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A well worn strategy and technique development centre. Half gymnasium, half firing range and all surprising. Retro models and mannequins fitted with hydrolics and lifellike simulation processors from a time when holograms and virtual reality were what dreams were made of. Designed and Constructed by Doctor Henry McCoy.

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Hank stood and surveyed the dust covered and cobwebby Danger Room... "Oh baby, don't worry, daddy is back....", he mumbled to himself, picking up a brush and starting to sweep.

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James, who had quietly come in just behind him started chuckling. "Did you just call that broom your baby?"

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"No....I was talking to the room", Hank gestured open armed, " I designed and built most of it....although The Prof had input too". Hank looked around about him...."but it looks a darned mess now....", he added.

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James nodded understandingly. "I didn't even know this place existed. Sorry, man." He took a look around. "It's pretty nice."

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"Nice ?....nice !...I'll show you nice...", ranted McCoy throwing a lever which in turn illuminated a control desk. Clanks and Whirs sounded from underground and a 2 minute countdown timer appeared.
Then a battery of Razor sharp spears flew towards James....
"Think fast kid !", smiled McCoy.

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Jimmy dodged it before letting his claws snkit out to cut the spears in half. He turned to Hank, grinning. "That all you got?"

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Hank didn't even respond as a trap door opened beneath James and a blast of flames shot upwards...

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"Yah! Ow! Oh, ah! Damn it!" James growled as he jumped out of the flames, his skin healing over. "You just assumed that since I'm Logan's son I have his regenerative powers? Great influence, you are."

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"The danger room tests and adapts Jimmy...I wanted to see what you were made of. If it is ever you and me against the brotherhood...I need to know.".
Hank leapt up and over the flames, bouncing off the far wall and pulling anowhere lever to dowse the conflagration from above.

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"You could have just asked me, for God's sake!" Jimmy paced back and forth angrily. "How would you feel if I tried to burn your fur off?"

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I would be impressed...because at this stage of my mutation I do not have the blue fur...hence you must have developed time travel and been to the future and found out what I look like !", grinned Hank playfully.

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"He's just worried someone's gonna burn his pretty boy blonde hair off," said a new voice, entering the room. Dark eyes glared a Jimmy then turned to Hank. "Ignore him."

"Pretty boy," James mumbled.

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Hank struggled to see who the newcomer was against the back light from the door. They smelled familiar though.....

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"I am Mariko." The girl stepped forward, offering her hand. "Someone needs to keep James in line."

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"Mariko ?", quizzed Hank, realising why she too smelled of Logan, "I heard you were dead.....".

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((Naming her Mariko was a really bad idea.))

"I am not that Mariko. I am the Anonymous Mariko, not the one from Japan." She scowled, tying her purple hair back in a pony. "Everyone gets us confused."

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Hank realised that the smell was not from her, but still from Jimmy..."I apologise for any unintended hurt", he said politely...."Have you been training here. Are you one of the new batch ?", he asked.

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"It doesn't hurt," James chuckled beneath his breath, though Mariko could hear him. "It's not like she has feelings."

"Shut up, Fade," Mariko glared at him, then turned back to McCoy. "I have been here a few months."

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"What are your powers, if you do not mind me asking ?", Hank quizzed.

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Mariko frowned, starting to pace back and forth in front of him. "I can make people feel emotions, as long as I've felt them before. I can also steal them, at least when they're feeling them. I can shapeshift and change my voice as well."

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"That could be handy......", nodded Hank, "How is your reaction time ?", he called as he threw a spanner towards the girls body.

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Mari took a step backwards just in time, glaring at Hank. "That would be none of your business," she said, folding her arms across her chest.

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"spoilsport....", grumbled the stocky doctor.....

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Mariko narrowed her eyes, her frame becoming the likes of his. She stood in the same stance, and mimicked him. "Spoilsport..." she mumbled in turn, while Jimmy laughed a few feet away.

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"Hey ! No fair !", grinned McCoy, and brashly shoved past her towards the door...."Let's get something to eat !".....

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"I've always wanted to have lunch with myself," said Mariko in his voice, thoughtfully. "I'm just so freakin' interesting."

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"Up yours Mariko......", smiled McCoy, flipping her the bird, then asked "Jimmy ? You coming ?".

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(( ^_^))

James followed biting his lip to keep from laughing as Mari rolled her eyes.

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"Where can I get some good grub around here ? I could eat like a beast......", joked Hank.

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"I wonder if they house food in the kitchen," voiced Mariko thoughtfully, as Jimmy couldn't help himself from laughing. The girl brought the blue fist to her chin, scratching thoughtfully.

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McCoy grunted and walked away from the two young wiseacres....

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Esseffsee ~ May Contain Nuts ! wrote: "McCoy grunted and walked away from the two young wiseacres...."

((To the Kitchen))

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