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*BR for Origin! Starting Tuesday 8/27/13*

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Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ Can't wait to start this Tuesday guys! I've only been waiting...for like a year! Glad you guys are joining :)

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Yay!! I am so excited!

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ I know!!! We finally get a resolution for our long bout of anguish! :P

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I can not wait for daemon to kick some butt! you know he will!

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ Damn straight! Anything to get Katy back! I really believe that ending was the most epic ending ever...for me anyway. I was soooo into it ha

Tarra I saw the book at the bookstore today and was like ooh but I didn't buy it since I pre-ordered it....was tempted though. LOL

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ Whhaaattt??? It's available?? Maybe our ereaders have them on there??

Tarra my kindle doesn't have the book but I definitely saw the book at Barnes and Noble yesterday

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ Rat bastards. I have a nook (barnes and noble) and yet they won't let me have it :(

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ Woot woot!!!! I am SO. EXCITED! I am doing my damndest to sneak peeks at work.....read two pages so far lol :P

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ "Did you think you could stop me?" Power shot from me, smacking into the door behind Dawson, blowing it off and into the house. "I'll burn the world down to save her." *chills* Love it!

Tarra Lucky you! I am still waiting for the mail person to bring my book! Loving that quote! I love me some Daemon unleashed

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ No worries...I'm stuck at work for another hour! Then a 30 minute drive home..in GOOD traffic! ha Then I will get to read a bunch!

Will you for sure get it today?

Tarra I got my book!!!! I will be reading later this evening!!!!

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ Yayayayayay!!! I'll be stalking your updates! Don't forget to post on here as well!! :P so excited for you.

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ Tarra how far are you? I think I got 34% or so done

Tarra I am on Chapter 8 Chelsea. I was reading last night and the sleepy man paid me a visit. I couldn't keep my eyes open. The story is so good!!

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ I am now on chapter 16...I love Daemon and Katy :) I have sooo missed them! ha

I was going to ask you...did you order your paperback from Amazon? How did you receive it on the same day as release??

Karlie So... I have only finished chapter one but I am sooo happy to have some Daemon and Katy back in my life!! The early reveiws on this have been really good with alot of people saying this was their favorite book in the series so I am really excited to get really into it tonight!

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ Me too! Yay Karlie! You joined! I messaged you as well :)

I haven't LOVED it as much as the others, kinda a lot of info dumping, but it's starting to get it's normal spark back

♥ seeing you join!

Tarra Can I say how much I dislike Blake. OMG!!! he makes me want to smack him. I can't stand him. I also don't trust that sneaky little Luc either.

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ :) *Secret smile* Well then you might just like what starts happening...lol

BTW, Tarra, that's Karlie-she's awesome! I invited her since you and I aren't close to being done yet. She reads the same pace as us

Tarra *happy claps* and *winks* don't feel bad at all. I am on Chapter 9 now. woo hoo!

Hi Karlie.....welcome :)

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ Hahaha! Knew you'd love that Tarra! I did feel a llliiiitttllleee twinge of guilt. I can't help it lol

I'm starting up right now!!! Onward!

Tarra Not me Chelsea (evil grins) Not me...LOL...LOL...back to reading for me as well. Hehehehe

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ Happy reading! I'll update *gasp* moments

Tee-Anne Oh my god!!!! Finally I find a place to go apeshit!! Just completed the book and short of stripping down and running naked through my neighbourhood to get rid of all that's pent up in me, I have to let out my scream here!

Tee-Anne I found Blake's death bittersweet, dunno why. He had it coming but for some reason it hurts a bit. All the other deaths though, I'm fucked up in the chest, man. It hurt like a bitch. Don't wanna say names and spoil it for those who aren't there yet but- shiiiiit. So solemn.........

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ Lol I agree. It was actually kinda sad. Mostly unexpected. I LOATHED him but (view spoiler)

And glad you could join! :) it's so fun to rant about the story with others!

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ Omg guys. 74%. I just SQUEED-LLOOOUUDDDLLLYY. I never do that. Ever. Omg I am so fangirling right now. Omg. I kinda didnt think this book was as good as the rest of them, but now????? Omg daemon. I want him oh so badly. It's insane.

Tarra I love Daemon. That. is. all. he is among a list of my favorite book boyfriends.

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ Um, he was my number one BBF for like ever, but I have had to make some changes recently, but he is still número UNO or dos. Don't you doubt it!!!! Lol

I have cheated on him wayyyy to much lately. I must contain myself

Tarra Bwahahahahahaha oh Chelsea.... LOL I must say my best book boyfriends are Four and Daemon. I have others but these two are the top of my list.

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ Oooohhh you like divergent??? I smell another buddy read!!! Haha I have so many set up it's not even funny! I loved four in insurgent-so damn loyal.

And ps, he's one of my BBF too! Shhh!

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ 89%-Omg so much death. So much.(view spoiler)

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ God damnit. That ending wasnt as bad as opal, but damn if it wasnt a bad one

Tarra I am on page 340 ladies almost done. What a ride

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ Ooooh you're almost there!!! Has anyone tied the knot???? Ha

Tarra Done!!!! So good. My review will come a bit later. Oh Chelsea so much goodness in this book. Daemon is too awesome for his own good.

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ Omg I know I know I know. When they got married???? Swoon! It was so sweet when he was looking at her left hand!!! Gah!

Tarra Daemon kicked up his awesome factor tenfold in this book. I really did not see that coming but I understood Daemon's urgency. I need to gather my thoughts for this review.

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ I understand completely :)

Did you ever get into dark house at all? From 2 and on I swear I have been hooked so bad. I'm on 7 now and dex is just...sigh. It's nice for my daemon hangover :P

Tarra Hey Chelsea. I have not started the book. I hope to start reading it this Saturday. Dex???? another book boyfriend. Tell me about Dex :)

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ Yes he is :) :)

Okay, here's the breakdown-
Book one is shaky. You can tell he likes perry, but he has a hoity-toity GF, so nothing happens. You have to keep going.

Book 2 on is amazing. It starts to get creepy! Book 3, 4, and 5 are by far the scariest, each one increasing in intensity of scares. Book 5 was unreal. I had to read them all during the day. Dex is an enigma, an ass, and oh so mysterious, but the author makes you beg for more. You won't want to stop. Swoon time starts in book 6!!!

The reason these characters are so addicting is because

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ They are real. They're flawed. And they make large mistakes. But perry is fucking awesome. Dex is awesome. Me and kris try to read something else then ultimately are like-I miss peclan! (Or pex. Perry and Declan mixed!)

We are obsessed with this series, and the people. I hope you'll become obsessed as well :)

Tarra he sounds interesting. I love asshole male protagonists that redeem themselves with swoon worthy actions/words/etc. sounds like my kind of guy.

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ Yea it takes a while, but he is so loyal. I love him ❤

(Sorry, traveling to Tennessee and totally stalking on GR. I'll be responding quickly all night til I get to the cabin!!! :P)

Tarra Safe travels!!!!

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Jane I loved this book. And Daemon is just Dreamy. Their wedding... I really hope we can see the "real" one in the next book. Does anyone think Dee and Archer are going to end up together? I think they are a cute couple... He reading her mind and she imagining him naked :)

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