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*Spoilers* Does anybody feel really bad this one?

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C. J. Scurria Does anybody else feel really bad for Buck in this one? I mean come on, when the book begins Jacov one of his good friends dies, then he assumes Chaim has been killed, he goes to a house where the GC have discovered believers were kept and so Hannelore and her mother have both been killed... and then much later gets news that both his own father and brother have been, you've guessed it, killed as well!

I know this isn't much of a discussion question but I wonder if anyone else was like, "Man, this guy is really going through a lot in this one!"

Also I wanted this thread to maybe turn into a discussion on the various characters in the book. I like a lot of the people in this one (as well as in many others in this series) but is there anyone that wants to talk about (without giving spoilers about any of the later books) any of the characters? Do you think some people are portrayed unfairly? Why? Are there any flaws/positive characteristics about any of these characters? I am dying to talk about them (Sorry. Unintentional joke considering the content on this thread)!

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I know!! I nearly cried when i read this book! Even though it's been years since I had possession of it, I still wish I could cry thinking about all Buck goes through!

C. J. Scurria It really does portray the end-times getting worse, from at least Buck's perspective. This is probably a record to how many major (and minor) characters in this series in one book getting killed off by my observing anyway.

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I think this is the saddest book in the entire series. AT least from a personal perspective.

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