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Trish (the-bookshelf-at-the-end) | 112 comments Mod
Pages 47-98 (Adjust for your copy)

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Trish (the-bookshelf-at-the-end) | 112 comments Mod
This is the kind of book if your younger brother tries to read it over your shoulder on the bus to school, you close it quickly because you're most likely at a part that will be awkward for him to read out loud as he planned. Such as Barbies and dildos being made out of the same plastic.

Not like that happened ever... haha.

But yeah, I have to be pretty careful of who I read this around in case of curious readers... I already have some friends who look at me weird because I'm quiet and try to be a nice person, but then I watch Hannibal and Dexter and read Fight Club, so I must have need some kind of help or I have an inner dark side or something. Ugh, anyone else get that?

As I'm slightly cheating because I've watched the movie, I'm putting together small details that will lead up to the plot twist later. I wouldn't have noticed them quite as well had I not have previous knowledge of the book... Which is kind of fun too, it's not horrible to have read the book after watching the movie.

The true love triangle between Tyler, the narrator, and Marla is so intriguing. The narrator wants Tyler. Tyler wants Marla. Marla wants the narrator. Although, does Tyler really want anyone?

I absolutely LOVE the "I am Joe's ______" and they are my favourite quotes ever from the movie and the book (although in the movie I believe it was "Jack's").

Marla is a little annoying to me, but there are times when she's more bearable than others. Sometimes her attitude is irking, like she just doesn't really care about anything. The most touching moment and my most sympathetic scene was when the narrator helped her with the cancer check. It really was sweet of him to think of her laughing and it was odd to see her being for real about death. Perhaps it's because she wants to be in control when it happens.

The lye and boiling fat still makes me cringe every time. Just so gross, I can't get past it. But that shows how good Palahniuk's writing is, right?

How weird is it that the narrator actually likes his boss? With the complaining of his job and society as we know it, it surprised me that he doesn't mind his boss at all. I was chilled by the narrator basically threatening his boss with the fight club rules. That was scary and it really showed how much of Tyler he allowed himself to be...

The peeing in the food and playing pranks on customers made me rethink everything I've ever eaten at a restaurant and for a moment made me want to hurl. Just where does Palahniuk get these ideas... and how did he find all the information about bombs and chemicals? He certainly has great sources...

Bob turning to fight club was a wow moment for me. Just... Bob. And what's he doing telling the narrator about fight club when the first two rules tell you not to? *sigh* Now fight club is going to replace his support groups because the support groups are moving to fight club, oh Tyler and narrator, what did you do...

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