change yours?

Iona  Stewart (ionas) I had the name Pamela Margaret Main Stewart but I didn't like the Pamela, it being an artificial snobby name that my mother chose. (Pamela was a name created by the author Samuel Richardson, I think.) I changed my name to Iona Tamsin Stewart, Iona being the name of the island in the west of Scotland which is reputedly the heart chakra of Scotland or the U.K. and it is has a fantastic energy (I've been there). I just liked the name Tamsin. Then I heard that the name Tamsin may not be good for one's health and I have suffered so many health problems especially since taking the name. So I dropped the Tamsin and took my former middle name Main back. A friend who tests names by another method than numerology said the new name Iona Main Stewart was 100% good and a numerologist said it wasn't exactly perfect but much much better than the original names which were both terrible! And I feel the new name sounds good.

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Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments It is interesting stuff. And you think of when a child takes on an adopted name, or when a wife takes on the name of the husband... It's all about he vibration in the end. With everything, really.

Iona  Stewart (ionas) Yes,it is fascinating. One of my numbers in my original name which is the one that counts, say numerologists, is a master number 11. One numerologist said that I thereby help to connect people with the heavenly realms, which I believe I do with my reviews on spiritual books, whole another said that it is my aim to become enlightened in this lifetime, and I have been conscious of this for several years. However when beginning to work out a friend's numbers I found out she also had the number 11! Ha, ha! When I worked out my numbers by the information in a book called Remembering your soul purpose by Karen Bishop I felt myself seen for the first time. It was very satisfying. You can work out your destiny No. by adding the digits in your date of birth. That's where I ended with the No. 11. You might have that too, Greg (and you others).

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Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments Love it! Funny thing is now, I'm actually living in Spain...

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Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments Yes, couldn't keep the humor out of it, Tom. There are some spooky bits. It seems that a certain amount of fear needs to be overcome to experience and converse in these realms. And if you relate that to certain shamanic initiations where the novice must first confront the dark alone, and in silence, there seem to be parallels, don't you think. But once through the fears, the sense of self is much greater and with more ease.

Iona  Stewart (ionas) Greg, the library hasn't ordered your book as yet for me, but promised they would do so on Monday, if possible, If it is not available from a library I would have to buy it. But I can see that on Amazon UK it is available only to UK customers. Where would I otherwise be able to get it online? Not from the US, because goods from the US may be confiscated by the Customs in this country.

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Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments Tom, they are very, very kind words. Thank-you. And it is precisely what I wished to achieve with the book. To take the theme out of the realms of the untouchable or impossibly fruitcakeish, and bring it into the conceivable. Which it truly is, as in the experience. So thanks again! And for the reviews.
Iona, it would be available at bookdepository.com. I'm sure if you look online in the UK it would be available elsewhere, as well.
Am looking to travel to the UK in the next few months to do some signings. Hope to see you guys, maybe.

Iona  Stewart (ionas) Ok, thanks, Greg. Good luck with the book signing tour!

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Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments Yep, would be great Tom!

Iona  Stewart (ionas) Greg wrote: "I must read this book on lucid dreaming, too. Regarding astral travel, I can recommend Robert Bruce's "astral dynamics." I think it may even be available as a free ebook download. It's quite a hand..."

Re the name Robert, I've just found a new Robert, Robert Waggoner, who wrote the book "Lucid dreaming". I expect you know him too.

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Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments Actually, my second name is...

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Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments ...Paul.

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Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments Tee hee ;)

Iona  Stewart (ionas) Greg, I'm greatly appreciating your book - almost finished. It's in a category of its own - really good! But on p. 164 there's one phrase I don't understand. Perhaps you could excplain it. "... to sense your energy body resting on the bed on the opposite side of your physical body is so light and so utterly calming..."
What do you mean by "the opposite side of your physical body"? It can't be below or you would have said that and it can't be above either. Do you mean to the left or the right of your physical body or at the other end of the bed where your feet are? Sorry, I have difficulty in understanding bodies and physical descriptions.

