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Sci-Fi and Baku Yumemakura

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message 1: by Baku (new)

Baku Yumemakura (baku_yumemakura) | 1 comments Just wanted to introduce ourselves. We are a publisher of Japanese Sci-Fi Fantasy, currently working with Baku Yumemakura to translate and publish his books in English.

Looking forward to reading more from this group. Feel free to ask us or Baku Yumemakura questions any time.

message 2: by Steve (new)

Steve (zakath) I'm not Familiar with his books what kind of books does he write and I would be interested in at least trying one to see if I like it

Adventures in SciFi Publishing Podcast (Adventures_in_SciFi_Publishing) | 9 comments Mod
If you click on the user name "Baku" it takes you to Baku's page. Welcome to the group! Japanese SciFi Fantasy sounds like a lot of fun!

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