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Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments No worries Iona. What I mean by that is that you imagine the feeling of lying on your right side, for example, if your physical body is on its left side. You imagine turning or rotating the body over to the opposite side your body is actually on... Does that make more sense to you?
Glad you enjoyed the book. I suppose it is a bit different.

Iona  Stewart (ionas) Thanks, I understood that. Will write my review shortly.

Iona  Stewart (ionas) Greg, have now posted my review on amazon.co.uk, amazon.com, library thing, shelfari, goodreads and zanda.Hope you find it ok.

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Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments Hey Iona, thanks so much for the very positive and comprehensive review of the book, and for posting it on the various book sites as well. Really appreciate that! And I do think you are right, in that a lot of my views seemed to spill out in the process, yet not on purpose. It kind of wrote itself if you know what I mean.
Guys, have still not got to the UK promoting it yet. But will definitely let you know when I do.
Got a talk on it in Vienna next week, and then on to Finland--would you believe. I'm fascinated at the amount of interest in these matters. For me, it was such a very private experience for all these years, as I struggled to make sense of it all. It took a lot to come forward and tell this story in the end, knowing that it would isolate me from a lot of my (former) friends, which it has. And so while I enjoy the sharing of it, the process is also a little...unusual.

Iona  Stewart (ionas) Glad you found the review ok, Greg - hope it gets more people to purchase your book. Best of luck with your talk and in Finland.

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Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments Thanks Iona! And true, Tom, you'd think that way of thinking has seen the dust. But do you notice a lot of people really waking up to it now? Good time to be alive in the world right now, I think!

Fiona Robson | 1 comments Hi, Everyone

I am so sorry that until now I have been silent. I still love being part of this group, though, and will contribute when I can, so please don't kick me out. I just ordered Greg's book on Kindle so am currently enjoying it very much xxx

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Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments Thanks for reading it Fiona. Any aspects of it anyone would like to discuss, I'm always here. Even though I'm not always quite sure where here is.

Iona  Stewart (ionas) Greg, you mention "real time" a couple of times in your book and Robert Bruce uses it all the time in a confusing manner. Can you explain what is meant by "real time"? I don't understand the term because how can you be in not-real time?

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Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments Iona, real-time means means leaving your body and essentially being invisible in "this" dimension in the present time. So being a ghost in present day 3D reality, rather than in a totally other dimension. Does that make sense to you?

Iona  Stewart (ionas) Thanka, but what do you mean by "rather than in a totally other dimension"? I think the most confusing part is that it's called "real time" and not something more appropriate, though I don't know what that would be.

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Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments I suppose "real time" is representative of this known dimension, right now, that we all share. You must know that this dimension operates at a certain frequency, just as our bodies do. With astral travel, the "astral body," which we all have, operates at a different frequency or vibration to the physical body and this reality. And so operating at this different frequency enables to astral body to experience alternate realities, as in, different places, people and experiences. When you wake to this body, as I have, you then begin to consciously experience these other realities. Strange sounding, yet absolutely true. It also seems that in these other realities, that are not physical, your senses are heightened. Which leads me to "feel" that these other realities are in fact more "real" than this current, shared 3D one. And that realization...changes everything.

Iona  Stewart (ionas) Thanks very much for your edifying explanation.

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Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments Pleasure Iona!

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Melissa Wow! Greg, this is a great book! I really enjoyed your expansions on astral travel, your life experiences as you worked your way through it all, and your outstanding world view! I think I even muttered, "God bless you, Greg" at one point - ha! I have a friend who is very interested in astral travel who will LOVE this.

I posted a review on Goodreads and Amazon.

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Greg Doyle (astralgreg) | 61 comments Hey, thanks Melissa! That's a lovely thing to say! And thanks so much for the wonderful review you've posted. Most appreciated. It's so nice to share this story with people--a far greater experience than I ever would have imagined. Perhaps sharing is what it's all about.

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